ENG 341/7 (49.3ov)
PAK 340/7 (50.0ov)

England beat Pakistan by 3 wickets

MOM: Jason Roy

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  • PAK
  • ENG
  • 48.6JKhan to ARashid

    EDGY FOUR! Huge cheer from the Barmy Army! A length delivery outside off, Rashid goes hard at it and gets a fat outside edge. It flies past the diving keeper for a boundary at third man. 16 coming from the penultimate over, only 3 more needed off the final one.
  • 48.2JKhan to BenStokes

    SIX! Gone the distance! In spite of a good attempt in the deep. Short in length and wide outside off, Stokes whacks it over point and the fielder at the edge of the rope tries to jump and throw the ball back in play. Fails in doing so and England get a maximum.
  • 47.2HAli to TomCurran

    OUT! Timber! Hasan Ali spears in a yorker around leg, Curran moves back to dig it out but it goes off his bat to the stumps. Where were these yorkers before? The 61-run stand is broken but it has more than done the job. 22 needed more for a win.
  • 46.2MHasnain to BenStokes

    SIX! Into the crowd! That's the longest part of the ground but Stokes has scaled it with ease. Hasnain angles in a length ball on middle and leg, Stokes hops back to make room and heaves it over mid-wicket. 26 needed off 22 balls.
  • 46.1MHasnain to BenStokes

    Spears in a full ball down the leg side, Stokes fails to flick and it goes off his pads to fine leg. He calls for two immediately and completes it with ease. Leg byes signalled. 50-run stand comes up!
  • 45.3HAli to TomCurran

    FOUR! Curran is playing a gem. A length ball this time, Tom throws his bat at it and slaps it over backward point for back-to-back boundaries. England are going well here.
  • 45.2HAli to TomCurran

    FOUR! Well played! Hasan follows the batsman down the leg side with a length ball, Curran swings it from the middle of his bat and it hurries behind square leg to reach the fence.
  • 44.6MHasnain to TomCurran

    Skidding down the leg side, Curran tries flicking but misses and it goes off his pads to the off side. A leg bye taken. 10 from the over and England need 44 off 30 balls.
  • 44.4MHasnain to BenStokes

    Stokes tries flicking but misses and it goes off his pads towards square leg. The keeper rushes across to his right to stop the ball. Sarfaraz puts in a slide but fumbles while picking up the ball. They take the second run. Given as leg byes.
  • 44.3MHasnain to BenStokes

    FOUR! 15th ODI fifty for Stokes! England will be loving to have Ben in form just before the World Cup. Good length delivery outside off, Stokes shimmies down the track and hammers it over extra cover for a boundary. A fine knock by the all-rounder and now it's up to him to finish this chase for England.

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