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England beat West Indies by 29 runs
Jos Buttler

47.6Rashid to Thomas

OUT! STUMPED! That ends the game! ENGLAND WIN BY 29 RUNS AND TAKE AN UNASSAILABLE 2-1 SERIES LEAD. Second ODI fifer for Rashid. The googly, outside off, Thomas walks into the shot but is comfortably beaten by the googly. He is well outside the crease and Buttler whips off the bails in a flash. England retain their number 1 ranking in ODIs as well.

47.5Rashid to Bishoo

OUT! Caught! Third wicket in the over and this is folding up now. Rashid has his fourth. Floated, around middle, Bishoo gets down and mows the slog sweep. Unfortunately for him, finds Alex Hales to perfection at deep mid-wicket.

47.4Rashid to Bishoo

A vicious hat-trick ball. Full and around middle, the googly, Bishoo lunges to defend but is terribly beaten.

47.3Rashid to Brathwaite

OUT! Caught! This should be the final nail in the coffin. Rashid struts his stuff. Tossed up outside off, Brathwaite looks to slog but the ball spins away and induces a leading edge. Eoin Morgan runs a bit to his left from cover and takes it calmly. Good fight from Carlos but it was too much to do.

47.2Rashid to Nurse

OUT! Taken this time! No usage of the life by Nurse. He departs. Floated, around middle, Ashley swings hard, rather, tries to heave but only gets a top edge. Short fine leg calls for it and Liam Plunkett takes it with ease. That ends the 88-run stand and the hosts are back in trouble. 30 more needed from 16 balls.

47.1Rashid to Nurse

IN THE AIR... PUT DOWN! Spectacular effort from Ben Stokes. If there was one man in the field who could have got there, it was Stokes. But sadly, it was not to be. Full and around middle, Nurse swung this hard but the ball hit the toe end of the bat. It went flat towards long on where Ben Stokes charged in and dived but could not quite hang on. Two runs taken.

46.6Wood to Nurse

Length delivery on off, Ashley hits it towards cover and takes a single. Mark Wood is done for the evening and he finishes off with the figures of 10-0-60-4.

46.5Wood to Brathwaite

Fifty for Brathwaite. His first in ODIs. Back of a length delivery on the body. Holder gets on top of the bouncer and tucks it to the leg side for a single.
Devendra Bishoo is the new man in.
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