WI 360/8 (50.0ov)
ENG 364/4 (48.4ov)

England beat West Indies by 6 wickets

MOM: Jason Roy

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  • WI
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  • 48.5JHolder to JosButtler

    FOUR! Buttler ends it on his very first ball! Full and on the pads, it is flicked through mid-wicket and the ball races to the fence. All smiles in the English camp and the customary handshakes take place as ENGLAND WIN BY 6 WICKETS!
  • 48.4JHolder to JoeRoot

    OUT! It's a legal ball. Root does not hit the winning runs. He departs immediately after getting his ton. A high full toss on middle, Root pulls it but finds Pooran at deep square leg who takes a comfortable catch. Root, however, asks Stokes to complete the run as he feels it is above the waist. The umpire goes upstairs and the third umpire rules it in the favour of the bowler.
  • 48.3JHolder to JoeRoot

    SCORES LEVEL! Down the leg side, Root looks to flick but misses. It's called a wide.
  • 48.2JHolder to JoeRoot

    FOUR! 100 for Root now! Finished the Test series with a ton and now starts the ODI series with one. His 14th. A full ball outside off, Root at the very end opens the face of the bat and drives it square on the off side. Boundary. Takes his helmet off and roars in delight. A very well crafted innings.
  • 48.1JHolder to BenStokes

    A little too straight. Stokes looks to flick but misses. It hits his pads and rolls on the leg side. A leg bye taken. A biggie away now.
  • 47.8CBrathwaite to BenStokes

    Way wide outside off, left alone. The umpire signals it as a wide.
  • 47.3CBrathwaite to BenStokes

    Another one which is outside the off side tramline. Wided.
  • 47.1CBrathwaite to BenStokes

    Full and wide outside off, it is outside the tramline. It has been wided.
  • 46.5OThomas to BenStokes

    FOUR! Superbly driven. Outside off, Stokes drives through covers and is successful in finding the gap. The ball runs down to the boundary.
  • 44.6OThomas to BenStokes

    A bumper down the leg side, Stokes goes for the pull but misses. Wided.

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