IRE 198 (43.1ov)
ENG 199/6 (42.0ov)

England beat Ireland by 4 wickets

MOM: Ben Foakes

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  • That is it from the One-off ODI! England avoided the upset, yes they were missing many of their top stars but still, had they lost, it would have been a morale-deflating one. Ireland's performance on the other hand, should give them a lot of confidence. They would surely want to carry this forward into the Tri-series coming up for them. They play their first game against West Indies on Sunday at 1045 local (0945 GMT). England, on the flip side, are playing Pakistan on the same day but in a T20I game. That match will be played in Cardiff at 1430 local (1330 GMT). Join in for those two. Till then, take care and goodbye!
  • Victorious England skipper, Eoin Morgan tells us that they felt challenged at certain stages of the game. He informs that the wicket was tough to bat on. Mentions that they bowled really well. He also admits that 3-4 of the English batsmen batted poorly. Praises Ben Foakes who made 2 crucial partnerships which took them over the line. Says that Jofra Archer had a good start to his international career and that it was a good opportunity to bowl some overs. Regarding the T20 coming up, the England captain says that the Kiara oval been a great venue for them and that he looks forward to Sunday afternoon, expecting a great atmosphere.
  • Ireland skipper, William Porterfield says that they could have had a few more runs there. Feels they needed a few more partnerships, but overall with 3 debutants playing, they did really well. He reserves praise for Joshua Little and mentions he bowled with a lot of heart, bringing what he is known for in the domestic circuit. Signs off by saying that they have to really buck up and perform in the next 15-20 days where they could be playing 7 ODIs!
  • Man of the Match, Ben Foakes says that the conditions were tricky and they had to stick it in on a slow pitch. The key was to stay till the end and eventually they got a few bad balls that took them over the line.
  • Ireland's bowling was commendable, actually, it was another debutant who shone, Joshua Little, he bowled with pace and finished with a 4-fer. He was well-supported by Murtagh but no other bowler looked threatening. They would also rue the missed review they did not take against Foakes when England needed around 60 but all-in-all they can be happy with their effort. The presentation to follow...
  • England had a decent start to the game as their openers added 34 for the first wicket. However, once James fell, wickets started to fall in quick succession. England soon found themselves reeling at 66 for 5. Ireland would have surely sensed a victory there but England's insane depth in the batting came to their rescue. Ben Foakes along with the all-rounders took them over the line. First with Willey, added a handy stand and then came the match-winning stand with Curran of 98. The two played really sensible, showed a lot of maturity in the partnership. The debutant scored his maiden half ton and Tom Curran finished on an unbeaten 47.
  • What an excellent game we have witnessed. In the end, it ends as everyone expected it to with England coming out on top but credit to Ireland for the way they have fought. Especially after being bundled out for 198. Not many thought this is going to be a close game but the second half had a script of its own.
  • 42.1JLittle to TomCurran

    FOUR AND IT IS A NO BALL! England have sealed the deal in style in the end! A short ball and around middle, TC goes back and pulls it hard through mid-wicket and the ball races away. He has also overstepped so an extra run which means, 5 and England needed 5. SO THEY WIN ONLY ODI BY 4 WICKETS!
  • 41.6MAdair to TomCurran

    Full on middle, Curran drives it towards mid on for a run. England need just 5 runs to win the match.
  • 41.5MAdair to TomCurran

    Short delivery on middle, Tom pulls it over mid-wicket. The batsmen get two runs.
  • 41.4MAdair to BenFoakes

    Full and outside off, Foakes drives it towards point for a run.
  • 41.3MAdair to BenFoakes

    On a good length and outside off, Foakes looks to drive but gets an outside edge. It goes towards third man. The batsmen get two runs.
  • 41.2MAdair to TomCurran

    OUT! NO DROPPED! However, I do not think, it would have made a difference. Curran who is in a hurry to finish this, dances down the track. Adair bangs it short and outside off. Tom slaps it hard but uppishly towards sweeper cover. Tucker there gets two hands to it but spills it. Adair is not a happy man as he is robbed of his first ODI wicket. The batters take a run.
  • 41.1MAdair to TomCurran

    FOUR! Excellent shot from Tom Curran. Full toss on leg, Curran smashes it over mid-wicket for a boundary. England need just 12 runs to win the match.
  • 40.6JLittle to TomCurran

    Short outside off, flayed away for a single to deep cover for a run. 16 needed now in the last 4 overs.
  • 40.5JLittle to TomCurran

    Fuller outside off, driven along the ground to mid off for a single by Curran.
  • 40.4JLittle to TomCurran

    Another one from around the wicket, short of a length on middle. Curran looks to pull it away but fails to put any bat on it.
  • 40.3JLittle to BenFoakes

    On a length on top of off from around the wicket, pushed towards long on for a run by a single.
  • 40.2JLittle to BenFoakes

    Short of a length, pulled away wide of long on for a couple of runs. Runs flowing now.
  • 40.1JLittle to BenFoakes

    FOUR! England now coasting! A length ball on top of off stump, whipped away through mid-wicket with ease by Foakes. Finds the fence. Just 20 off 29 needed now!
  • 39.6MAdair to BenFoakes

    Another single as this is eased down to long on. 8 from this over as well, it is now England's game to lose.
  • 39.5MAdair to TomCurran

    On the shorter side again and outside off, Curran cuts it through point for a single.
  • 39.4MAdair to BenFoakes

    50 for Foakes on debut! Excellent innings and a very, very important one. England were reeling at once but he has stepped up to the occasion and is now playing a match-winning knock. His job is not done as of now though. He gets there by pushing this through covers and takes a single.
  • 39.3MAdair to BenFoakes

    Overthrows! Bonus runs, something Ireland can't afford at the moment. Full and on off, Foakes drives it crisply towards the bowler. The ball hits his boot and then rolls towards mid off. They take one.The fielder has a needless shy at the non-striker's end but misses. No one backing up and an extra run is taken.
  • 39.2MAdair to TomCurran

    Short and outside off, Curran slaps it hard but straight to sweeper cover for a single.
  • 39.1MAdair to TomCurran

    Mistimed but no damage done! Short and it keeps rising on the batsman. Curran fails to get on top of the bounce but still hits it well enough to get it over mid-wicket. Collects two.
  • 38.7JLittle to TomCurran

    He shows good maturity as he works it through square leg and takes one. 12 from the over and England now only need 32 in 36.
  • 38.6JLittle to TomCurran

    FOUR! Second boundary in the over! This time by Curran. Straight down the ground. It is on a length and outside off, TC slaps it through mid off and it races away.
  • 38.5JLittle to TomCurran

    WIDE! This is probably a harsh call! Short and outside off, Curran lets it be and it has been wided.
  • 38.4JLittle to BenFoakes

    Now a single, sensible batting! This is guided through point for a single.
  • 38.3JLittle to BenFoakes

    FOUR! The pressure that was building has been released! Runs needed now below 40. Short and on middle, Foakes goes back and pulls it hard through backward square leg and the ball races away.
  • 38.2JLittle to TomCurran

    On the pads, this is flicked through square leg for a single.
  • 38.1JLittle to TomCurran

    Good length and on off, the batter strokes it to mid off. Another dot, pressure building here.
  • 37.7MAdair to TomCurran

    On the pads, it is worked around the corner for an easy run. Just the three from the over, runs needed now more than the balls to be bowled. 44 in 42.
  • 37.6MAdair to TomCurran

    Attacks the off pole, Curran lunges and defends it onto the ground.
  • 37.5MAdair to TomCurran

    An effort delivery this! It is short and outside off, Curran throws his bat at it but misses. Too close to play that shot.
  • 37.4MAdair to TomCurran

    Down the leg side, Curran does go after it but misses. Wided.
  • 37.3MAdair to TomCurran

    On the fuller side on off, TC strokes it to covers.
  • 37.2MAdair to TomCurran

    On the shorter side again, Curran stands tall and defends it onto the ground.
  • 37.1MAdair to BenFoakes

    Good length and around off, this is guided through covers for a single.
  • 36.6TimMurtagh to TomCurran

    On a good length on off, Tom plays it to point. Just 2 runs off this one, the need of the hour for Ireland. Such overs can build the pressure which can lead to wickets falling. 47 from 48 needed now!
  • 36.5TimMurtagh to TomCurran

    On a good length on middle, Curran keeps it out.
  • 36.4TimMurtagh to BenFoakes

    On a good length on off, Foakes looks to defend but it goes of the inner half of the bat. It goes towards square leg for a run.
  • 36.3TimMurtagh to TomCurran

    Full on off, Curran drives it towards covers for a single.
  • 36.2TimMurtagh to TomCurran

    On a good length on off, Tom blocks it well.

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