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MLR 150/4 (19.2ov)
HOB 145/5 (20.0ov)

Melbourne Renegades beat Hobart Hurricanes by 6 wickets

MOM: Sam Harper

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  • HOB
  • MLR
  • 19.2JFaulkner to MNabi

    And Mohammad Nabi finishes it off in style. MELBOURNE RENEGADES WIN BY 6 WICKETS AND 4 BALLS TO SPARE! So nonchalant from the Afghan. He just stands tall to this length ball around off and smacks it over the cover boundary for a maximum.
  • 18.4RMeredith to DChristian

    SIX! My word... I'm a little speechless. The power this man generates. Half-volley outside off, Christian just gets under it and launches it high and handsome across the cover boundary for maximum.
  • 18.3RMeredith to DChristian

    SIX! What a shot. So much power behind it. Full toss well outside off, Christian throws his bat at it and makes superb connection. So much that the ball sails into the deep point stands.
  • 18.2RMeredith to DChristian

    Wide! Close one, but the right call. Meredith spears it full and way outside off, Christian goes after it but misses. The umpire raises his arms sideways as the ball goes just across the other side of the tramline.
  • 17.2JArcher to DChristian

    FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries for Christian. Taking the game away from the Hurricanes. Full and wide outside off, he gets a little low and drives it square through point. Finds the fence again.
  • 17.1JArcher to DChristian

    FOUR! Perfect start to the over. Almost a catch though for Meredith at square leg. Full on the pads, Christian flicks it aerially on the leg side. Riley moves to his left and dives, but it's just wide of him. A boundary results.
  • 15.6JBotha to TomCooper

    OUT! That's a very good, calm catch from George Bailey. Cooper comes down the track and lofts it high towards wide long off. It seemed it might clear the rope, but it doesn't have enough distance on it. Bailey settles himself under the ball, remains watchful and gobbles it up. Also, Dan Christian is the next batsman in.
  • 15.4JBotha to TomCooper

    SIX! A much-needed hit for Tom Cooper. That will make him feel much better. Short and flat on off, Cooper rocks on the back foot and just muscles it high over mid-wicket. Clears the rope with utmost ease and gets a biggie to his name.
  • 14.4JArcher to MNabi

    FOUR! This time the connection is clean. A length ball outside off, Nabi lofts it over mid off and gets a boundary.
  • 12.2RMeredith to MNabi

    FOUR! Short and outside off, Nabi lashes out the cut and gets it behind point for a boundary!

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