ENG 341/7 (49.3ov)
PAK 340/7 (50.0ov)

England beat Pakistan by 3 wickets

MOM: Jason Roy

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  • Right then, it's England 3-0 in the series with only one formality ODI left. It's on Sunday, May 19 in Leeds. Do join us at 1100 local (1000 GMT) for all the action. Cheers!
  • Jason Roy is awarded the Man of the Match for his impactful hundred. His knock set the tone up front and played a big role in England's victory.
  • Earlier in the match, Babar Azam stroked a beautiful century but failed to carry on. The likes of Fakhar Zaman and Mohammad Hafeez also got starts but the kind of finish that was desired never came at the death. Eventually, it was one more defeat for Pakistan, their 9th in a row in a completed ODI and they are finding no momentum heading into the mega event.
  • It was yet another poor display of bowling and fielding from Pakistan. Their performance with the new balls was not up to the mark. The pacers failed to create much impact initially, however, towards the end, they bowled some great deliveries to scare the English team. The young bowler, Mohammad Hasnain, impressed with his pace but he went for aplenty. Junaid and Hasan were very inconsistent with their lengths and overall, it was once again a below-par show from the Asian team.
  • The target in excess of 300 is always supposed to be a challenging one but given the way England made a mockery of the last chase in Bristol, 341 looked below-par. The English openers once again laid a solid platform with Jason Roy finally converting his fifty to hundred, after getting dropped on 25 by Fakhar Zaman. It was a cruise for the hosts but then came a roadblock. They lost four wickets for 15 runs in a span of 17 balls in the middle overs which brought Pakistan back into the game. However, the asking rate wasn't too much and Ben Stokes along with the lower order batsmen - Joe Denly, Tom Curran and Adil Rashid overhauled the target in the last over.
  • A hard-fought win for a change for England. They won't mind it though as it tested their lower order batting. A fine knock under pressure from Ben Stokes and he stayed till the end to drive the English team home.
  • 49.3HAli to BenStokes

    ENGLAND WIN BY 3 WICKETS! Junaid serves a short ball on off, Stokes stands back and pulls it powerfully to deep mid-wicket for a run. Ben is delighted and the English dressing room is applauding his effort.
  • 49.2HAli to ARashid

    Wristily done. Hasan looks for the blockhole but ends up serving a low full toss on middle, Adil flicks it to deep square leg for one. Scores levelled.
  • 49.1HAli to BenStokes

    Lands it on a length outside off, Stokes strokes it through covers and takes a single. Looks interested for the second run also but it's never on. England on the brink.
  • 48.6JKhan to ARashid

    EDGY FOUR! Huge cheer from the Barmy Army! A length delivery outside off, Rashid goes hard at it and gets a fat outside edge. It flies past the diving keeper for a boundary at third man. 16 coming from the penultimate over, only 3 more needed off the final one.
  • 48.5JKhan to ARashid

    Shout for an lbw from the bowler! Junaid angles in a length ball outside off, Rashid gets across the stumps to play at it but misses. He is hit on the pads, the bowler appeals and Stokes calls his partner for a run. Fakhar gets to the ball at covers and has a needless shy at the bowler's end. Misses and they cross one more time.
  • 48.4JKhan to ARashid

    Play and a miss! Short again from Junaid, outside off and Adil tries to slam it over point, misses.
  • 48.3JKhan to BenStokes

    10 off the first 3 balls, 9 needed off 9 now. Short and on middle, pulled to deep mid-wicket for one.
  • 48.2JKhan to BenStokes

    SIX! Gone the distance! In spite of a good attempt in the deep. Short in length and wide outside off, Stokes whacks it over point and the fielder at the edge of the rope tries to jump and throw the ball back in play. Fails in doing so and England get a maximum.
  • 48.1JKhan to ARashid

    Three runs off the first ball! Full in length and outside off, angling away, Rashid strokes it over point. It races away and Hasan gets across it from sweeper cover. He puts in a dive to stop the ball and parries it towards third man. Hasnain coming in from there slips and that allows the third run.
  • 19 needed off the last 2 overs. Junaid Khan to bowl the all-important penultimate over.
  • 47.6HAli to ARashid

    Follows the batsman down the leg side with a length ball, Rashid forces it towards mid on and they cross for a single. Top over, 4 runs and a wicket from it.
  • 47.5HAli to BenStokes

    Nearly a yorker again, Stokes digs it out off the bottom end of his bat to mid off for a run.
  • 47.4HAli to ARashid

    Shortish and on off, Rashid tries hitting it through the line but it takes the inner half of his bat and rolls towards square leg for a run.
  • 47.3HAli to ARashid

    Lands it on a length and outside off, Rashid gets on the front foot and pushes it to the off side.
  • Adil Rashid is the new man in.
  • 47.2HAli to TomCurran

    OUT! Timber! Hasan Ali spears in a yorker around leg, Curran moves back to dig it out but it goes off his bat to the stumps. Where were these yorkers before? The 61-run stand is broken but it has more than done the job. 22 needed more for a win.
  • 47.1HAli to BenStokes

    Fuller and on off, Stokes drives it firmly to mid off and takes one.
  • 46.6MHasnain to TomCurran

    A dot ball to finish his spell of 10 overs. 80 runs for 2 wickets. Short in length and outside off, Curran makes space to hit it over point but misses.
  • 46.5MHasnain to TomCurran

    Edgy! Very full in length on off, Curran hangs on the back foot and throws his bat at it. Ends up slicing it over backward point and they take a couple of runs.
  • 46.4MHasnain to TomCurran

    Swing and a miss! Dot ball. A pacey delivery, shortish and outside off, Tom tries to slam it over point but misses.
  • 46.3MHasnain to BenStokes

    Too full in length on off, Stokes digs it out in the direction of mid off and scampers across to the other end.
  • 46.2MHasnain to BenStokes

    SIX! Into the crowd! That's the longest part of the ground but Stokes has scaled it with ease. Hasnain angles in a length ball on middle and leg, Stokes hops back to make room and heaves it over mid-wicket. 26 needed off 22 balls.
  • 46.1MHasnain to BenStokes

    Spears in a full ball down the leg side, Stokes fails to flick and it goes off his pads to fine leg. He calls for two immediately and completes it with ease. Leg byes signalled. 50-run stand comes up!
  • 45.6HAli to BenStokes

    Outside off, on a length, Stokes opens the face of his bat and steers it through backward point for a run. 40 runs in the last 4 overs and England need 34 off 24 balls.
  • 45.5HAli to TomCurran

    Helps it off his pads to short fine leg for one.
  • 45.4HAli to TomCurran

    The batsman was beaten and missed the line of the delivery.
  • 45.3HAli to TomCurran

    FOUR! Curran is playing a gem. A length ball this time, Tom throws his bat at it and slaps it over backward point for back-to-back boundaries. England are going well here.
  • 45.2HAli to TomCurran

    FOUR! Well played! Hasan follows the batsman down the leg side with a length ball, Curran swings it from the middle of his bat and it hurries behind square leg to reach the fence.
  • 45.1HAli to TomCurran

    Lands it on a length around middle and leg, Curran goes deep inside the crease and defends it back.
  • Hasan Ali back into the attack. Pakistan need wickets here. Can he provide it?
  • 44.6MHasnain to TomCurran

    Skidding down the leg side, Curran tries flicking but misses and it goes off his pads to the off side. A leg bye taken. 10 from the over and England need 44 off 30 balls.
  • 44.5MHasnain to BenStokes

    Width on offer outside off, Stokes flashes his bat at it and it flies down to third man for a run.
  • 44.4MHasnain to BenStokes

    Stokes tries flicking but misses and it goes off his pads towards square leg. The keeper rushes across to his right to stop the ball. Sarfaraz puts in a slide but fumbles while picking up the ball. They take the second run. Given as leg byes.
  • 44.3MHasnain to BenStokes

    FOUR! 15th ODI fifty for Stokes! England will be loving to have Ben in form just before the World Cup. Good length delivery outside off, Stokes shimmies down the track and hammers it over extra cover for a boundary. A fine knock by the all-rounder and now it's up to him to finish this chase for England.
  • 44.2MHasnain to TomCurran

    Shortish and on off, drilled down to long on for a run.
  • 44.1MHasnain to BenStokes

    A back foot punch is blazed to extra cover for a run.
  • 43.7JKhan to TomCurran

    Length ball outside off, Tom looks to hit it but misses. 11 off the over.
  • 43.6JKhan to TomCurran

    FOUR! Misfield! Poor once again from Pakistan. On the pads, Tom flicks it wide of deep square leg. Hasan Ali easily gets there but misjudges it and the ball goes between his legs and to the fence for a boundary. They have been sloppy in the field in this game.
  • 43.5JKhan to TomCurran

    FOUR! They have overcooked the idea to bowl short to Curran. He whacks this back of a length ball over mid-wicket for a boundary.

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