ENG 351/9 (50.0ov)
PAK 297 (46.5ov)

England beat Pakistan by 54 runs

MOM: Chris Woakes

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  • ENG
  • PAK
  • 46.5ARashid to MHasnain

    OUT! STUMPED! Game, set and match. More flight from Rashid, Hasnain comes down the track and looks to swipe against the line. He misses but Buttler doesn't. Easy stumping. ENGLAND WIN BY 54 RUNS AND CLEANSWEEP PAKISTAN 4-0!
  • 46.3ARashid to MHasnain

    FOUR! Terrific shot! A flighted delivery around middle, Hasnain comes down the track, takes it on the full and bashes it over the bowler, down the ground, beating long on!
  • 45.6DWilley to MHasnain

    SIX! Ho ho ho! Take a bow, you 19-year old! A length ball outside off, Hasnain clobbers that over cover and it goes the distance!
  • 44.6CWoakes to MHasnain

    FOUR! Outside off, Hasnain creams this over cover!
  • 44.1CWoakes to SAfridi

    DROPPED, FOUR! A short ball, around leg stump, Afridi swings hard, looking to pull but gets a top edge. Moeen Ali runs across to his right and dives but the ball brushes his fingertips and escapes behind.
  • 43.3DWilley to MHasnain

    FOUR! Nice shot, young lad! Full and outside off, Hasnain reaches out and lofts it over mid off for a one-bounce boundary!
  • 42.4CWoakes to MHasnain

    FOUR! Full and wide outside off, Hasnain gets across and squeezes it behind point!
  • 40.6CWoakes to SAfridi

    FOUR! Very nicely played. Almost from the back of the bat. A short ball outside off, Afridi rises with the bounce and tries to keep it down, aiming it to run the ball towards third man but was defeated by the pace and bounce. Eventually, he gets it wide of Buttler and higher as well, to the third man fence.
  • 40.1CWoakes to HAli

    OUT! Caught! FIFER FOR CHRIS WOAKES! His third in ODI cricket. What a day for him. Struck with the new ball and now is finishing it off. A short ball, outside off, Hasan looked to pull but was beaten by pace. He had his eyes closed too while playing that stroke. As a result, a top edge was induced which went towards long leg. David Willey was waiting there and got down on a knee, taking the catch gracefully.
  • 39.3DWilley to AAli

    OUT! Caught. There goes wicket number 8. A short ball, outside off, Asif looks to pull but cannot quite get underneath the ball. He mistimes it and it tamely lobs up to Ben Stokes at mid on. He just has to backtrack a step or two and takes it easily. Replays show that Willey might have just changed his grip on the ball.

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