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MLS 126 (17.1ov)
HOB 185/2 (20.0ov)

Hobart Hurricanes beat Melbourne Stars by 59 runs

MOM: D'Arcy Short

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  • Who plays next? The Big Bash takes a break on Tuesday as Australia play an ODI against India, the second one of the series. BBL resumes on Wednesday, January 16, 2019, with the third-placed Sydney Sixers taking on the 5th placed Melbourne Renegades, with the winner moving up to second. That contest will take place at the SCG at 7.15 pm local (0815 GMT). ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
  • That is it from this game then! Hurricanes consolidate their position at the top and are slowly running away from the rest. The Stars have now hit the bottom of the table with 6 points from 8 games. But positions 2-8 are so tight that a couple of wins or even a solitary victory could propel any of the teams from below, to the top half. So every game is equally important.
  • As expected, D'Arcy Short has been named the Man Of The Match for his 57-ball 96 and a wicket with the ball as well. His golden run continues.
  • Earlier in the evening, a D'Arcy Short special saw the visitors raking up 185 on the board. There was a controversial leg bye call from the umpire, which found him stranded on 96, else he would have got his century.
  • Nothing much to talk against the Hurricanes in terms of their bowling. Faulkner was unlucky but apart from him and Rose, every other bowler struck at least once. Riley Meredith is showing us with every passing game what an asset he can be for Australian future, with sheer pace and that too, continuously. He managed to get 4 wickets, his best figures this season.
  • Seb Gotch showed that he has the skills to hang in there, soak the pressure and then attack when needed. But unfortunately for him, he simply did not get any support from the other end. Had he found some partners, the hosts might have made some fist of the run chase. They might have still lost it, but at least, they could have posted around 150-160. This is a drubbing.
  • Chasing 186, the Stars were never in the chase. Botha and Meredith clipped their wings early on and they never recovered. Only two decent stands were witnessed - 35 between Larkin and Dunk for the second wicket and a recovering 43 between Bravo and Gotch for the fifth. Other than that, nothing much can be said about the batting.
  • Yet another one-sided contest has been witnessed. At the halfway stage of the first innings, it seemed like we will have a game but once the Hurricanes posted in excess of 180, the fear was always there that this could down as a squib. Indeed it has.
  • 17.1JArcher to LBowe

    OUT! HIT WICKET! A bizarre way to finish the innings and game. A full ball outside off, Bowe gets back and aims to run it down to third man and connects with the ball as well. But before he can put bat to ball, the willow crashes into the stumps! Second wicket for Archer and HOBART HURRICANES WIN BY 59 RUNS!
  • Jofra Archer to bowl out. 3-0-23-1 so far.
  • 16.6RMeredith to TomO'Connell

    16.6: R Meredith to Tom O'Connell, Landed outside off, played straight to point. Meredith cannot get a fifer but he ends with excellent figures - 4-0-21-4.
  • Liam Bowe is left now. Around 19 balls remaining. Can the Stars somehow play out their 20 overs?
  • 16.5RMeredith to JBird

    OUT! Caught! 4th wicket for Meredith and he has one more ball to try and get a Michelle. A short ball, outside off, Bird looks to pull but the extra bounce does him in, like so many previous batsmen before him. A top edge is induced and it is a simple catch for Jofra Archer at fine leg.
  • Tom O'Connell comes in at number 10, replacing Merlo.
  • 16.4RMeredith to JMerlo

    OUT! Bull's eye by Rose and Merlo is run out! Full and outside off, Jonathan pushes it towards mid off and sets off for a quick single. Clive Rose over there collects, takes aim and then has a shy at the bowler's end. Boom. Merlo is nowhere in the frame.
  • 16.3RMeredith to JBird

    Driven towards the mid off region. They pick up a single.
  • 16.2RMeredith to JMerlo

    Hurried on by pace, Merlo looks to tuck it to the leg side but misses. Is hit on the pads and a leg bye is taken.
  • Jackson Bird walks in at number 9, replacing Plunkett.
  • 16.1RMeredith to LPlunkett

    OUT! Caught! Third wicket for Meredith. Boy, hasn't this kid impressed? A length ball outside off, Plunkett swings across the line but the large boundaries at the MCG consume him. Simple catch for Ben McDermott at deep square leg who comes running in.
  • Riley Meredith to bowl out. 3-0-20-2 so far.
  • 15.6JFaulkner to LPlunkett

    Around middle and leg, helped through mid-wicket for a single. 13 from the over.
  • 15.5JFaulkner to LPlunkett

    Full and outside off, driven wide of mid off for a couple.
  • 15.4JFaulkner to JMerlo

    Flicks this through the on side for a single.
  • 15.3JFaulkner to JMerlo

    FOUR! LOVELY! Full and outside off, Merlo leans and drives it through the covers for a boundary!
  • 15.2JFaulkner to LPlunkett

    Around off, pushed down to long on for a single.
  • 15.1JFaulkner to LPlunkett

    EDGED, FOUR! The Stars will not mind. Hurricanes might not care. But Faulkner will. It spoils his figures. Full and wide outside off, Plunkett throws his bat at it and gets a healthy outside edge. But it flies past the keeper, through the vacant slip cordon to the third man fence.
  • James Faulkner is back on. 2-0-12-0 so far.
  • 14.7JArcher to LPlunkett

    Works this through mid-wicket for a run. 6 and a wicket from the over, Archer's figures read 3-0-23-1.
  • 14.6JArcher to LPlunkett

    Nearly another wicket. Full and outside off, LP blasts it through mid off and almost finds Johan Botha over there. The South African dives but the ball lands just in front.
  • 14.5JArcher to LPlunkett

    A short ball, outside off, Liam looks to pull and eases it through the on side, towards mid-wicket, for a couple.
  • 14.4JArcher to LPlunkett

    WIDE. A bumper to greet the new man, but down the leg side, Plunkett ducks.
  • 14.3JArcher to JMerlo

    Full on middle, driven down the ground through mid on for a run. 79 more needed from 33 balls.
  • Liam Plunkett walks in at number 8, replacing Gotch. He can tonk a few. Not saying from a winning point of view, but from the net run-rate view. The Stars should at least look to bat all their 20 overs and get as close to 150 as possible. Or more.
  • 14.2JArcher to SebGotch

    OUT! Caught. Gotch is gone as well. A short ball, outside off, Seb goes back to pull but is undone by the extra bounce. Gets a top edge which limps only as far as mid off, with Johan Botha running in to take the catch.
  • 14.1JArcher to JMerlo

    On a length, around off, helped through square leg for a single.
  • Jofra Archer returns. 2-0-17-0 so far.
  • 13.6JBotha to SebGotch

    Floated outside off, Gotch goes back and works it with soft hands through mid-wicket for another brace. Botha is done for the night. 4-0-21-2 for him.
  • 13.5JBotha to JMerlo

    The batsman flicks it away with a wristy shot. The batsmen have run through for a single.
  • 13.4JBotha to SebGotch

    Pushes this towards long on for a run.
  • 13.3JBotha to SebGotch

    Outside off, dragged wide of long on via a pull, for a couple.
  • 13.2JBotha to SebGotch

    Outside off, pushed towards point.
  • 13.1JBotha to SebGotch

    Outside off, Gotch looks to cut but gets a bottom edge on the bounce to his counterpart Wade.
  • Johan Botha is back on. 3-0-15-2 so far.
  • 12.6RMeredith to JMerlo

    The batsman flicks it away with a wristy shot. The batsmen have picked up a couple of runs.
  • 12.5RMeredith to SebGotch

    Dropped short, pulled through mid-wicket for a run.

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