IND 336/5 (50.0ov)
PAK 212/6 (40.0ov)

India beat Pakistan by 89 runs (D/L method)

MOM: Rohit Sharma

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  • IND
  • PAK
  • 38.1JBumrah to IWasim

    FOUR! Hammered down the ground, 200 up for Pakistan! Bumrah delivers it full and on middle, Imad latches onto it and drills it straight down the ground for a boundary.
  • 37.2YChahal to IWasim

    FOUR! Short in length and outside off, Wasim rocks back and clobbers it through extra cover for a cracking boundary. Trying his best to narrow down the deficit margin.
  • 37.1YChahal to IWasim

    Wide! Googly but on the shorter side and way wide outside off, Wasim leaves.
  • 36.6JBumrah to SKhan

    FOUR! That is some shot. Outside off, on a length, Shadab backs away and crunches it wide of mid off for a boundary!
  • 35.2YChahal to IWasim

    Wide! Tossed up ball way wide outside off, Wasim allows it through.
  • 34.1VShankar to SAhmed

    OUT! Another one hits the stumps! India on a roll. Shankar on a roll. Pakistan seem to have no goal. They are neither able to attack, nor able to survive. Outside off, on a length, Sarfaraz looks to work it to the leg side but the ball cuts in off the seam, takes the inside edge and hits the leg stump. Sorry state of affairs for Pakistan and Sarfaraz.
  • 33.4JBumrah to SAhmed

    Bumrah goes for a yorker but it turns out to be a sharp low full toss. Ahmed fails to flick and it goes off his pads to backward square leg. They cross and it's given as a leg bye.
  • 33.2JBumrah to IWasim

    FOUR! Whacked down the ground! Back of a length delivery angling into the batsman, Wasim goes deep inside the crease and hammers it past the bowler for a boundary.
  • 32.4VShankar to SAhmed

    WIDE. Slips this down the leg side, does Shankar, Ahmed misses his flick.
  • 31.6JBumrah to IWasim

    FOUR! Fine shot! Short delivery, on off, Imad does well to ride the bounce and pulls it nicely to wide long on for a boundary. This partnership moves to 25 but is scoring at a rate way below the required one, almost half down.

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