PAK 80/2 (19.0ov)

Match Abandoned

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  • PAK
  • 17.5BenStokes to ImamImam

    FOUR! A well-controlled pull shot this time, fine timing and placement too and Imam has a boundary to his name. Stokes tries to bounce out the southpaw but Imam is easily on top of the delivery as he thumps it behind square leg.
  • 16.1JoeRoot to ImamImam

    FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries for Pakistan! Root is on the shorter side first up in this over and Imam goes deep inside the crease to whack it through point for a cracking boundary.
  • 15.6LPlunkett to HSohail

    FOUR! Straight as an arrow. Fuller length on off, Sohail drives it back past the bowler. Archer chases the ball from mid off and gives a dive near the fence but the ball wins the race. That's class from Haris.
  • 13.6LPlunkett to HSohail

    FOUR! Wow! Plunkett overpitches it a shade outside off, Haris gets the opportunity to stride forward and he unfurls a crisp cover drive for a boundary, a much-needed one for Pakistan.
  • 11.6LPlunkett to BAzam

    OUT! Just as I said the ball was coming off the middle, it now takes the outside edge and Babar has to depart! On a length outside off, Azam looks to drive but makes a mistake as he attempts that shot without much foot movement. The ball seams away off the surface very slightly and that causes it to take a faint outside edge. It carries to Buttler who takes a straightforward catch. England have their second and the budding stand of 35 has been broken. Azam who was looking really good will be disappointed now that he has to go.
  • 11.3LPlunkett to BAzam

    FOUR! Class! Back of a length slightly, Babar Azam cuts this one really stylishly. Gets the ball to bounce on the square before beating point to his left. Boundary!
  • 10.1BenStokes to BAzam

    Wide! Stokes sprays this wide down the leg side. It is penalised by the umpire.
  • 9.5LPlunkett to ImamImam

    Wide! Wrong line from Plunkett again. The ball is down the leg side and is wided.
  • 9.4LPlunkett to ImamImam

    FOUR! Tickled fine! Buttler dives but cannot reach the ball. Imam picks up four. A length ball on the hips, Imam has to just get bat on ball and glance it away from the keeper. Easy pickings.
  • 8.2CWoakes to ImamImam

    FOUR! Woakes attempts the bouncer but it does not trouble Imam. The ball goes at a good height which Imam pulls through the line. The ball goes through square leg for a boundary. Not the best of timing but four nonetheless.

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