ENG 351/9 (50.0ov)
PAK 297 (46.5ov)

England beat Pakistan by 54 runs

MOM: Chris Woakes

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  • That is it from this game and series then. England have stamped their authority with a 4-0 victory and will aim to replicate this form during the World Cup. Not too many international matches being played over the course of these 10 days with the warm-up games starting on May 24. Looking forward to the big tourney. Take a break, refresh yourselves and be back for the mega event. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
  • CHRIS WOAKES HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH. Good choice, given that normally batsmen get that award and Root and Morgan were in the reckoning. But well done Woakes, with a 4-fer and a 5-fer in this series. JASON ROY HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE SERIES, for scoring 277 runs in just 3 outings, which had a century and 2 half centuries.
  • At last, we got a 5-fer in this series. It was turning out to be monotonously boring with only batsmen getting their runs. But in this game, we got a 4-fer from Afridi and then in the run chase, a 5-fer from Woakes, breaking Pakistan's backbone. Rashid was decent too, for his couple of wickets. It was a better performance from England but their bowling still needs a working over.
  • It is at that stage when the actual fight began. Babar Azam and Sarfaraz Ahmed sized up the deck beautifully and played sensible strokes. Their 146-run stand kept Pakistan in the hunt till Adil Rashid produced a beauty in the field to run Babar out. Post that, Sarfaraz tried to hang around and take his team home but eventually, it was too much for him and he felt 3 runs short of his ton.
  • Heard of the saying, 'Looks are deceptive?' Perhaps Pakistan were deceived by the look of this pitch. They probably thought it was a belter like the previous ones in this series and could play their shots. But they were wrong. One needed to get set on this pitch and then try to play shots. Before they could even think of the word boundary in their mind, Woakes had reduced them to 6/3 in 3 overs.
  • For a change, in this game, the bowlers got a chance to come to the party. At first, with Root and Morgan going great guns in the first innings, it seemed like 500 was indeed on the cards. But Root's wicket led to a collapse and England were 'restricted' to 351. At the halfway mark, given the way Pakistan had batted in this series, it looked like they might chase this down.
  • A perfect warm-up heading into the World Cup for England. Their 11TH SUCCESSIVE UNBEATEN BILATERAL SERIES IN ODIS. Plus in this one, not a game lost.
  • 46.5ARashid to MHasnain

    OUT! STUMPED! Game, set and match. More flight from Rashid, Hasnain comes down the track and looks to swipe against the line. He misses but Buttler doesn't. Easy stumping. ENGLAND WIN BY 54 RUNS AND CLEANSWEEP PAKISTAN 4-0!
  • 46.4ARashid to MHasnain

    Nicely floated around off, watchfully defended.
  • 46.3ARashid to MHasnain

    FOUR! Terrific shot! A flighted delivery around middle, Hasnain comes down the track, takes it on the full and bashes it over the bowler, down the ground, beating long on!
  • 46.2ARashid to SAfridi

    Full and around leg, swept through square leg for a single.
  • 46.1ARashid to SAfridi

    The googly, around leg, Afridi looks to defend but gets hit on the pads.
  • Adil Rashid returns.
  • 45.6DWilley to MHasnain

    SIX! Ho ho ho! Take a bow, you 19-year old! A length ball outside off, Hasnain clobbers that over cover and it goes the distance!
  • Ha ha ha! What happened there? Hasnain keeps backing away to the leg side, goes out of the pitch but Willey does not deliver! He probably expected Hasnain to not play that ball.
  • 45.5DWilley to MHasnain

    Ouch. A length ball, around middle, Hasnain backing away swings hard but gets a thick inside edge onto his left boot. Afridi immediately asks his younger partner whether he is fine.
  • 45.4DWilley to SAfridi

    Pushes this through the covers for a run.
  • 45.3DWilley to SAfridi

    Outside off, Afridi swings hard but gets a thick outside edge which does not carry to the keeper.
  • 45.2DWilley to SAfridi

    Gets across his stumps and paddles this straight to short fine leg.
  • 45.1DWilley to SAfridi

    Outside off, creamed over covers for a couple.
  • 44.6CWoakes to MHasnain

    FOUR! Outside off, Hasnain creams this over cover!
  • 44.5CWoakes to MHasnain

    Comes down the track but gets a bouncer. Hasnain ducks.
  • 44.4CWoakes to MHasnain

    Everything is off side for this kid. A length ball outside off, Hasnain backs away and slaps it over cover. Jonny Bairstow rushes to his right from sweeper cover, dives and then flicks it to Eoin Morgan running back from cover. Two runs taken.
  • 44.3CWoakes to MHasnain

    The batsman has attempted to put bat on ball - but fails.
  • 44.2CWoakes to SAfridi

    Outside off, flayed through the covers for a single.
  • 44.1CWoakes to SAfridi

    DROPPED, FOUR! A short ball, around leg stump, Afridi swings hard, looking to pull but gets a top edge. Moeen Ali runs across to his right and dives but the ball brushes his fingertips and escapes behind.
  • 43.6DWilley to SAfridi

    Outside off, Shaheen lofts it toward third man for a run.
  • 43.5DWilley to SAfridi

    Good effort from Ben Stokes. A length ball, dead straight, Afridi lofts this straight down the ground. Stokes gets across from long on, dives full stretch to his right, stops the ball partially, is careful enough to ensure that his body does not touch the line and then returns the ball. Two runs taken. The third umpire had numerous looks at those.
  • 43.4DWilley to MHasnain

    Backs away to the leg side, Willey follows him, Mohammad looks to push it to the off side but gets a thick outside edge past the stumps towards third man. A run taken. Willey has some chirping to do with the 19-year old.
  • 43.3DWilley to MHasnain

    FOUR! Nice shot, young lad! Full and outside off, Hasnain reaches out and lofts it over mid off for a one-bounce boundary!
  • 43.2DWilley to MHasnain

    Outside off, played straight to point.
  • 43.1DWilley to MHasnain

    A bouncer on middle, Hasnain ducks.
  • 42.6CWoakes to SAfridi

    Full and outside off, driven straight to mid off.
  • 42.5CWoakes to MHasnain

    The batsman opens the face of the bat and helps it to third man. The batsmen have run through for a single.
  • 42.4CWoakes to MHasnain

    FOUR! Full and wide outside off, Hasnain gets across and squeezes it behind point!
  • 42.3CWoakes to SAfridi

    A DIRECT HIT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE END OF THIS GAME. Full and around off, Afridi swings hard but the ball goes off the inner half of the bat towards wide mid on. The fielder has a shy at the bowler's end but misses. Afridi was a goner.
  • 42.2CWoakes to SAfridi

    Perfect delivery. In the blockhole, outside off, Afridi looks to heave hard but gets a thick inside edge back to the bowler.
  • 42.1CWoakes to SAfridi

    Slower ball, fuller in length, around middle, worked through mid-wicket but straight to the fielder.
  • 41.6DWilley to SAfridi

    Full and around off, pushed through cover for another single.
  • 41.5DWilley to SAfridi

    A slower ball outside off, on a length, Shaheen swings hard but misses.
  • 41.4DWilley to MHasnain

    Outside off, played through point for one more.
  • 41.3DWilley to SAfridi

    Full and straight, driven down the ground towards long on for a run.
  • 41.2DWilley to SAfridi

    Outside off, left alone this time.
  • 41.1DWilley to MHasnain

    Landed outside off, Hasnain backs away and steers it towards third man for a single. That is Hasnain's first run in professional cricket.
  • 40.6CWoakes to SAfridi

    FOUR! Very nicely played. Almost from the back of the bat. A short ball outside off, Afridi rises with the bounce and tries to keep it down, aiming it to run the ball towards third man but was defeated by the pace and bounce. Eventually, he gets it wide of Buttler and higher as well, to the third man fence.

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