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England beat West Indies by 4 wickets
Jonny Bairstow

18.5Cottrell to Curran

That is the match! Short ball outside off, Curran pulls it over the mid-wicket region. The ball races to the fence but they complete the run before that. England win by 4 wickets with 7 balls to spare.

18.4Cottrell to Willey

Nudges this through mid-wicket to get to the other end. Scores are level.

18.3Cottrell to Willey

FOUR BYES! This has taken the wind out of this game. Short ball down the leg side. Willey looks to hook but misses. Hope behind jumps but the ball touches his glove and goes to the fine leg boundary. Just two more needed now.

18.2Cottrell to Curran

Outside off, punched through cover off the back foot for a single. England are just a hit away.

18.1Cottrell to Billings

OUT! Bowled 'em! Could there be a surprise for us? Sheldon back into the attack and gets a wicket off his first bowl. Rolls his finger to this one and serves it on middle. Billings is early in his slog and cannot get bat to it. The furniture behind is disturbed and out comes the military celebration.

17.6Holder to Willey

Played to the point region by Willey. No run taken.

17.5Holder to Billings

DROPPED! Oh dear, that would have been interesting. Short ball again on off, Billings pulls but the ball goes towards deep backward square leg. Thomas runs but goes with just his left hand for the catch and fails to hold on. They change ends. England would have had two new batsmen to complete the task.

17.4Holder to Denly

OUT! A wicket against the run of play. Short ball on the leg side, Denly looking for a maximum on the on side doesn't get hold of it. The ball goes in hands of Pooran at deep square leg who takes it easily. Is this come too late?

17.3Holder to Denly

Down the leg side, Denly tries to pull but cannot get bat to it.

17.2Holder to Billings

Bounce! Outside off, Billings is caught by surprise and gets hit high on the bat. The ball goes to the off side where they take a single.

17.1Holder to Denly

Full toss on the pads, worked away through mid-wicket for one.

16.8Brathwaite to Denly

On a good length around off, nipping back in, Denly misses his flick and is hit on the pads. The ball rolls to the off side and a single is taken, leg bye signalled.

16.7Brathwaite to Denly

The batsman appears to have been struck on the thigh pad. Leg byes signalled by the umpire. The batsmen have picked up a couple of runs.

16.6Brathwaite to Billings

Short ball, Sam mistimes his pull through mid on for a run.

16.5Brathwaite to Billings

A low full toss outside off, eased wide of cover for a couple.

16.4Brathwaite to Billings

ANOTHER WIDE! Full and outside off, this time Billings reaches out to drive but misses.

16.3Brathwaite to Billings

WIDE. Well outside the wide guideline, outside off, left alone.

16.2Brathwaite to Denly

Very full outside off, almost a yorker, squeezed through the covers for a run. The stand moves to 40 from 28 balls.

16.1Brathwaite to Billings

Full and wide outside off, driven through the covers for a single. 19 needed from 23 balls now.

15.6Holder to Billings

Billings taps this to the off side and is happy with the single. 20 needed from 4 overs for the visitors.

15.5Holder to Denly

Great yorker. Denly plays it to the on side and takes one.

15.4Holder to Denly

FOUR! Not elegant bu effective. Short again, Denly shows all his three stumps and goes for a forehand tennis smash. The ball goes over the bowler's head to the long off boundary.

15.3Holder to Denly

Short ball on leg, Denly attempts to hook that one but fails to make contact.

15.2Holder to Denly

Outside off, Denly gives room and slaps it to extra cover. They get the second comfortably.

15.1Holder to Denly

Awkward bounce. Back of a length ball outside off, Denly goes for the pull but the ball keeps way too low and goes to the keeper.

14.7Cottrell to Billings

MISFIELD, FOUR! Cottrell is not happy. On a length, outside off, Billings opens the face of the bat and steers it behind point. The ball races away but Oshane Thomas gets to it from third man. However, when he tries to get down and stop, he tumbles and the ball deflects off his body to the fence.

14.6Cottrell to Denly

Outside off, Denky opens the face of the bat and steers it to third man for a run.

14.5Cottrell to Denly

Outside off, another play and a miss.

14.4Cottrell to Denly

FOUR! Nicely timed. Short and outside off, Denly punches it behind point and gets a boundary.

14.3Cottrell to Denly

Outside off, Denly flashes a cut but misses.

14.2Cottrell to Billings

The batsman plays it with an angled bat and guides it to third man. They pick up a single.

14.1Cottrell to Billings

WIDE. Slips this down the leg side, Billings misses his flick.

13.6Nurse to Billings

Half tracker on leg, Billings doesn't go after it. He decides to play it through mid-wicket for a single. Nurse ends with figures of 4-0-32-1.

13.5Nurse to Denly

Played through mid-wicket by Denly. The batsmen have run through for a single.

13.4Nurse to Denly

FOUR! Just as the pressure was building Denly gets a boundary. Steps out of his crease and flicks this over square leg to the fence.

13.3Nurse to Denly

On middle, Billings uses his feet but hits it back to the bowler.

13.2Nurse to Billings

On middle and leg again, Billings comes forward and pushes it towards mid-wicket for a run.

13.1Nurse to Denly

Fuller ball on middle and leg, pushed to long on. They jog to complete the run.

12.6Allen to Billings

Full and around off, watchfully punched back to the bowler.

12.5Allen to Billings

Comes down the track, gets to the pitch and works it with soft hands through mid-wicket. Runs hard to return for the second. The stand moves to 11 from 8 deliveries.

12.4Allen to Denly

Landed outside off, Joe drives it in front of point for a run. 49 more needed from 44 balls. Denly moves to 10 from 10.

12.3Allen to Denly

FOUR! MAJESTIC! Just a little overpitched and pounced upon. Outside off, Denly reaches out and drives it through the covers for a boundary!

12.2Allen to Billings

Short and outside off, placed past cover for a single.

12.1Allen to Billings

Outside off, punched straight to cover.

11.6Nurse to Denly

Ashley Nurse gets away with one. Short ball down leg, Denly pulls it but Thomas at short fine leg dives to his left and makes a good stop. They take two. Oshane saves two for his side.