ENG 175/3 (19.2ov)
PAK 173/6 (20.0ov)

England beat Pakistan by 7 wickets

MOM: Eoin Morgan

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  • EOIN MORGAN HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH. That is it from this one-off T20I then. The 5-match ODI series between these two teams kicks off on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 at 1 pm local (1200 GMT). See yaa then. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
  • Hard luck for Pakistan. They tried hard but could not quite keep the pressure sustained. England ran a lot of twos and the fielders were found wanting. That affected the bowling as well with only three bowlers picking up wickets. Surprisingly, Sarfaraz did not employ Haris Sohail, whose left-arm spin is pretty effective.
  • Captain Morgan's form will be the key for England come the World Cup. He had been going through some patchy form but this knock will increase his confidence. His knock of 57 from 29 balls included 5 fours and 3 sixes and he got his form back.
  • Comfortable chase for England in the end. They lost Duckett early but Vince and Root got the hosts back on track. Then, Root and Morgan stitched a 65-run stand, which almost laid the platform for the win. And in the end, Denly's cameo 20 from 12 balls crushed any little hopes Pakistan had after Root's wicket.
  • 19.2FAshraf to EMorgan

    SIX! Game, set and match! Boy, Morgan is pumped up. He understands that this is the first game of a massive summer and this knock is so, so important. A length ball outside off, the skipper jumps down the track and flat-bats it down the ground, over long off! The fielder leaps but in vain! ENGLAND WIN BY 7 WICKETS AND 4 BALLS TO SPARE.
  • 19.1FAshraf to EMorgan

    Full and outside off, Morgan drives it through the covers for a couple. Excellent half century from Morgan, keeping his side ahead.
  • Faheem Ashraf to bowl the final over. 3-0-35-0 so far. Pakistan need something special from him.
  • 18.6SAfridi to JoeDenly

    RUN OUT CHANCE, MISSED! Full and outside off, Denly drives it towards cover and sets off for a single. But Morgan does not respond. Denly has to return and is gone for all money but the fielder misses his shy at the striker's end.
  • 18.5SAfridi to EMorgan

    Around middle, pushed down to long on for one more.
  • 18.4SAfridi to JoeDenly

    Full on middle, hammered down to long on for one. He has played well, Denly. 20 from just 11 balls.
  • 18.3SAfridi to EMorgan

    Outside off, pushed through the covers for a run.
  • 18.2SAfridi to JoeDenly

    Excellent yorker, but that is dug out for a single.
  • 18.1SAfridi to JoeDenly

    SIX! Has that sealed the deal for England? 11 needed from 11 now. A length ball outside off, Denly just gets across and swings it cleanly over mid-wicket!
  • 17.6HAli to JoeDenly

    Has another heave and drags it down to long on for another single. 12 from the over.
  • 17.5HAli to JoeDenly

    INSIDE EDGE, FOUR! That is unlucky for the bowler. A length ball outside off, Denly jumps down the track, has a big heave but only manages a thick inside edge past the leg stump to the fine leg fence! 18 needed from 13 now.
  • 17.4HAli to EMorgan

    Outside off, pushed towards mid off for one more.
  • 17.3HAli to JoeDenly

    Outside off, punched through the covers for a run.
  • 17.2HAli to EoinMorgan

    Outside off, played through point for a single. 150 up for England. 24 needed from 16 balls.
  • Nasser Hussain on air informs that if this match ends in a tie, there will be NO SUPER OVER. That is sad...
  • 17.1HAli to EMorgan

    FOUR! Just over! Morgan has begun this over well. A length ball outside off, Eoin chips it over mid off, mistimes it, getting it off the bottom of the bat and just about clears mid off!
  • 16.7SAfridi to JoeDenly

    FOUR! Great calmness from Denly. England needed that boundary. Denly needed that. Low full toss outside off, Joe comes forward and drives it wide of cover and mid off for a boundary! 29 needed from 18 balls now.
  • 16.6SAfridi to JoeDenly

    Terrific yorker, outside off, dug out back to the bowler.
  • 16.5SAfridi to JoeDenly

    Misfield but no run conceded. Full on middle, Denly chips it uppishly but it lands just short of short mid-wicket. Haris Sohail misfields and then returns a wild throw at the bowler's end but cover backs it up.
  • 16.4SAfridi to EMorgan

    Outside off, punched through point for one.
  • 16.3SAfridi to EMorgan

    WIDE. An attempted bouncer, around middle and leg, Morgan lets it pass. Way above his head.
  • 16.2SAfridi to JoeDenly

    Outside off, pushed through the covers for a run.
  • 16.1SAfridi to EMorgan

    Outside off, tapped towards point for a single.
  • Shaheen Afridi is back on. 2-0-17-1 so far.
  • 15.7HAli to EMorgan

    Heaves it to square leg for one. 15 from the over including the wicket of Root.
  • 15.6HAli to EMorgan

    MISFIELD, FOUR! Poor Haris Sohail. A short ball, Morgan pulls it through square leg. Sohail rushes across to his left from mid-wicket, gets to the ball with a dive but at the last moment, loses his trousers and slips and hence, misses the ball too. Embarrassing moment for the fielder and double tea-pot from the skipper.
  • 15.5HAli to JoeDenly

    Full on middle, chipped down to long on for a single.
  • Joe Denly walks in at number 5, replacing Root.
  • 15.4HAli to JoeRoot

    OUT! Caught behind! Root's innings is over and there comes the Hasan fist pump celebration. Joe makes an early movement before the ball is bowled. He gets across to paddle but the ball is wide of off. Now, Root tries the reverse paddle but only toe-ends it to the keeper behind. Pakistan appeal but Root walks off. End of a fine knock and the threatening partnership has been broken. 43 needed from 27 balls now.
  • 15.3HAli to EMorgan

    Just a single on the Free Hit. Morgan powers this down to long on off a very full ball from outside off.
  • 15.2HAli to EMorgan

    NO BALL, SIX! Bonus for England. Hasan oversteps and bowls a length ball down the leg side, Morgan just dispatches this via a pull over backward square leg!
  • 15.1HAli to JoeRoot

    Yorker outside off, Root just about digs it out towards short fine leg for a single.
  • 14.6FAshraf to JoeRoot

    Yorker around off, worked through mid-wicket for one more. Excellent comeback from Faheem after going for a boundary on the first ball.
  • 14.5FAshraf to EMorgan

    Played to mid-wicket region by the batsman. They pick up a single.
  • 14.4FAshraf to JoeRoot

    Cunning bowling. Root advances down the track and Ashraf bowls a high full toss. Joe is taken by surprise and just about heaves it towards long on. He asks for a no ball call from the umpire but the latter deems it fine as he was down the track. A single taken.
  • 14.3FAshraf to EMorgan

    Around middle, Morgan pushes it towards point for a run.
  • 14.2FAshraf to JoeRoot

    Full and around off, flicked through mid-wicket for a single.
  • 14.1FAshraf to JoeRoot

    FOUR! Welcome back into the attack! Bowler under pressure. First delivery going for a boundary. A low full toss, outside off, Root gets across and paddles it over short fine leg for a boundary! 57 needed from 35 deliveries now.
  • Faheem Ashraf returns. 2-0-26-0 so far.
  • 13.6HAli to JoeRoot

    A short ball, pulled to deep mid-wicket for a run.

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