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Pakistan beat England by 14 runs
Mohammad Hafeez

49.6Riaz to Wood

FOUR! But Pakistan won't care! THEY HAVE WON THIS GAME BY 14 RUNS! Wahab bowls it short again and on the body, Wood helps it on its way to the fine leg fence. All smiles and hugs in the Pakistan camp at the moment.

49.5Riaz to Rashid

Wahab runs in from a short run-up. He bangs it short and it is the slower one. Rashid mistimes his pull towards mid-wicket for one.

49.4Riaz to Wood

Just a single as Wood strokes it towards cover.

49.3Riaz to Wood

A dot! That is probably it, 'IF' Wahab does not bowl an extra. A yorker outside off, Wood fails to put bat to ball again.

49.2Riaz to Wood

FOUR! 21 in 4 now! Fours won't do it for England. A high full toss on off, Wood hits it over covers and the ball races away.

49.1Riaz to Wood

Not a good hat-trick ball! He bowls it well wide of the stumps. Wood had made room to hit it but misses.

48.6Amir to Wood

A single! 25 needed from the last 6 balls. Slower one and outside off, Wood is early in the stroke. He miscues it down to long on for one.

48.5Amir to Rashid

Another one full and wide outside off, Rashid throws his bat at it but the ball goes off the outside edge down to third man for a single.

48.4Amir to Archer

OUT! No. 9 goes down! Pakistan a wicket away from winning the match. Amir gets his second and who is the catcher? Wahab Riaz. You just can't keep him out of the game at the moment. This is outside off, Archer swings but the ball takes the top edge. It goes uppishly towards third man where Riaz takes a good catch running in and then diving forward.

48.3Amir to Rashid

Good fielding by Imam! This is very full and outside off, it is squeezed out towards deep point. The fielder there is waiting for the ball to come. Imam from covers runs to his left, collects the ball in front of him and keeps it down to one. Good urgency shown by the Pakistan opening batsman.

48.2Amir to Rashid

Thinks of paddling it but Amir spots him moving across. He bowls it even wider outside off. Rashid fails to put bat on ball.

48.1Amir to Archer

Full and on off, Archer squirts it through covers for one.

47.6Riaz to Woakes

OUT! Two in two for Wahab Riaz. That is probably the final nail in the coffin. He got Moeen off a short one and gets Woakes by bowling a pacey delivery. It is short and on off, Woakes looks to cut but due to the extra bounce, the ball takes the outside edge and goes into the gloves of Sarfaraz. The crowd has gone mad! Hard to guess who is playing at home!

47.5Riaz to Ali

OUT! In the air... taken! Wahab strikes back! Good delivery this. It is short and outside off, on the slower side. Moeen may not have been expecting it. He first looks to ramp but due to the lack of pace on the ball, he tries to guide it over point. But it comes from the bottom half of his bat and he ends up lobbing it to point where Fakhar Zaman takes it.

47.4Riaz to Woakes

Goes to over the wicket and bangs it in the pitch. It is the slower one. Woakes slaps it through covers for one.

47.3Riaz to Woakes

SIX! Misses by a little and Woakes makes him pay. Crucial hit this. It is full, misses the yorker but just a little. Woakes lofts it over the long off fence. Short boundary so even half a connection would do. 8 from the first three balls. 30 needed in 15!

47.2Riaz to Woakes

Top class stuff! Nails the yorker on middle, Woakes can only dig it out towards the bowler. 4 more of these is what Sarfaraz will be saying.

47.1Riaz to Woakes

DROPPED! A difficult chance, a good effort in the end by Asif Ali. Wahab bowls it full and on off, Woakes ends up carving it uppishly towards covers. Asif runs in, dives forward but can't hang on. Two taken by the batsmen.

46.8Amir to Ali

FOUR! Second boundary in the over! 15 from it. That is more than the run rate they need to go at. Ali bags his first boundary and England will hope this gets him going. Short and on the body, Ali swivels and pulls it all along the ground through square leg. The fielder in the deep runs to his left, dives, gets a hand to it but can't stop the ball. 38 in 18! England back in the game.

46.7Amir to Woakes

Goes back to bowling it on the stumps, Woakes looks to flick but misses to get hit on the pads. The ball goes towards point. A leg bye taken.

46.6Amir to Woakes

Another wide! Amir is not happy. It is a close call. Slower ball and it's outside off. Woakes swings again but misses. Umpire feels it is a wide and signals so.

46.5Amir to Woakes

Outside the tramline this time! Woakes lets it be and it has been wided this time.

46.4Amir to Woakes

A dot! Full and wide outside off, just inside the tramline. Woakes swings but misses.

46.3Amir to Woakes

FOUR! Edgy but Woakes won't care! Welcome, welcome boundary for England. Poor ball to be honest with third man up. Short and outside off, Woakes throws his bat at it but gets an outside edge to the third man fence. They need more.

46.2Amir to Woakes

SAFE! Another couple! Terrific delivery though from Amir. It is the slower one and the line is key here. It is wide outside off. Woakes is early into his lofted cover-drive. It goes high up in the air. There are two fielders converging, one from sweeper cover and the other from cover. They don't get to it and the batsmen take two.

46.1Amir to Woakes

Another couple but boundaries are what England need. Full and on off, Woakes strokes it wide of long off and takes two.

45.6Ali to Ali

Finally gets hold of one but not off the middle. It is down towards long on for a brace. The fielder there misfields but no extra run taken. Just the 5 from the over. 53 needed in 24. Run rate above 13 now.

45.5Ali to Ali

Once again, the slower ball foxes Moeen. It is banged in and on middle, Moeen is once again very early into the pull shot and fails to connect. Pressure building. Dots are gold dust at this stage for Pakistan.

45.4Ali to Ali

Swing and a miss! Done in pace there is Moeen. Slower one outside off, Moeen swings but is way too early into the shot. Misses.

45.3Ali to Woakes

Very full and on middle, once again cramping the batter for room. Woakes hits it down to long on for one.

45.2Ali to Ali

In the air... but safe! Heart in the mouth moment for England. short and on the body, Moeen looks to pull but is hurried into the shot. It hits the glove and lobs towards the leg side. Sarfaraz runs towards it but can't get to it. A single taken.

45.1Ali to Woakes

Looks to open up the off side but Hassan bowls it very straight. Woakes hits it towards point for one.

44.6Amir to Woakes

Another single as this is pushed to mid off. 7 runs and the huge, huge wicket of Buttler. 58 needed in 30.

44.5Amir to Ali

Goes very full, difficult to get under such deliveries, Moeen hits it down to long on for one. England need boundaries!

44.4Amir to Woakes

A single! Length and outside off, this is hit through point for one.

44.3Amir to Buttler

OUT! 100 and gone! That is the wicket Pakistan needed. Pakistan now favorites to win this game. Amir, the most experienced Pakistan bowler, has delivered. It is the slower one and outside off, Buttler looks to cut but there is some extra bounce. It flies off the outside edge and straight to short third man where Wahab takes a high pressure catch. Pakistan are elated. The England dressing room is in shock.

44.2Amir to Buttler

FOUR! Powered! Gets to his ton with a boundary. 9th in ODIs and first in World Cup. This guy just keeps delivering when his team needs him to. No real celebrations from him though as he knows the job is not done yet. Amir dishes this full and outside off, Buttler bludgeons it past mid off and a boundary results.

44.1Amir to Buttler

Excellent start to the 45th for Pakistan! Length and outside off, Buttler looks to hit it through the off side but misses.

43.6Ali to Buttler

Another slower one and on off, Buttler strokes it towards cover for one. Brilliant from the duo, without much risk, they have managed to hit 10 in this over. 65 needed in 36 balls.

43.5Ali to Buttler

Classic batting! Knows the leg side is the longer part of the ground so works it with soft hands through that region and takes two.

43.4Ali to Ali

Lovely fielding! Saves a run for his team. It could well be a very important one. Moeen strokes it uppishly but past the diving cover fielder. Wahab hares after it from mid off. He does not give up and at the very end pushes it back in with a dive.

43.3Ali to Buttler

Good delivery again! On off, not letting Buttler free his arms. The batter strokes it to cover for one.

43.2Ali to Buttler

Nearly drags it on! Slower one and outside off, Buttler looks to drag it through the leg side but it goes off the inner half, past the off stump and down to fine leg. Good running sees Buttler take two.

43.1Ali to Ali

Very full and on off, Moeen strokes it to covers and takes one. Singles won't harm Pakistan here.

42.6Khan to Ali

A single to end Shadab's spell! 6 from his last. He has impressed today, 2 wickets for 63 runs. Ali works this through square leg and takes one. 75 needed in the last 7 overs.