WI 160/8 (20.0ov)
ENG 161/6 (18.5ov)

England beat West Indies by 4 wickets

MOM: Jonny Bairstow

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  • WI
  • ENG
  • 18.3SCottrell to DWilley

    FOUR BYES! This has taken the wind out of this game. Short ball down the leg side. Willey looks to hook but misses. Hope behind jumps but the ball touches his glove and goes to the fine leg boundary. Just two more needed now.
  • 18.1SCottrell to SamBillings

    OUT! Bowled 'em! Could there be a surprise for us? Sheldon back into the attack and gets a wicket off his first bowl. Rolls his finger to this one and serves it on middle. Billings is early in his slog and cannot get bat to it. The furniture behind is disturbed and out comes the military celebration.
  • 17.4JHolder to JoeDenly

    OUT! A wicket against the run of play. Short ball on the leg side, Denly looking for a maximum on the on side doesn't get hold of it. The ball goes in hands of Pooran at deep square leg who takes it easily. Is this come too late?
  • 16.8CBrathwaite to JoeDenly

    On a good length around off, nipping back in, Denly misses his flick and is hit on the pads. The ball rolls to the off side and a single is taken, leg bye signalled.
  • 16.7CBrathwaite to JoeDenly

    The batsman appears to have been struck on the thigh pad. Leg byes signalled by the umpire. The batsmen have picked up a couple of runs.
  • 16.4CBrathwaite to SamBillings

    ANOTHER WIDE! Full and outside off, this time Billings reaches out to drive but misses.
  • 16.3CBrathwaite to SamBillings

    WIDE. Well outside the wide guideline, outside off, left alone.
  • 15.4JHolder to JoeDenly

    FOUR! Not elegant bu effective. Short again, Denly shows all his three stumps and goes for a forehand tennis smash. The ball goes over the bowler's head to the long off boundary.
  • 14.7SCottrell to SamBillings

    MISFIELD, FOUR! Cottrell is not happy. On a length, outside off, Billings opens the face of the bat and steers it behind point. The ball races away but Oshane Thomas gets to it from third man. However, when he tries to get down and stop, he tumbles and the ball deflects off his body to the fence.
  • 14.4SCottrell to JoeDenly

    FOUR! Nicely timed. Short and outside off, Denly punches it behind point and gets a boundary.

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