ENG 337/7 (50.0ov)
IND 306/5 (50.0ov)

England beat India by 31 runs

MOM: Jonny Bairstow

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  • 49.4CWoakes to KJadhav

    FOUR! Jadhav now hits a boundary! Shorter and outside off, Jadhav cuts it over point for a boundary.
  • 49.1CWoakes to MSDhoni

    SIX! Finally connects with one! It has come a bit too late though. 300 up for India. This is shorter and on middle, Dhoni pulls it towards deep square leg. Vince runs to his right, leaps but the ball goes over him.
  • 48.2JArcher to MSDhoni

    FOUR! Finally a boundary courtesy a misfield! Archer goes full and on middle, Dhoni lifts it towards mid-wicket. Stokes runs to his left, slides and lets it through.
  • 47.5MWood to MSDhoni

    Short and down the leg side, it has been wided.
  • 45.3MWood to MSDhoni

    FOUR! Much-needed but they need a lot more! This is short and down the leg side, easy pickings with fine leg up in the ring. Dhoni helps it on its way to the fine leg fence.
  • 44.6LPlunkett to HPandya

    OUT! Pandya holes out! Plunkett gets another important wicket. Something had to happen, the pressure of the increasing run rate was getting to Pandya and Dhoni. Pandya takes the risk of clearing the ropes. He tries to hit this slower length ball over long on. He only manages height on it. Vince at that position settles under it and takes an easy catch.
  • 44.4LPlunkett to MSDhoni

    WIDE! Pressure on the bowler, this is down the leg side. Dhoni lets it be. Wided. 6 from the three balls bowled.
  • 44.3LPlunkett to MSDhoni

    FOUR! That has been hit with brute force! Poor ball. A length delivery and on middle, Dhoni powers it through mid-wicket and it races away to the fence. Need a couple more in this over.
  • 42.2CWoakes to MSDhoni

    FOUR! One bounce over the ropes! 250 up! Clever batting. Picks his spot, sees mid off is up and just lofts this length ball over mid off and it crosses the ropes on the bounce. A boundary early in the over, pressure on the bowler.
  • 40.5CWoakes to HPandya

    FOUR! Just wide! Much-needed boundary! A full toss outside off, Pandya carves it uppishly but just past the diving Rashid at backward point. Less than 100 needed now.

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