ENG 85, 303 (77.5ov)
IRE 207, 38 (15.4ov)

England beat Ireland by 143 runs

MOM: Jack Leach

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  • 15.4CWoakes to TimMurtagh

    OUT! That is it! Woakes ends the game with the sound of Timber. Fuller ball on leg, Murtagh swings his bat at it but misses. Woakes does not and he disturbs the leg pole. ENGLAND WIN THIS ONE OFF TEST BY 143 RUNS.
  • 15.3CWoakes to TimMurtagh

    Another short ball. It is around the body this time, Murtagh takes his eyes off it and looks to pull but misses.
  • 15.2CWoakes to TimMurtagh

    Short ball now. Murtagh goes for the pull but misses.
  • 15.1CWoakes to TimMurtagh

    In the air but just over. Fuller outside off, Murtagh swings his bat at it. He manages to send it over covers and get a couple.
  • 14.6SBroad to BRankin

    Very full outside off, Rankin does well to get bat on ball.
  • 14.5SBroad to BRankin

    Bad from Broad. He bowls this one down the leg side, Rankin lets it be.
  • 14.4SBroad to BRankin

    Make that three play and misses in a row. Full outside off, Rankin throws his bat at it but gets nowhere close to the ball.
  • 14.3SBroad to BRankin

    Another swing and a miss here. This time Rankin swings his bat with little to no movement. It is outside off, Rankin misses his big heave.
  • 14.2SBroad to BRankin

    Fuller on leg, Rankin moves away and swings his bat at it. He misses and the ball goes to the keeper.
  • 14.1SBroad to AMcBrine

    OUT! Root with another catch! 4th wicket for Broad and England just a wicket away from wrapping this Test. Broad bowls it fuller around off, it moves away slightly after pitching. This is too good a ball for a number 10. McBrine looks to defend but ends up getting an outside edge to first slip. Joe Root there, takes his 4th catch of the innings.
  • 13.6CWoakes to TimMurtagh

    Play and a miss! Good length ball outside off, Murtagh swings his bat at it but misses.
  • 13.5CWoakes to SThompson

    OUT! Caught! 5-fer for Woakes and he goes into the honors board at the Home of Cricket. It is pitched on off and the ball goes with the angle, Thompson goes chasing after it with his drive. He gets nothing but a fat outside edge. The ball goes to the right of Root. The English Test skipper moves to that side swiftly and takes his 3rd catch of the game. Woakes takes the ball, raises it up and soaks in all the applause. He now technically becomes the first Englishman to take a 5-fer against Ireland.
  • 13.4CWoakes to SThompson

    Bouncer! It is around the body, Thompson ducks under it.
  • 13.3CWoakes to SThompson

    Hit with venom but straight to mid off. Full on off, Thompson hits it right off the meat of the bat but to the man at mid off.
  • 13.2CWoakes to SThompson

    Full on off, Thompson drives it off the inner half of his bat back towards the bowler.
  • 13.1CWoakes to SThompson

    FOUR! Thompson won't die without a fight. Woakes bowls it full around off, Stuart smashes it through mid off for a boundary.
  • 12.6SBroad to AMcBrine

    Comes around the wicket and bowls full outside off. This comes in with the angle. McBrine lets it carry to the keeper.
  • 12.5SBroad to MAdair

    OUT! Cleaned 'Em! Broad has the last laugh. He serves three short balls and then goes full. It is around off and nips back in, Adair looks to drive but just like the previous batsmen before him he too leaves a big gap between bat and pad. The ball once again goes between that gap to disturb the off pole. England just 3 wickets away from a win here.
  • 12.4SBroad to MAdair

    SIX! One trick too many and Adair has gone blow for blow here. Broad dishes another short ball, Adair this time pulls it off the middle over the mid-wicket fence for a maximum.
  • 12.3SBroad to MAdair

    Another nasty blow on the helmet. Broad bangs it short on the body, Adair looks to pull but misses and the ball hits him flush on the helmet.
  • 12.2SBroad to MAdair

    Short ball, Adair pulls it to mid-wicket.
  • 12.1SBroad to MAdair

    Good shot but for no run. Full around off, Adair plays a good looking cover drive but straight to the man at short cover.
  • 11.6CWoakes to MAdair

    On middle and leg, Adair flicks it towards mid-wicket and gets a single.
  • 11.5CWoakes to MAdair

    On middle and leg, Adair tucks it to mid-wicket.
  • 11.4CWoakes to MAdair

    Outside off and once again Adair misses his stroke.
  • 11.3CWoakes to MAdair

    A poor delivery after a long while here. It is on the 4th stump line, Adair swings his bat at it but misses.
  • 11.2CWoakes to MAdair

    UNPLAYABLE! It starts on off and then tails away after pitching. Adair looks to defend but gets beaten all ends up.
  • 11.1CWoakes to MAdair

    Away swinger. It is on a length outside off, Adair looks to cut but it goes off the inner half of his bat and pitches on the ground.
  • 10.6SBroad to SThompson

    BEATEN! This is angled into the off pole, it pitches and straightens. Thompson looks to defend but is beaten. End of a successful over for England.
  • 10.5SBroad to MAdair

    Adair is off the mark as he works the ball which is on the pads towards fine leg for one.
  • 10.4SBroad to MAdair

    Another one on a length and around middle, Adair pushes it to mid on.
  • 10.3SBroad to MAdair

    On the off pole, Adair goes back and keeps it out.
  • 10.2SBroad to MAdair

    A little too straight this time, Adair works it to short leg.
  • 10.1SBroad to KO'Brien

    10.1: S Broad to O'Brien, OUT! Ireland are falling like a pack of cards! Broad gets his second and probably Ireland's last hope, Kevin O'Brien is walking back. Stuart lands it on a length and around off, it jags back in sharply. Kevin O'Brien looks to play at it by staying rooted to his crease. He misses and the ball hits the pads. Broad is already celebrating as he starts appealing and the umpire raises the finger. Kevin O'Brien does not review and rightly so as Hawk Eye shows three reds. England just 4 wickets away now. Still just over 30 minutes to go in this session.
  • 9.6CWoakes to SThompson

    Brilliant bowling this. Very full, almost a yorker on middle. Thompson does well to get his bat down in time.
  • 9.5CWoakes to SThompson

    Outside off on a length, Thompson goes chasing after it but misses.
  • 9.4CWoakes to SThompson

    Good length ball on off, Thompson defends it off the front foot.
  • 9.3CWoakes to GWilson

    OUT! England manage to overturn the on field umpire's call. Half the side back in the hut for Ireland. Woakes bowls it full and this one comes in to the right-hander. Wilson is done for the pace and swing here. He looks to defend but misses. The ball hits him on his back pad and the English players put in a huge appeal. The umpire though does not agree with him. England players are pretty sure they have their man. Root signals the T. Replays roll in, Ultra Edge shows no involvement of the bat. Ball Tracker rolls in next and it shows three reds. The umpire will have to change his decision and Wilson too is out of here.
  • 9.2CWoakes to GWilson

    Good length ball around off. It moves away after pitching. Wilson looks to defend but misses.
  • 9.1CWoakes to JMcCollum

    OUT! Caught! Third wicket for Woakes! He was not getting much movement in the start but now he is making the ball do the talking here. It is on the channel of uncertainty, i.e. very close to the off pole. McCollum too falls for the trap and goes for a push. He ends up getting a thick outside edge. The ball flies to first slip. Root there takes it with relative ease.
  • 8.6SBroad to KO'Brien

    8.6: Broad to O'Brien, Good length ball but it is on the pads, O'Brien looks to flick but the ball kisses his thigh pad and goes behind. Bairstow dives across to his left and takes it on the up. There is a stifled appeal but nothing from the umpire.
  • 8.5SBroad to KO'Brien

    8.5: S Broad to O'Brien, Another bumper but this is outside off, Kevin ducks under it easily this time.
  • 8.4SBroad to KO'Brien

    8.4: S Broad to O'Brien, Ouch! That is a nasty blow! Broad bends his back and bowls short. It is on middle and leg, Kevin looks to duck but is lat in it. The ball hits him flush on the back of his helmet. Broad has a word with him to check if he is fine. O'Brien gives a thumbs up to it but a mandatory helmet check will be done.
  • 8.3SBroad to KO'Brien

    8.3: S Broad to K O'Brien, FOUR! Edgy but all along the ground. Full on off, Kevin looks to play it straight but ends up getting a thick outside edge which skews all along the ground through backward point for a boundary.
  • 8.2SBroad to JMcCollum

    On the pads, McCollum flicks it to mid-wicket.

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