NZ 165 (16.5ov)
ENG 241/3 (20.0ov)

England beat New Zealand by 76 runs

MOM: Dawid Malan

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  • 16.5CJordan to TBoult

    OUT! TIMBER! Bowls a yorker on middle, Boult looks to dig it out but misses it and gets bowled. ENGLAND WIN THE MATCH BY 76 RUNS!
  • 16.4CJordan to TBoult

    FOUR! Short delivery, Boult looks to pull but gets a top edge. It goes over the keeper's head towards third man for a boundary.
  • 16.3CJordan to BTickner

    On a length on off, Tickner plays it towards covers. The batsmen take a single.
  • 16.2CJordan to BTickner

    On a good length on off, Tickner looks to go for a big shot but misses it.
  • 16.1CJordan to BTickner

    BEATEN! On a good length and outside off, Tickner looks to cut but misses it.
  • 15.6SamCurran to BTickner

    Another single through mid-wicket as Tickner works it through that region.
  • 15.5SamCurran to BTickner

    Very full and on the pads, this is flicked through mid-wicket for two.
  • 15.4SamCurran to TBoult

    In the air... but safe! Wide outside off, Boult reaches out for it but ends up splicing it up in the air. It lands safe in the cover region for one.
  • 15.3SamCurran to BTickner

    The batsman has driven it through mid on. One run added to the total.
  • 15.2SamCurran to TBoult

    This is hit down hard towards long on for one.
  • 15.1SamCurran to TBoult

    OUT! He is just short! The dive does not save him. A full ball is hit towards mid off by Boult. Sodhi wants strike so he rushes off. Boult sends him back. Sodhi turns and looks to get back in with a dive but Jordan hits bull's eye at the bowler's end. An appeal and the umpire takes it upstairs. Replays show that Sodhi is short. England a wicket away now from leveling the series.
  • 14.6TomCurran to TBoult

    A yorker to end the over! Boult makes room and looks to get bat on ball. He gets an inside edge on the leg side for another single.
  • 14.5TomCurran to IshSodhi

    A full toss, Sodhi's one hand comes off the handle as he hits it through covers. One taken.
  • 14.4TomCurran to TBoult

    One more slower one, Boult hits it down to long on for one more.
  • 14.3TomCurran to TBoult

    A yorker on middle, this is jammed back to the bowler.
  • 14.2TomCurran to IshSodhi

    A slower full toss outside off, Sodhi drags it towards long on for one.
  • 14.1TomCurran to IshSodhi

    SIX! The biggies continue to be hit! A slower one on middle, Sodhi drags it over the square leg fence for a biggie. 150 up for the Kiwis.
  • 13.6SamCurran to MSantner

    OUT! CAUGHT! Short of a length delivery, Santner looks to pull but gets an edge. It goes towards the keeper where Sam Billings takes a simple catch. New Zealand lose their 8th wicket.
  • 13.5SamCurran to IshSodhi

    Length delivery on middle, Sodhi looks to flick but gets hit on the pads. It goes towards the leg side. The batsmen take a single. The umpire gives it as a leg bye.
  • 13.4SamCurran to IshSodhi

    On a length on off, Sodhi plays it to short third man.
  • 13.3SamCurran to MSantner

    Length delivery on middle, Santner nudges it towards square leg for a run.
  • 13.2SamCurran to MSantner

    Length delivery outside off, Santner slaps it through covers. The batsmen get two runs.
  • 13.1SamCurran to IshSodhi

    On a length on middle, Sodhi flicks it towards mid-wicket for a single.
  • 12.6MParkinson to IshSodhi

    NOT OUT! It is pitching outside leg! The review was more in hope we feel. England too lose their review in the same over. Parkinson tosses it up outside leg, it turns and hits the pad of Sodhi as he tries to flick. An appeal as the batters take a leg bye towards short fine leg. The umpire shakes his head. Billings feels it is close and wants the review to be taken. Morgan does so. Replays roll in and they show the on-field call is correct again. An action-packed last over by Parkinson. 13 runs and a wicket. End of an excellent spell from him. 4-0-47-4, his figures.
  • 12.5MParkinson to TimSouthee

    OUT! Three reds and Southee needs to continue his walk back. He actually is already off the field even before he was given out by the third umpire. 4-fer for Parkinson and he has one ball to get a fifer. He bowls a flighted ball on middle, Southee shuffles across and looks to play the slog sweep but misses to get hit on the pads. An appeal and up goes the finger. Southee reviews. Replays roll in and it shows that the on-field call is the right one. New Zealand lose a review. Sotuhee's cameo comes to an end.
  • 12.4MParkinson to TimSouthee

    Beautifully bowled! Slows it up even more and lands it outside off, Southee looks to play against the turn but misses.
  • 12.3MParkinson to TimSouthee

    JUST SHORT AND FOUR! This is frustrating for Parkinson. A dropped catch in the last over and now this one falls short. Shorter and on middle, Southee hits it uppishly towards long on who runs in, dives forward to take that catch but the ball lands short, goes past him and goes for a boundary.
  • 12.2MParkinson to TimSouthee

    Slower through the air on the pads, Southee looks to sweep but it goes off the inner half through square leg for two.
  • 12.1MParkinson to TimSouthee

    SIX! Southee is dealing in biggies! A shorter one on middle, Southee goes back and pulls it into the mid-wicket stands.
  • 11.9PatBrown to MSantner

    FOUR! Full toss and put away! It is on middle, Santner hits it down towards the long on fence for a boundary.
  • 11.8PatBrown to MSantner

    WIDE! Down the leg side, the batter looks to flick but misses.
  • 11.7PatBrown to MSantner

    The ball is way wide on the leg side but the batsman still goes after it. The umpire has signalled a wide.
  • 11.6PatBrown to TimSouthee

    The batsman plays the pull shot. One run added to the total.
  • 11.5PatBrown to TimSouthee

    Southee shuffles across, this is outside off. Tim looks to flick but misses.
  • 11.4PatBrown to TimSouthee

    WIDE! Way too far outside off, Southee swings but misses.
  • 11.3PatBrown to TimSouthee

    SIX! Into the crowd! Shorter and on middle, Southee pulls it and over the square leg fence.
  • 11.2PatBrown to TimSouthee

    DROPPED! But an excellent effort by Jordan. Fuller and on middle, Southee looks to loft it over mid on. Jordan there runs back, jumps with one hand up, the ball brushes the fingers and goes towards long on for two.
  • 11.1PatBrown to MSantner

    This is angled into the batter, Santner looks to flick but misses to get hit on the pads. It rolls towards third man for one. Leg bye signaled.
  • 10.6MParkinson to TimSouthee

    FOUR! Flighted delivery on middle, Southee plays a slog sweep over square leg. The fielder in the deep tries to stop it but it goes through him for a boundary. 18 runs have come from the over.
  • 10.5MParkinson to MSantner

    Floated delivery on middle, Santner sweeps it through square leg for a run.
  • 10.4MParkinson to TimSouthee

    DROPPED! Pat Brown puts down a sitter. Tossed up delivery on middle, Southee lofts it over mid on but does not get the timing on it. It goes towards Brown who spills it and it goes past him. However, it does not go the fence. The batsmen get a single in the process.
  • 10.3MParkinson to TimSouthee

    Floated delivery on off, Southee plays it to covers.
  • 10.2MParkinson to TimSouthee

    SIX! Good shot. Tossed up delivery on middle, Southee plays again a slog sweep over mid-wicket for a biggie.
  • 10.1MParkinson to TimSouthee

    SIX! Amazing shot. Flighted delivery on middle, Southee plays a slog sweep over mid-wicket for a maximum.
  • 9.6PatBrown to TimSouthee

    On a length on off, Southee plays it towards point for a single. 6 runs and a wicket from the over.

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