WI 289/6 (50.0ov)
ENG 263 (47.4ov)

West Indies beat England by 26 runs

MOM: Shimron Hetmyer

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  • WI
  • ENG
  • 47.4CBrathwaite to LPlunkett

    OUT! Caught in the deep! Brathwaite picks up the last wicket. Full length delivery on off, Plunkett looks to power it over long off but ends up giving it straight to the fielder. Jason Holder there takes a very simple catch and roars in celebration. WINDIES WIN BY 26 RUNS!
  • 46.5SCottrell to MAli

    OUT! Bowled round the legs! Moeen departs. A body blow to England and the crowd erupts. Cottrell serves a length ball down the leg side, Moeen fails to flick and it deflects onto the stumps after clipping the inside of his thigh pad. Sheldon is absolutely delighted, his maiden 5-wicket haul in ODIs. Take our salute, boy!
  • 46.3SCottrell to ARashid

    OUT! Caught behind! Fourth wicket for Cottrell and his wonderful night continues. Delivers a back of a length delivery on off and gets some extra bounce. Rashid tries running it down but gets a thick outside edge behind. Shai Hope makes no mistake and it's time for another salute from Sheldon. 30 needed off 21 balls.
  • 45.4CBrathwaite to ARashid

    FOUR! Two-in-two. Pressure back on the bowler. Good length delivery on the pads, Rashid flicks it towards backward square leg and the fielder from deep square leg gives it a chase but fails to cut it off.
  • 45.3CBrathwaite to ARashid

    FOUR! Excellent shot. Overpitched delivery outside off, Rashid drives it through point and the ball races away to the fence.
  • 44.7SCottrell to ARashid

    Wide! Sprays a length ball wide outside off, Adil allows it through. The umpire stretches his arms.
  • 44.5SCottrell to MAli

    Wide! An attempted slower one goes down the leg side, Moeen tries to sweep but misses.
  • 43.4JHolder to ARashid

    FOUR! Valuable runs for England. Holder errs in his line and serves a length ball down the leg side. Rashid gets a faint tickle behind it and the ball screams past Hope for a boundary.
  • 41.4JHolder to TomCurran

    OUT! Given lbw! Well, let me tell you, Tom Curran is very unlucky here. No DRS available for England and Holder is roaring now. A length ball on middle and leg, angling down, Curran tries to work it around but misses and is hit high on the pads. The appeal is made and the finger is up immediately. The replays show that it's clearly going down leg. A dejected Tom is on his way back. On a hat-trick, Jason...
  • 41.3JHolder to JosButtler

    OUT! What a big wicket for Windies. They have got back in the game. Slower delivery on length on off, Buttler initially looks to drive but then pulls out of it. He ends up going at it half heartedly. He chips it uppishly towards cover and Shimron Hetmyer takes a very simple catch. His second catch of the game.

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