ENG 373/3 (50.0ov)
PAK 361/7 (50.0ov)

England beat Pakistan by 12 runs

MOM: Jos Buttler

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  • So that is it from this game! There are still three more matches to go though. The next one will be played on the 14th of May at 1300 local (1200 GMT). Will Pakistan level the series or will England take an unassailable lead? We'll have to wait to find out. Till then take care and goodbye!
  • Jos Buttler has been awarded the Man of the Match for his scintillating 110* off just 55 balls.
  • So just like we mentioned in the first innings, not a lot can be said about a team which concedes above 350. However, there is a stand out for the hosts and it was David Willey. It was probably his spell towards the end which won the game for them. On a day where most of the bowlers went for more than 6 per over, he went at under it and got two crucial wickets.
  • After Buttler's magnificent ton and handful contributions from the English top order, the hosts managed to get to a total which all thought England would defend quite easily. That was not the case though. The Pakistan openers got their team off to a brilliant start. Imam fell but Babar Azam then continued with Zaman. The right-hander got to yet another fifty and Zaman got to a brilliant ton. When the two were batting, Pakistan were favourites. However, they fell in quick succession and then a collapse seemed on the cards. Asif Ali, who got a life at the very start of his innings, struck some lusty blows. He along with his skipper, got his team back into the game. They needed 53 in the last 5 overs but wickets at regular intervals and some brilliant bowling ensured it is the hosts who finish on top.
  • WOW! Amazing game! A complete run fest. It is England who came out on top in the end but Pakistan surely gave them a run for their money. At once, it also seemed they would get over the line but some exceptional death bowling saw the hosts take a 1-0 lead in the series.
  • 49.7CWoakes to HAli

    A single to end! Top delivery once again. A yorker on middle, Hasan jams it down to long on and a single is taken. Customary handshakes taking place as ENGLAND WIN BY 12 RUNS!
  • 49.6CWoakes to HAli

    A dot now! 14 needed from the last ball. Full and wide outside off, it is the perfect full length delivery outside off, just inside the tramline. Hasan lets it be. He wants a wide but it is not one.
  • 49.5CWoakes to SAhmed

    Just a single which means, if England do not bowl an extra, they will win it. Full and outside off, it is carved out to sweeper cover for a single.
  • 49.4CWoakes to SAhmed

    A dot! Worst thing for Pakistan. It is just inside the tramline on the off side. Sarfaraz goes after it but misses. 15 in 3, the next ball has to go.
  • 49.3CWoakes to HAli

    Outside off and full again, Hasan swings but it goes off the bottom towards a very fine short third man. A single. A little to the left or the right and it would have been a boundary. 15 in 4, need a boundary do Pakistan.
  • 49.2CWoakes to HAli

    WIDE! Outside the tramline on the off side and it has been wided.
  • 49.1CWoakes to HAli

    Full outside off, Hasan Ali swings his bat at it. He does not time it well. It falls short of long off and they get a couple. 17 off 5 needed now.
  • Chris Woakes to bowl the final over.
  • 48.6LPlunkett to SAhmed

    Just the couple to end! Shorter and on off, Sarfaraz flat-bats it over mid off and takes two. Just the 8 from the over, 18 needed in the last one. However, it is Hasan who will be on strike.
  • The new man in is Hasan Ali.
  • 48.5LPlunkett to FAshraf

    OUT! Plunkett gets another. A very full delivery on off, Faheem hits it high up in the air towards mid off where Stokes calls for it and then takes it. He may not have been expecting the short one there and hence, could not get the timing.
  • 48.4LPlunkett to SAhmed

    Pakistan are dealing in singles when boundary is the need of the hour. Continues bowling it short, it is pulled through mid-wicket for one.
  • 48.3LPlunkett to FAshraf

    Just a single again! England won't mind this at all. Short and on the body. Faheem looks to pull but it goes off the higher portion of the bat and towards fine leg for one.
  • 48.2LPlunkett to SAhmed

    In the air... but safe! A short ball on middle, Sarfaraz fails to get on top of the bounce, he only gets a top edge but it lands safe towards deep square leg. They go for the second. Willey throws it to the keeper who looks to flick it onto the stumps but misses. There is no one backing up so they take the third.
  • 48.1LPlunkett to FAshraf

    Just a single to begin with! Full and outside off, the batsman looks to drive it through the off side but it goes off the inner half towards the leg side for one.
  • Liam Plunkett to bowl the all important 49th over.
  • 47.6DWilley to SAhmed

    DOT! Another top over. Just the five runs and a wicket from it. A full toss outside off, Sarfaraz looks to put bat on ball but misses. 27 now needed in 12 balls. Willey's spell comes to an end, a match-winning spell one can say. He has gone for 57 in his 10 and taken two crucial wickets.
  • 47.5DWilley to FAshraf

    Goes short again, Ashraf upper cuts it towards third man for only another single. Pakistan need boundaries, singles won't do them any good.
  • 47.4DWilley to SAhmed

    Very full and outside off, Sarfaraz looks to go over covers but it goes off the inner half towards mid off for one.
  • Faheem Ashraf walks out to bat next.
  • 47.3DWilley to IWasim

    OUT! Willey's exceptional spell continues! He bounces out Imad Wasim. A short one and it is on the body of Wasim. He is cramped for room as he looks to pull. The ball goes off the top edge and towards the third man region. Buttler runs there and takes it with a dive forward. A brilliant catch under pressure by Buttler.
  • 47.2DWilley to SAhmed

    Low full toss outside off, Sarfaraz just hits it towards third man for a run.
  • 47.1DWilley to SAhmed

    Full length ball outside off, Sarfaraz hits it wide of deep cover and runs the first one hard. He straightaway calls for two and gets it.
  • 46.6ARashid to IWasim

    SIX! BANG! 17 from the over. A huge one, exactly what Pakistan needed. They are right back in it now. 32 in 18. The googly and it is outside off, Imad smacks it right of the middle and over the long on fence.
  • 46.5ARashid to SAhmed

    just a single now as this is miscued towards long off.
  • 46.4ARashid to SAhmed

    Another couple! This is short and on middle, Ahmed goes back and pulls it powerfully through mid-wicket. Two taken.
  • 46.3ARashid to SAhmed

    Excellent fielding! The two runs saved by JB could be crucial here. Sarfaraz makes room and guides it past point. Jonny runs to his left in the deep and then with a dive pushes it back in. They go upstairs to check and replays show that he has done really well.
  • 46.2ARashid to SAhmed

    FOUR! Brilliant from Sarfaraz! He makes room and Rashid bowls the googly on off, it turns back in. Sarfaraz goes against the turn, inside out and over covers for a boundary. 6 from the first two. This has to be a big over.
  • 46.1ARashid to SAhmed

    Dances down the track and powers it past the bowler for a brace.
  • 45.6DWilley to IWasim

    A dot to end a top class over from Willey. Just the 4 runs and the big wicket from it. A short one on off, Imam looks to upper cut but misses.
  • 45.5DWilley to IWasim

    Overthrow! Bonus runs for England and they would need them. This is slapped towards mid off. Plunkett there dives to his right and stops it. He throws it towards the bowler off balance. It is a wayward one. Willey fails to collect it and an extra run is taken. Two in total.
  • The new man in is Imad Wasim.
  • 45.4DWilley to AAli

    OUT! Ali holes out. This over keeps getting better for the hosts. Just 2 from the first three balls and now the wicket of the dangerous Ali. Very full and on off, Ali looks to go over long off this time but does not get the desired elevation. It goes straight to Stokes who takes it and then tumbles onto the ground. 51 in 26 needed and only the bowling all-rounders to come. Asif Ali's wicket was probably the one which turns the tide completely into England's favour.
  • 45.3DWilley to AAli

    Swing and a miss! This is full and wide outside off. Ali looks to go over long on but misses.
  • 45.2DWilley to AAli

    A couple now! Brings up Asif's fifty. He holds the key here for Pakistan. Can he take them over the line? He gets to the milestone by strokes it wide of long off.
  • 45.1DWilley to AAli

    Just short! A yorker outside off, Asif Ali looks to jam it out but misses. Buttler seems to have taken it on the bounce. Actually that had been taken but the sound there was of the bat hitting the ground and not the ball. A dot though.
  • 44.6ARashid to SAhmed

    The last ball is a dot! So 8 from the over. The slider and on the stumps, Sarfaraz cuts but finds point who was brought in a couple of balls ago.
  • 44.5ARashid to SAhmed

    Another couple! This is worked with soft hands towards mid-wicket and the batters take two. So without much risk taken, this over has gone for 8 and a ball still to go.
  • 44.4ARashid to SAhmed

    Makes room again this time, Rashid fires it on middle, it is guided past point for a brace.
  • 44.3ARashid to SAhmed

    Brings out the sweep, beats short fine leg. The man in the deep runs to his right and keeps it down to two.

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