IND 179 (39.2ov)
NZ 180/4 (37.1ov)

New Zealand beat India by 6 wickets

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  • IND
  • NZ
  • 36.4RJadeja to RTaylor

    OUT! What an anti-climax! Taylor is walking back with 1 run needed! A flighted ball outside off, Taylor reaches out and looks to drive but the ball holds slightly in the pitch. The ball goes uppishly straight to Kohli at cover who takes an easy catch. A new man will have to come in for just a run to be scored! Jadeja has a had good day personally even though his team did not.
  • 34.1RJadeja to HNicholls

    FOUR! Now just 10 needed. Jadeja lands it short on off and middle, Nicholls pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary.
  • 31.4YChahal to RTaylor

    FOUR! Shorter this time, cut away by Taylor. The ball races to the fence. No fielder moved there, such was the timing.
  • 31.2YChahal to RTaylor

    FOUR! Not where Taylor wanted it to go but it fetches him a boundary. A flighted ball on off, Ross comes down the ground and looks to lift it over covers but the ball goes off the outside half of the blade over backward point. RT will not mind though.
  • 29.5YChahal to KWilliamson

    OUT! First wicket for spinner in this game. Chahal bowls a leg spinner which is slower through the air, Williamson looks to flick it against the spin but gets a top edge which lobs towards point. Rohit Sharma comes ahead and takes an easiest of catches. Chahal is having a giggle about it. Doubt this wicket will change the winner of this game.
  • 28.2RJadeja to KWilliamson

    FOUR! Top edge and four! A flighted off spinner outside off, Kane reaches out and looks to sweep but is nowhere in control of that ball. The ball goes off the top edge and over the keeper's head. A boundary results.
  • 27.3KYadav to KWilliamson

    FOUR! What an excellent shot! Safe as houses! A flighted ball on middle, swept away through backward square leg. No fielder out there in the deep means the ball finds its way to the fence.
  • 26.5RJadeja to RTaylor

    FOUR! Fifty for Taylor! He has been in sublime form and continues with it! A flighted ball outside off, Taylor runs down the track and smacks it past cover. Beats the fielder in the deep with ease.
  • 26.1RJadeja to RTaylor

    FOUR! Cut away hard past point. A loose delivery! Wide outside off and short this time. Taylor pounces on it and picks up a boundary. Moves onto 49!
  • 22.1YChahal to KWilliamson

    SIX! That was six the moment it left the bat! Chahal tosses it up outside off, Williamson slog sweeps it over mid-wicket fence for a biggie. The sound it made off the bat was delicious.

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