WI 71 (13.0ov)
ENG 72/2 (10.3ov)

England beat West Indies by 8 wickets

MOM: David Willey

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  • WI
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  • 10.3DBishoo to EMorgan

    FOUR! That ends the game. 3-0 to England. Full and down the leg side, the skipper gets down and sweeps it behind square leg.
  • 10.2DBishoo to EMorgan

    SIX! England a hit away from victory now. Full and around middle, Morgan stays leg side of the ball and lofts it straight down the ground, right in front of the sightscreen.
  • 8.1DBishoo to JBairstow

    OUT! BOWLED! Bishoo gets a wicket on his very first delivery. The slider first up, around off, Bairstow goes back to try and punch it through the off side but is beaten by the pace on that one. The ball skids through and knocks the off stump out of the ground.
  • 7.4FAllen to JBairstow

    SIX! TONK! That is huge. Full and on middle, Bairstow comes down the track and sends it sailing over long on!
  • 7.1FAllen to JBairstow

    FOUR! Nicely done. Outside off, Bairstow opens the face of his bat at the last moment and guides it past short third man.
  • 6.4JHolder to JBairstow

    SIX! Short and in line of the stumps, Bairstow rocks back and pulls it over mid-wicket!
  • 6.3JHolder to JBairstow

    WIDE. Down the leg side, too wide to be even attempted to play.
  • 5.3FAllen to JBairstow

    FOUR! Not a bad shot. Fractionally short in length outside off, Bairstow goes back and carves it over cover for a boundary!
  • 5.1FAllen to JBairstow

    FOUR! THWACK! Short and outside off, Bairstow rocks back and pulls it over mid-wicket, one bounce and into the ropes.
  • 4.3JHolder to AHales

    OUT! That is a fantastic catch! Something to cheer for the Windies on this gloomy evening. A short ball, outside off, Hales looks to pull but gets more height than distance. John Campbell traces a few steps to his right and leaps to take a stunning catch near the boundary line! So it is not a 10-wicket win then. Just 44 more needed though from 93 balls...

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