IND 221 (49.3ov)
NZ 239/8 (50.0ov)

New Zealand beat India by 18 runs

MOM: Matt Henry

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  • NZ
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  • 49.3JNeesham to YChahal

    OUT! There is a big edge and that is it, NEW ZEALAND ARE INTO THE FINALS! They win by 18 runs! Neesham gets the last man. Another slower one around off, Chahal goes for the heave across the line but the ball goes off the top edge towards the keeper who takes it by diving forward. An appeal and the umpire raises the finger. Chahal reviews and Ultra Edge shows that there is a spike.
  • 49.1JNeesham to YChahal

    FOUR! Perfect start for India! Poor ball this with fine leg up. On the pads, Chahal flicks it to the fine leg fence. 5 more, India will be hoping for from Chahal.
  • 48.6LFerguson to BKumar

    OUT! Bowled! Brilliant from Lockie. He steams in and bowls a slower one at 121 kph. Bhuvneshwar is completely taken by surprise. He looks to defend but misses and the ball goes onto hit the off pole. What an over this has been! Yes the first ball went for a six, but that run out and this bowled has sealed the game for New Zealand. 23 needed off the last over.
  • 48.3LFerguson to MSDhoni

    OUT! Dhoni is short! Out flashes on the big screen and New Zealand have probably ensured their place in the final. That sensational through has just broken so many Indian hearts. A direct hit is the only thing that could have got Dhoni there. Jadeja did it earlier in the day for India. Now Guptill returns the favor. This is a short delivery around middle, Dhoni goes for the pull but the ball skids on and Dhoni ends up mistiming it towards square leg. They take one, they had to go for a second. They do so. The bowler is seen running after the ball so there is no one at the stumps at either end. Colin though gets to the stumps at the striker's end. Guptill picks the ball up and fires it at the stumps at the striker's end. De Grandhomme does really well to not put his hand in the middle and it hits bull's eye. The Kiwi players are appealing and the umpire takes it upstairs. Replays show that Dhoni is just short. New Zealand players are elated. Guptill is over the moon. Brilliant!
  • 48.1LFerguson to MSDhoni

    SIX! That is brute power! The crowd is going bonkers. Outrageous. Ideal start to the over. This is short and it is a slower one outside off. Dhoni has to generate all the power. He waits for it and then slaps it over the cover fence for a biggie. 25 in 11.
  • 47.5TBoult to RJadeja

    OUT! Caught! Boult breaking Indian hearts here. This has been a world class over from Boult. He had gone for just 5 runs in this over. Jadeja had to go for it. Fuller on off, Jadeja swings his bat at it but he gets a top edge on that one. The ball goes high and to the right of mid off. Williamson moves to that side and keeps his eyes on the ball. In this pressure movement, the Kiwi skipper does well and holds onto the catch. End of a brave, courageous innings from Jadeja. His innings has seen India resurrect in this chase.
  • 45.4TBoult to RJadeja

    EDGY FOUR! Fortunate boundary but India won't care how they come as long as they come. This is a slower one around off, Jadeja looks to play it on the leg side but it goes off the outside edge and down to the third man fence.
  • 44.4LFerguson to RJadeja

    SIX! All the way! Probably the shot of the match. That strike was extremely clean. He even held the pose there. Slower one and fuller on off, Jadeja lofts it nonchalantly over the mid off fielder and it goes all the way.
  • 43.6JNeesham to MSDhoni

    WIDE! The slower one went wrong there. This is outside the tramline on the off side and the umpire has wided it.
  • 41.6JNeesham to RJadeja

    WIDE! Pressure on Neesham. He bowls this full down the leg side, Jadeja looks to flick but misses. Wide signalled.

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