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England beat India by 31 runs
Jonny Bairstow

49.6Woakes to Jadhav

A single to end the innings! A full ball on middle, Jadhav whips it through mid-wicket for one. ENGLAND WIN BY 31 RUNS!

49.5Woakes to Jadhav

On the shorter side, Jadhav hits it back to the bowler.

49.4Woakes to Jadhav

FOUR! Jadhav now hits a boundary! Shorter and outside off, Jadhav cuts it over point for a boundary.

49.3Woakes to Dhoni

This time the single is taken! Short and on middle, Dhoni pulls it hard towards deep mid-wicket for one.

49.2Woakes to Dhoni

Another length ball around middle, Dhoni swings but it goes off the inner half towards deep mid-wicket. The run is not taken.

49.1Woakes to Dhoni

SIX! Finally connects with one! It has come a bit too late though. 300 up for India. This is shorter and on middle, Dhoni pulls it towards deep square leg. Vince runs to his right, leaps but the ball goes over him.

48.6Archer to Jadhav

A short one outside off, Dhoni looks to pull but misses.

48.5Archer to Dhoni

On off, Dhoni guides it to point for one.

48.4Archer to Jadhav

A yorker on middle, this is jammed out to long on for one.

48.3Archer to Dhoni

Shorter and outside off, Dhoni slaps it through covers for one.

48.2Archer to Dhoni

FOUR! Finally a boundary courtesy a misfield! Archer goes full and on middle, Dhoni lifts it towards mid-wicket. Stokes runs to his left, slides and lets it through.

48.1Archer to Dhoni

A good slower one outside off, Dhoni is way too early in the pull shot and misses.

47.7Wood to Dhoni

Still no boundary! This short ball is pulled through square leg for a run. End of Wood for tonight.

47.6Wood to Dhoni

Dhoni comes down the track and swings hard but misses. Buttler does well to move to his left and collect it.

47.5Wood to Dhoni

Short and down the leg side, it has been wided.

47.4Wood to Jadhav

Shorter and around off, KJ guides it down to third man for one.

47.3Wood to Dhoni

Another single as Dhoni pulls it to deep square leg.

47.2Wood to Jadhav

Jadhav is struggling to find the boundaries! Another short ball to him and he pulls it straight to deep square leg for one.

47.1Wood to Dhoni

Another short one and on the body, Dhoni looks to pull but it goes off the top edge towards fine leg for one.

46.6Archer to Dhoni

Good length ball on off, Dhoni guides it down to third man and keeps the strike. 57 needed in 18 balls now.

46.5Archer to Jadhav

Back of a length ball on off, Kedar punches it to point and takes a run.

46.4Archer to Jadhav

On the pads, Kedar flicks it but finds short fine leg. No run.

46.3Archer to Dhoni

Once again a slower one. Archer is not giving Dhoni any place to play with here. Dhoni just flicks it to deep mid-wicket and gets only a run.

46.2Archer to Jadhav

Good length ball on off and middle, Kedar glances it to deep mid-wicket and takes a single.

46.1Archer to Dhoni

Starts his new spell with a slower one, Dhoni pushes it towards point and gets a single.

45.6Wood to Dhoni

Another single so just the one boundary in the over! India need 62 from the last 4. Short and on the body, Dhoni pulls it to fine leg for one.

45.5Wood to Jadhav

Another single! This is on the pads, Jadhav works it through mid-wicket for one.

45.4Wood to Dhoni

This is quicker and shorter on the body, it skids through. Dhoni looks to pull but it hits the glove and goes towards fine leg for one.

45.3Wood to Dhoni

FOUR! Much-needed but they need a lot more! This is short and down the leg side, easy pickings with fine leg up in the ring. Dhoni helps it on its way to the fine leg fence.

45.2Wood to Jadhav

Another slower one on middle, Jadhav works it down to fine leg for one.

45.1Wood to Dhoni

Shorter and on the body, Dhoni pulls it through square leg for one.

44.7Plunkett to Jadhav

Another dot! A brilliant over! Short and outside off, Jadhav looks to pull but misses. 7 runs and a wicket from this over. 71 in the last 5. Only a Dhoni show can save them from here.

44.6Plunkett to Pandya

OUT! Pandya holes out! Plunkett gets another important wicket. Something had to happen, the pressure of the increasing run rate was getting to Pandya and Dhoni. Pandya takes the risk of clearing the ropes. He tries to hit this slower length ball over long on. He only manages height on it. Vince at that position settles under it and takes an easy catch.

44.5Plunkett to Dhoni

Extremely slow and short outside off, Dhoni pushes it to covers and takes one.

44.4Plunkett to Dhoni

WIDE! Pressure on the bowler, this is down the leg side. Dhoni lets it be. Wided. 6 from the three balls bowled.

44.3Plunkett to Dhoni

FOUR! That has been hit with brute force! Poor ball. A length delivery and on middle, Dhoni powers it through mid-wicket and it races away to the fence. Need a couple more in this over.

44.2Plunkett to Pandya

Just the single again! Fuller and on middle, Pandya lofts it over mid off for one.

44.1Plunkett to Pandya

A dot! Pandya looking to go too hard at the balls. Full and on off, Pandya mistimes it to the bowler.

43.6Archer to Pandya

Another single as this is pushed through mid off for one. Top class over by Archer, just the 5 from it. 78 needed in the last 6. Run rate needed 13 now.

43.5Archer to Pandya

Pandya misses out! Short and down the leg side, Pandya looks to pull it fine but fails to beat short fine leg.

43.4Archer to Dhoni

Shorter and around off, Dhoni guides it towards short third man for one. This is a top class over till now.

43.3Archer to Dhoni

On the fuller side outside off, Dhoni strokes it wide of long off and takes two.

43.2Archer to Pandya

Shorter and outside off, Pandya looks to guide it past backward point but fails to get past him. Only a run.

43.1Archer to Pandya

Slower ball on off, Pandya pushes it back to the bowler who fumbles but no runs taken.

42.6Woakes to Dhoni

A dot to end! Smart delivery! Short and outside off, it is the slower one. Dhoni is foxed by the lack of pace. He looks to cut but misses. Good over by Woakes in the context of the game. 83 needed in 42 balls.