ENG 311/8 (50.0ov)
SA 207 (39.5ov)

England beat South Africa by 104 runs

MOM: Ben Stokes

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  • ENG
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  • 39.5BenStokes to ITahir

    OUT! Catching practice! Two in two for Stokes. He did it with the bat, he was brilliant in the field and now finishes it with the ball. Length delivery on off, Tahir opens the face of the bat and guides it to widish first slip where Root takes a neat catch diving to his right. All smiles in the England camp AS THEY HAVE WON BY 104 RUNS!
  • 39.4BenStokes to KRabada

    OUT! Caught. There goes wicket number 9 and Jofra Archer is denied a fifer. A short ball, around middle and off, Rabada pulls it firmly again but this time it is in the hands of Liam Plunkett at deep square leg.
  • 39.3BenStokes to KRabada

    FOUR LEG BYES. Down the leg side, Rabada misses his flick but the ball goes off his pads. Buttler dives to his right but in vain.
  • 39.1BenStokes to KRabada

    FOUR! STREAKY! Not sure though why there isn't a slip in place! Length and outside off, Rabada hangs his bat out. The ball flies off the outside edge and to the third man fence.
  • 38.4LPlunkett to LNgidi

    SIX! Full and on middle, Ngidi lofts it with ease over the long on fence.
  • 38.1LPlunkett to HAmla

    OUT! There goes the last recognized batsman. Once again we see the short ball doing the trick. It is outside off, Amla looks to pull but there is a top edge. It goes to Buttler who takes it and appeals. Amla starts walking.
  • 37.2BenStokes to KRabada

    FOUR! Just over! Stokes bowls it short, Rabada plays the pull towards mid-wicket. Eoin Morgan stretches his right hand up but it still goes over him for a boundary.
  • 34.1ARashid to APhehlukwayo

    OUT! Ho, Ho, Ho! That is some catch! My word! Ben Stokes, take a bow. Still can't believe he has taken it. For a second not even he could. Andile Phehlukwayo too trudges off in disbelief. Magnificent. Rashid tosses this up on middle, Phehlukwayo goes down and looks to play the slog sweep. He nails it towards deep mid-wicket. Ben Stokes there is standing a little too inside the ropes as it is the longer part of the ground. He moves to his left and then leaps with his right hand stretched upwards and the ball sticks! England 3 wickets away from winning the first game of the 2019 World Cup.
  • 33.5JArcher to AndilePhehlukwayo

    WIDE! Short one on middle, AP evades it. Umpire has wided it.
  • 33.4JArcher to APhehlukwayo

    FOUR! Easy-peasy! On the pads, Phehlukwayo works it fine on the leg side and the ball races away.

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