WI 45 (11.5ov)
ENG 182/6 (20.0ov)

England beat West Indies by 137 runs

MOM: Sam Billings

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  • ENG
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  • 11.5LPlunkett to DBishoo

    OUT! It is all over here, done in a flash! 45 all out! ENGLAND WIN BY 137 RUNS and have gained an unassailable 2-0 lead in the T20I series. A length ball on top of off stump, Bishoo looked to clear his leg and hit the ball over mid-wicket but the ball goes straight up in the air. Billings, at mid-wicket runs back and completes a good catch. Fitting that he takes that too! What a demolition job this has been! Spectacular for the visitors, not so much for the hosts.
  • 11.3LPlunkett to DBishoo

    FOUR! Shot! Absolutely flat-batted back down the ground to long on. A shorter length ball outside off, Bishoo clears his front leg and smashes it right through mid on for a boundary. The bowler is not impressed and has a few words to say to the batsman.
  • 10.1ARashid to SCottrell

    OUT! Bowled 'em! A well-disguised googly by Rashid. He drops it full around off, Cottrell has no idea about it, plays all around it as he tries to defend. It brushes his pads before going on to shatter the stumps. Windies in serious danger of getting their worst T20I score, 21 runs away.
  • 7.5LPlunkett to SHetmyer

    OUT! Taken in the fourth attempt! Hetmyer goes now! 35/8, would you believe it? A shorter length ball on the leg stump line, pacy and gets big on Hetmyer. He looked to clear his front leg and smash this over deep mid-wicket. The ball goes high off the top edge and towards deep square leg. David Willey comes in a bit and settles under the ball to take it. The ball pops out on the first attempt as Willey loses balance, then pops out on the second and third attempt as well. It finally remains in the grasp as David keeps the ball firmly stuck to his body. Has a smile after getting up, knowing he almost messed that one. 2 wickets more now!
  • 6.5ARashid to CBrathwaite

    OUT! Gone next ball after hitting a six! A flatter one on the pads, Braithwaite goes for the slog sweep but loses his balance in the process. The ball flies off his bat but only straight to Willey at deep mid-wicket who did not have to move an inch! This is implosion! England need 3 more wickets to win!
  • 6.4ARashid to CBrathwaite

    SIX! Huge! Catch it was the call but it will have to be taken in the crowd. A flighted ball on middle, Braithwaite swings and connects. The ball goes way over the rope at long on. Windies continuing to attack.
  • 5.5CJordan to FAllen

    OUT! Wickets galore! That is number 4 for Jordan! A length ball outside off, Fabian Allen just hangs his bat out to run it down to third man. The ball moves slightly after landing and takes the outside edge. Flies to Root at slip who makes no mistake. 6 down inside 6 overs. Incredible!
  • 5.1CJordan to NPooran

    OUT! 5 down inside the sixth over! Windies are in ruins at the moment. A cross-seam delivery bowled on a shorter length outside off and going across the lefty. Pooran, the hero with the bat the last game looks to run it down to third man but all he manages to do is to get an outside edge to the keeper. Jordan has incredible figures of 1.1-0-2-3 so far. This might be over real soon. 163 runs needed in 89 balls now.
  • 4.2DWilley to SHetmyer

    FOUR! Good effort in the deep but the ball goes into the fence eventually. Strays on the pads this time does Willey, Shimron Hetmyer glances it past short fine leg and towards long leg. Hales in the deep runs to his left and tries to make a stop but fails to keep the ball inside. Much-needed boundary for Windies.
  • 3.5CJordan to JHolder

    OUT! Golden duck for Jason Holder as he is trapped right in front of the sticks. Jordan angles in a length ball on middle and it skids on along with keeping low. The tall man, Holder, is late in bringing his bat down and is rapped on the pads. Jordan appeals and the finger goes up. In big trouble, the home team. Hat-trick ball coming up from Chris Jordan.

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