NZ 375, 241/2 (75.0ov)
ENG 476 (162.5ov)

New Zealand drew with England

MOM: Joe Root

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  • 74.6JoeRoot to RTaylor

    Full and around off, well defended.
  • 74.5JoeRoot to RTaylor

    Punched off the back foot by the batsman.
  • 74.4JoeRoot to RTaylor

    SIX! Another massive hit and there comes the century! His 19th in Tests. Full and outside off, Rosco gets down and mows the slog sweep again, well over mid-wicket! He really likes this venue. 1066 runs in Tests here, at an average of 56.10, with 6 centuries and 2 fifties in 23 innings. Gets it in the nick of time too, with the heavens about to open up.
  • 74.3JoeRoot to RTaylor

    SIX! 99 is the score for Rosco! Full and around middle, Taylor gets down and slog sweeps it over mid-wicket. There is a man in the deep but it does not matter as the ball sails over!
  • 74.2JoeRoot to RTaylor

    FOUR! THRASH! Into the 90s! Full and around off, Taylor gets down and mows the slog sweep over mid-wicket for a boundary! 200-RUN STAND IS UP AS WELL!
  • 74.1JoeRoot to RTaylor

    ALMOST A CATCH! Full on middle and leg, Taylor looks to flick but the bat hits the ground and the ball flies towards short mid-wicket. Rory Burns dives to his left but the ball falls short of him.
  • 73.6JoeDenly to KWilliamson

    Full and around off, Williamson lunges and smothers it.
  • 73.5JoeDenly to RTaylor

    Very full, outside off, drilled through the covers for one.
  • 73.4JoeDenly to RTaylor

    Full and outside off, Rosco gets down and laps it through fine leg for a couple.
  • 73.3JoeDenly to RTaylor

    Short now, outside off, cut straight to backward point.
  • 73.2JoeDenly to KWilliamson

    Floated generously outside off, pushed through the covers for a run.
  • 73.1JoeDenly to RTaylor

    Full and around off, eased through the covers for a single.
  • 72.6JoeRoot to KWilliamson

    Another one on the pads, flicked towards the leg side.
  • 72.5JoeRoot to KWilliamson

    FOUR! 100 for Kane Williamson! He has surely been lucky to get to this milestone but a man makes his own luck. Floated on middle and off, Williamson gets down on one knee and sweeps this one through backward square leg for a boundary. This is the Kiwi skipper's 21st Test hundred but this should be counted among his lucky ones.
  • 72.4JoeRoot to KWilliamson

    On the pads, worked towards square leg.
  • 72.3JoeRoot to KWilliamson

    Run out chance missed! How many lives has Kane Williamson got? Floated ball on off, Williamson pushes this one towards mid off and sets off. Curran there picks up the ball and goes for a direct hit towards the non-striker's end but misses. Had he hit, Williamson was gone for all money and that too so close to his ton. The ball goes towards fine leg as the back up fielder fails to collect it and Williamson is back on strike as he gets a couple. Moves to 99 with that.
  • 72.2JoeRoot to KWilliamson

    Williamson prods forward and defends this one.
  • 72.1JoeRoot to RTaylor

    Down the leg side by Root, Taylor looks to pull but misses. The ball goes off the keeper's glove over the leg slip fielder and the batters steal a bye.
  • 71.6JoeDenly to KWilliamson

    The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground.
  • 71.5JoeDenly to RTaylor

    Taylor takes this one on the full and paddles this towards the leg side for a single.
  • 71.4JoeDenly to KWilliamson

    First run of the session as Williamson pushes this one towards cover and takes a single.
  • 71.3JoeDenly to KWilliamson

    Williamson prods forward and defends again.
  • 71.2JoeDenly to KWilliamson

    Floated on off, pushed down towards mid off.
  • 71.1JoeDenly to KWilliamson

    Shortish outside off, cut towards point.
  • 70.6JoeRoot to RTaylor

    Maiden to start the second session. Floated delivery on middle and off, Taylor is solid in his defense.
  • 70.5JoeRoot to RTaylor

    Taylor again dances down and blocks.
  • 70.4JoeRoot to RTaylor

    Floated on off, pushed towards mid off.
  • 70.3JoeRoot to RTaylor

    Taylor comes down the track to this floated ball and defends.
  • 70.2JoeRoot to RTaylor

    On the pads again, worked towards the leg side.
  • 70.1JoeRoot to RTaylor

    Starts with a flatter delivery on the pads, pushed back towards Root.
  • 69.6BenStokes to KWilliamson

    FOUR! Terrific shot again! Short and down the leg side, Williamson pulls it to the left of short fine leg. The ball races away and Sam Curran runs very fast to his left from fine leg. Dives but misses. Too much power on it. LUNCH ON DAY 5, NZ LEAD BY 110!
  • 69.5BenStokes to KWilliamson

    A short ball again, pulled straight to short fine leg.
  • 69.4BenStokes to KWilliamson

    FOUR! Nicely pulled. A short ball, down the leg side, Williamson swivels and pulls it nicely through square leg. Moves to 92 now.
  • 69.3BenStokes to KWilliamson

    Again a bouncer, Williamson opts to duck.
  • 69.2BenStokes to RTaylor

    Bouncer on middle and off, pulled towards square leg for one.
  • 69.1BenStokes to RTaylor

    Length ball on middle and off, defended out.
  • 68.6JoeRoot to KWilliamson

    Loud appeal but turned down! The height factor maybe? Root bowls a shortish ball on middle and leg, it pitches and straightens. Williamson looks to tuck it towards the leg side but misses. He is hit very high on the pad. Root and the England players put in a huge and lengthy appeal but the umpire turns it down. Root thinks about taking the review but eventually opts against it. The only factor that might be going against England looks like height here.
  • 68.5JoeRoot to RTaylor

    On the pads, flicked towards the mid-wicket region for a single. With this single, Ross Taylor becomes just the second New Zealand batsman to score 7000 Test runs, after Stephen Fleming. Class apart!
  • 68.4JoeRoot to RTaylor

    Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.
  • 68.3JoeRoot to RTaylor

    On the pads, flicked towards mid-wicket.
  • 68.2JoeRoot to RTaylor

    Floated on off, defended towards the leg side.
  • 68.1JoeRoot to RTaylor

    Full and around middle, watchfully defended.
  • 67.7BenStokes to KWilliamson

    On middle and leg, pushed towards mid on.
  • 67.6BenStokes to KWilliamson

    On the pads of Williamson this time, he flicks this one fine down the leg side but the man at leg gully saves it.
  • 67.5BenStokes to RTaylor

    On the pads, flicked towards mid-wicket for one. The lead is now 100 runs.

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