IND 179 (39.2ov)
NZ 180/4 (37.1ov)

New Zealand beat India by 6 wickets

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  • End of the first warm-up games for these two sides. India will now wait for Bangladesh in their next warm-up game whereas New Zealand will face West Indies. There though is time for those two. On Sunday, South Africa will go up against West Indies and Pakistan will face Bangladesh. Both games will begin at 1030 local (0930 GMT) on 26th May, Sunday. Although, if you want more cricket right now, there is also a warm-up game going on between Australia and England which is turning out to be quite interesting. Switch tabs and follow the same. Goodbye from us! Cheers.
  • Victorious New Zealand skipper, Kane Williamson says that the new ball had something early on that surface and this game it was about the pacers. He hopes that the next match maybe, it will be possible to try spin some more. He states that the wicket was a bit on the drier side but the green grass allowed for some seam movement. He admits this was a really good exercise for them . Even though he states that there is not the same intensity but so much to gain out of these warm-up games. On the change of openers, Kane says that Henry is volatile and can bat at different places whereas Munro is known to be destructive at the top. On his and Ross Taylor's form, the Kiwi skipper says it felt good to score runs against a good side like India and stitch a partnership.
  • India skipper, Virat Kohli says that it was a good challenge for their batsmen. He reckons that in overcast conditions and with the wicket having something in it, it won't be easy so this was an important experience. He applauds the good effort from lower order to take them to the total of 179 after at one stage, it looked they would not get there. Kohli feels that there was not much help from the wicket in the second innings. He takes positives from the way in terms of how Jadeja, Dhoni and Hardik performed. The Indian skipper also states that they bowled well in the second half and thinks it is about hitting the right areas going ahead in the tournament as well. He mentions that it is important to be good on the field and take half-chances while also being good in all 3 aspects of the game.
  • Ross Taylor says that he had felt rusty the last couple of days but the warm-up games are thus very important. He feels that if the ball swings like this, then all the talk about the big scores will be quashed. Reckons it was a good game this one and that the next one against West Indies will also be a very important one in their lead-up to the opening group stage match against Sri Lanka.
  • Earlier in the day, Indian skipper Virat Kohli won the toss and opted to bat first. Their innings did not get off to a good start as they kept losing wickets regularly. Jadeja's half century took India to a respectable total and gave them something to bowl at. James Neesham and Trent Boult were the stars of the match picking up 3 and 4 wickets respectively. Stay tuned for the presentations.
  • As for India's bowling, 7 bowler's were used in total. All the six front line bowlers and the all-rounder Hardik Pandya had a go with the ball. Jasprit Bumrah was the most impressive bowler. Giving away just 2 runs and picking up a wicket in his four overs. Hardik Pandya, Chahal and Jadeja too got into the wicket column with one each.
  • Chasing 180, the Kiwis did not get off to the start they would have wanted as Colin Munro departed early. Kane Williamson then steadied the ship along with Martin Guptill. Though the latter could not convert his start. He was then joined by the experienced Ross Taylor. The duo added 114-run stand for the third wicket with both getting their respective fifties. The duo could not finish it off for their side as Williamson departed after the team total got past 150 and Taylor got out when the team was just a run shy from victory. In the end it was a good day for New Zealand.
  • A stroll in the park here for New Zealand. Though they lost a wicket early on they never looked in danger in this chase. Defending 179 in any surface was always going to be difficult and it was no different here.
  • 37.1KYadav to HNicholls

    It is all over here in this warm-up game! NEW ZEALAND WIN BY 6 WICKETS! A very funny way to get to the win though. A flighted ball on the pads, Nicholls mistimes his drive to mid on and runs through. The fielder there scores a direct hit but the batsman was well in. The umpire does not even need to take it upstairs, thus bringing an end to a one-sided encounter!
  • 36.6RJadeja to TomBlundell

    A watchful defense from Tom onto the surface.
  • 36.5RJadeja to TomBlundell

    Flatter on off, defended back to the bowler by Blundell.
  • Tom Blundell walks out to bat next.
  • 36.4RJadeja to RTaylor

    OUT! What an anti-climax! Taylor is walking back with 1 run needed! A flighted ball outside off, Taylor reaches out and looks to drive but the ball holds slightly in the pitch. The ball goes uppishly straight to Kohli at cover who takes an easy catch. A new man will have to come in for just a run to be scored! Jadeja has a had good day personally even though his team did not.
  • 36.3RJadeja to HNicholls

    Swept away to deep square leg for a single by Henry. 1 away now.
  • 36.2RJadeja to HNicholls

    Flatter outside off, driven to cover by Nicholls.
  • 36.1RJadeja to RTaylor

    Pushed off the back foot to long off for a single by Ross.
  • 35.6KYadav to RTaylor

    Chipped through mid off by RT for a single. 3 runs needed now and Taylor will be on strike.
  • 35.5KYadav to RTaylor

    Shorter outside off, Taylor looks to cut but gets beaten by the extra bounce. The keeper fumbles the take as well.
  • 35.4KYadav to HNicholls

    Nicholls tucks this one away through mid-wicket for a single.
  • 35.3KYadav to HNicholls

    Punched off the back foot by the batsman to extra-cover.
  • 35.2KYadav to HNicholls

    Shorter outside off, cut away hard by HN through extra-cover. The ball goes to the left of deep cover where Dhoni runs to his right and stops it beautifully drawing a cheer from the crowd. Two cannot be prevented though.
  • 35.1KYadav to HNicholls

    Lots of air on that one, Nicholls looks to hit the ball over mid on but the ball goes off the inside half as he takes it on the full. Two runs to deep fine leg.
  • 34.6RJadeja to RTaylor

    Outside off, RT guides it straight to short third man.
  • 34.5RJadeja to RTaylor

    On the pads, Taylor flicks it to mid-wicket.
  • 34.4RJadeja to HNicholls

    Floated on off, Nicholls sweeps it to fine leg for one.
  • 34.3RJadeja to HNicholls

    Tossed up on middle and leg, HN strokes it to mid on.
  • 34.2RJadeja to HNicholls

    On the pads, Nicholls flicks it to mid-wicket.
  • 34.1RJadeja to HNicholls

    FOUR! Now just 10 needed. Jadeja lands it short on off and middle, Nicholls pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary.
  • 33.6KYadav to RTaylor

    Short on off, Ross punches it to cover.
  • 33.5KYadav to HenryNicholls

    NOT OUT! Floated on off and middle, Nicholls comes down the track and strokes it to long on for a run. The throw is at the keeper's end. Dinesh Karthik takes the bails off and Taylor was a bit relaxed. The umpire takes it upstairs just to be sure and replays show that he was indeed in.
  • 33.4KYadav to HNicholls

    Tossed up on middle, HN is in no hurry and blocks it.
  • 33.3KYadav to HNicholls

    Shorter on the stumps, Nicholls defends it off his front foot.
  • 33.2KYadav to HNicholls

    Flights it on middle, Nicholls defends it.
  • 33.1KYadav to HNicholls

    Tossed up on off, Henry strokes it to the man at mid on.
  • Kuldeep Yadav is back on.
  • 32.6RJadeja to HNicholls

    Shorter on middle and leg, Henry punches it to long on and keeps the strike. New Zealand need just another 15 runs to win this.
  • 32.5RJadeja to HNicholls

    On the pads, Nicholls flicks it to backward square leg.
  • 32.4RJadeja to HNicholls

    Quicker and spinning in to the southpaw. Nicholls defends it off the inner half of his bat.
  • 32.3RJadeja to HNicholls

    Floated on off, HN blocks it.
  • 32.2RJadeja to HNicholls

    This time sweeps it from outside off but straight to backward square leg.
  • 32.1RJadeja to HNicholls

    Flatter outside off, Nicholls looks to sweep but gets hit on the body.
  • 31.6YChahal to HNicholls

    Nicholls runs down the track and takes it on the full before hitting it to long on for a single. NZ doing it easy here, they need just 16 now in 18 overs!
  • 31.5YChahal to RTaylor

    The batsman has driven it through mid off. One run added to the total.
  • 31.4YChahal to RTaylor

    FOUR! Shorter this time, cut away by Taylor. The ball races to the fence. No fielder moved there, such was the timing.
  • 31.3YChahal to RTaylor

    The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground.

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