ENG 373/3 (50.0ov)
PAK 361/7 (50.0ov)

England beat Pakistan by 12 runs

MOM: Jos Buttler

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  • ENG
  • PAK
  • 49.2CWoakes to HAli

    WIDE! Outside the tramline on the off side and it has been wided.
  • 48.5LPlunkett to FAshraf

    OUT! Plunkett gets another. A very full delivery on off, Faheem hits it high up in the air towards mid off where Stokes calls for it and then takes it. He may not have been expecting the short one there and hence, could not get the timing.
  • 47.3DWilley to IWasim

    OUT! Willey's exceptional spell continues! He bounces out Imad Wasim. A short one and it is on the body of Wasim. He is cramped for room as he looks to pull. The ball goes off the top edge and towards the third man region. Buttler runs there and takes it with a dive forward. A brilliant catch under pressure by Buttler.
  • 46.6ARashid to IWasim

    SIX! BANG! 17 from the over. A huge one, exactly what Pakistan needed. They are right back in it now. 32 in 18. The googly and it is outside off, Imad smacks it right of the middle and over the long on fence.
  • 46.2ARashid to SAhmed

    FOUR! Brilliant from Sarfaraz! He makes room and Rashid bowls the googly on off, it turns back in. Sarfaraz goes against the turn, inside out and over covers for a boundary. 6 from the first two. This has to be a big over.
  • 45.4DWilley to AAli

    OUT! Ali holes out. This over keeps getting better for the hosts. Just 2 from the first three balls and now the wicket of the dangerous Ali. Very full and on off, Ali looks to go over long off this time but does not get the desired elevation. It goes straight to Stokes who takes it and then tumbles onto the ground. 51 in 26 needed and only the bowling all-rounders to come. Asif Ali's wicket was probably the one which turns the tide completely into England's favour.
  • 43.2DWilley to AAli

    SIX! Pounded over the fence! Not sure what Willey was bowling here. With mid on and mid off up, that was in the slot, full and on off. Ali says thank you very much and powers it over the long off fence. Pakistan favourites now. 63 of 40.
  • 42.6CWoakes to AAli

    FOUR! There comes the boundary they need every over! Full and wide outside off, it is carved over point and the ball races away to the fence.
  • 42.3CWoakes to SAhmed

    WIDE! Short and outside off, it bounces too high and a wide has been signaled.
  • 41.6LPlunkett to AAli

    FOUR! This is turning out be a very expensive over. 11 from it with two balls to go. It is the slower one and outside off, Ali slaps it past mid on and the ball races away.

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