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England beat Pakistan by 6 wickets
Jonny Bairstow

44.5Ali to Morgan

Surely not! Morgan pushes this ball through the point region and picks up the winning run. ENGLAND WIN BY 6 WICKETS and WITH 31 BALLS TO SPARE. They take an unassailable lead of 2-0 in the series!

44.4Ali to Ali

Short on middle, Ali misses out on the chance to get a big one and score a fifty. He hits this to long on aerially for a single. Only 1 needed now! Morgan not going to defend 2 balls surely. Is he?

44.3Ali to Morgan

The batsman has driven it through mid on. One run added to the total.

44.2Ali to Morgan

FOUR! This is powered away! A short ball wide outside off, slashed so hard that deep cover has no chance this time. All the way to the fence.

44.1Ali to Morgan

Shorter one outside off, punched away to the left of deep cover for a couple by Morgan.

43.6Afridi to Ali

Low full toss on off, driven back to mid off. Shaheen ends a really bad day with figures of 10-0-83-0!

43.5Afridi to Ali

SIX! Deep into the crowd again! A short length ball on middle, Moeen swings this over deep square leg. Huge! The 350 comes up for the hosts. 9 needed now.

43.4Afridi to Morgan

Full toss on the pads, Morgan did not expect that and manages to just push it towards deep square leg for a run.

43.3Afridi to Ali

Yorker outside off, jammed away to deep backward point for a single by Ali. 9 runs off the first 3 balls of this over.

43.2Afridi to Ali

FOUR! Two in two! A length ball outside off, Moeen just stands and tonks this one over mid off with ease. The ball ends up crossing the rope on a bounce.

43.1Afridi to Ali

FOUR! Outside off, Moeen slashes at it. The ball flies through backward point for a boundary. No chance for deep point to come around.

42.6Ashraf to Morgan

Driven towards mid off by the skipper.

42.5Ashraf to Morgan

SIX! There is number 14 of this England innings. A short length ball on middle and leg, Morgan lets this one fly. He pulls it with power over deep square leg and into the stands. This is merry-making by the English batsmen. Every single one who has batted has hit a six today.

42.4Ashraf to Morgan

Back of a length on top of leg, Morgan defends this back towards the bowler.

42.3Ashraf to Morgan

Nicely driven wide of deep cover for a couple of runs.

42.2Ashraf to Morgan

Skids on! A length ball on the pads, Morgan tries to work it on the leg side but misses. The ball goes onto the thigh pad and back on the surface.

42.1Ashraf to Ali

Back of a length on middle, dabbed towards mid-wicket by Ali for a single.

41.6Afridi to Morgan

Low full toss on off, driven back to mid off by Morgan. That pinged off the bat but unfortunately for the batsman, goes straight to the fielder.

41.5Afridi to Morgan

Outside off on a length, left alone by Eoin Morgan.

41.4Afridi to Ali

Slashed away to deep backward point by Moeen to bring his skipper on strike for the first time.

41.3Afridi to Ali

Play and a miss! Outside off on a length, Ali looks to cut but misses the ball. It goes to the keeper.

41.2Afridi to Ali

OUT! An unfortunate run out for Ben Stokes. Fuller length ball on off, Moeen absolutely drills it back towards the bowler. It deflects off Afridi's left leg to the stumps and Stokes is found strolling out of his crease. Ben knows that and starts to walk to the pavilion. He has a wry smile on his face and also gives thumbs up to his partner. Mere formality left in this match.

41.1Afridi to Stokes

NOT OUT! Yes, the impact is outside off! Stokes survives and Pakistan lose their review. A full toss outside off, Stokes looks to paddle this over fine leg by shuffling across the stumps but misses the ball. He gets hit on the pads. There is an appeal which is turned down by the umpire. Sarfaraz takes a review, maybe in desperation. The replays show that the impact of the ball is outside off and hence the umpire can remain with his original decision!

40.7Ashraf to Ali

Excellent running! A length ball on middle, Moeen taps the ball towards mid-wicket and the batsmen come back for an easy couple. The fielders seem really tired!

40.6Ashraf to Ali

Short of a length on middle, Ali looks to pull this and gets hit on his body again, on the thighs now.

40.5Ashraf to Ali

Ouch! That would have hurt. A short ball on the body of the batsman, Ali looks to pull this away but misses and gets hit on the rib area. Dot ball.

40.4Ashraf to Stokes

Back of a length again as Stokes makes room. The ball is patted with soft hands towards the off side and a quick single is picked up.

40.3Ashraf to Stokes

Back of a length outside off, punched towards mid off by Stokes.

40.2Ashraf to Stokes

SIX! The Free Hit has been hit for six. A length ball on middle and leg, Stokes brings out the pick up shot and smashes it over deep mid-wicket. That went high so it just goes a little over the rope. 39 needed now in 59.

40.1Ashraf to Ali

No ball! A front foot no ball. Short of a length on middle, pulled away by Ali to deep mid-wicket for a single. Stokes to face the Free Hit ball.

39.6Khan to Stokes

Good length ball outside off, Stokes tries to push it through the line but it takes the outside half of his blade and runs through the gap between short third man and backward point. The fielder from the former position puts in a slide to stop the ball but fumbles while picking it up, thereby making the second run easy.

39.5Khan to Stokes

Too full and on off, driven to mid off.

39.4Khan to Ali

Searches for a yorker on off, Moeen digs it out to covers and crosses.

39.3Khan to Ali

A length ball outside off, Moeen pushes it with an angled bat to point.

39.2Khan to Stokes

Good length ball outside off, a mistimed punch shot to covers for a run.

39.1Khan to Stokes

Very full and on off, Stokes advances down the track and forces it out back to the bowler. Junaid collects it and has a shy at the striker's end but misses.

38.6Ali to Stokes

Shortish on off, tapped down to cover-point for one.

38.5Ali to Ali

Too full in length on off, Moeen squeezes it out off the outside half of his bat through backward point. The batsmen have run through for a single.

38.4Ali to Stokes

Half-tracker on middle, Stokes mistimes his pull shot through square leg for one. After collecting the run, Ben was seen shadow practicing the hook shot.

38.3Ali to Stokes

On and around off, it's defended from the crease towards the bowler.

38.2Ali to Ali

The batsman guides it to third man. They pick up a single.

38.1Ali to Ali

FOUR! Bang! Shortish and on off, Moeen rocks back and punches it on the up through the gap between mid off and extra cover for a boundary.

37.7Khan to Ali

Another one PUT DOWN, this time by Babar Azam. Speechless are we and so is the Pakistan skipper. He seems to have given up. A short ball outside off, Moeen stays back to ramp it down to third man but fails to connect properly. It flies towards backward point where Azam puts in a dive but fails to catch it. They pick up a single.

37.6Khan to Ali

Play and a miss! Yet another short ball is dug into the batsman, Moeen tries hooking but it goes over his bat.

37.5Khan to Ali

Wide called for height! Bouncer, well over the head of the batsman. Ali allows it through.