India beat South Africa by 6 wickets
Rohit Sharma

47.4Phehlukwayo to Pandya

FOUR! Hardik Pandya finishes it off in style! Slightly short and outside off, he cuts it through point. No chance for Tahir this time. Customary handshakes taking place as INDIA WIN BY 6 WICKETS!

47.3Phehlukwayo to Pandya

Another bouncer! This time it is called a wide as it bounces too high. Two needed now.

47.2Phehlukwayo to Pandya

A short one, Pandya lets it go through to the keeper.

47.1Phehlukwayo to Pandya

Great commitment shown by Tahir. Pandya guides this through point. Tahir makes a lot of ground to his left, dives and pushes it back in. The batters only get two.

46.6Morris to Pandya

A single now! Pushes this through covers and takes one. 5 needed.

46.5Morris to Pandya

FOUR! Make that 6! Through the leg side this time. Pandya stands tall and takes on the challenge of pulling this short ball. Does it very fine and hits it through mid-wicket for a boundary. He wants to end it in a hurry.

46.4Morris to Pandya

FOUR! Off the mark in style! Short and outside off, Hardik stands tall and slashes it past point and it races away to the fence. 10 needed now.

46.3Morris to Pandya

On a length and around off, Pandya strokes it to covers.

46.2Morris to Sharma

Back of a length on off, Rohit guides it down to third man for one.

46.1Morris to Dhoni

OUT! The finisher, Dhoni, walks back before finishing the game. However, his partnership with Rohit Sharma has taken India to the brink of victory. South Africa, on the other hand, finally hang onto one catch. Morris bowls the slower one outside off, Dhoni looks to go big but is done in by the pace. He ends up hitting it high up in the air towards the bowler's end. Morris calls for it and takes. Collides with the stumps and falls over after taking the catch. Does well to keep the ball in his left hand. Something to rejoice for the South Africans.

45.6Rabada to Dhoni

Dhoni makes room and Rabada bowls it outside off, Dhoni reaches for it and just about gets bat on ball. He hits it over point for one. 15 needed in 4 overs now.

45.5Rabada to Sharma

Bangs it short and on the body, Rohit pulls it towards fine leg for one.

45.4Rabada to Sharma

That stayed very, very low. Short and outside off, Rohit looks to cut but it goes off the bottom towards cover.

45.3Rabada to Dhoni

A single! That will do for India as Dhoni works it through mid-wicket.

45.2Rabada to Dhoni

Top edge but safe! A good effort in the field by Shamsi but won't make a difference now. Short and on the body, Dhoni looks to pull but gets a top edge which goes towards fine leg. Shamsi runs to his right and then dives, saves two for his side.

45.1Rabada to Dhoni

Back of a length on off, Dhoni pushes it to covers.

44.6Tahir to Dhoni

On middle and leg, worked in the gap at mid-wicket for one. 10 from the over, 20 more needed.

44.5Tahir to Sharma

Sharma has pushed it to the cover region. One run added to the total.

44.4Tahir to Sharma

FOUR! Superb execution again from Rohit Sharma. Receives a full ball on middle and immediately goes down on one knee to sweep it sweetly through square leg. The umpire standing there lifts his right leg and makes way for the racing ball.

44.3Tahir to Dhoni

Tossed up ball outside off, Dhoni strokes it through the line, a bit uppishly but wide of the diving extra cover fielder for a run at long off.

44.2Tahir to Sharma

Leans forward to a full ball and knocks it down through mid on for a run.

44.1Tahir to Sharma

Tahir starts with a long hop outside off, Rohit whacks it to deep cover-point for a couple of runs. 200 up for India!

43.6Rabada to Sharma

Sharma plays it with an angled bat and guides it to third man. One run added to the total.

43.5Rabada to Sharma

A touch short and on middle, Sharma is on his toes as he keeps it out on the leg side.

43.4Rabada to Sharma

FOUR! And Rohit just rubs it in with a boundary. Short ball outside off, Rohit sits on the back foot and ramps it over the keeper for a boundary.

43.3Rabada to Sharma

Miller drops a dolly! Rohit continues to ride his luck! Rabada manages to deceive the batsman with a slower short ball outside off, Sharma tries to pull it over the leg side but gets a big top edge. The ball balloons in the air, Miller settles underneath it at covers but fails to catch a very simple chance. Rabada just cannot believe his luck. Du Plessis is down on haunches. It's not their day.

43.2Rabada to Sharma

Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.

43.1Rabada to Sharma

Good length ball on middle, Sharma sticks back to defend but it takes the bottom edge and rolls to the left of the keeper. Quinton immediately reacts and stops the ball near short fine leg.

42.6Shamsi to Dhoni

Goes on the back foot to a short ball and punches it to sweeper cover for a brace. 14 from the over, 35 needed more off 42 balls.

42.5Shamsi to Sharma

Sharma is toying with the fielders here. This one is too full on leg, Rohit paddles it fine down the leg side and the fielder in the deep backward square leg region has to cover big yards to cut it off. Three taken.

42.4Shamsi to Sharma

FOUR! Brilliantly done. Rohit kneels down, fetches a full ball from wide outside off and sweeps it behind square leg. It speeds away past the fielder inside the ring and finds the fence.

42.3Shamsi to Dhoni

Dhoni gives the charge to a full ball and hammers it down the ground. The long on fielder makes a tumbling stop and they cross for a run.

42.2Shamsi to Dhoni

FOUR! Not from the middle of the bat but there is no protection in the deep on the off side and it has trickled past the rope. Shamsi is on the shorter side and Dhoni has slapped it through the line.

42.1Shamsi to Dhoni

Tossed up ball around leg, Dhoni stretches forward to defend but misses and it goes off his pads to covers.

41.6Phehlukwayo to Sharma

A bit short and outside off, Sharma goes back and plays it down safely to point. 49 needed off 48 balls, first time the runs needed are more than the balls left.

41.5Phehlukwayo to Dhoni

Short and angling down the leg side, Dhoni fails to connect with his pull shot and it goes off his thigh pad to backward square leg. They cross for a leg bye. Under 49 needed now.

41.4Phehlukwayo to Dhoni

This time gets on the front foot but still finds the cover fielder after playing in that region.

41.3Phehlukwayo to Dhoni

Stays back to punch it to the off side, finds the cover fielder.

41.2Phehlukwayo to Dhoni

Shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.

41.1Phehlukwayo to Dhoni

Short in length and outside off, pulled down to deep mid-wicket for a brace.

40.6Shamsi to Dhoni

The batsman has flicked the ball off his pads. One run added to the total.

40.5Shamsi to Dhoni

Dropped by Markram (sub)! A late cut shot played by Dhoni goes closely towards first slip. Aiden reacts to his right but it brushes his hand and rolls towards point. MS gets a life!

40.4Shamsi to Sharma

23rd ODI hundred for Rohit Sharma! He reaches there by using his wrists to play the flick shot. Once it beats the diving mid-wicket fielder, he crosses for a run. His teammates stand and applaud on the balcony. The crowd is making a lot of noise as well. The Hitman has arrived at the World Cup. Take a bow, Rohit Sharma. Even though it was not a tough chase, the Indian opener has endured the initial onslaught and from there on, has moved from strength to strength. The speciality of this innings has been how calm he has been even though he has played and missed a few. Just showed the composure that he needed. Time for him to see off the final phase as well.

40.3Shamsi to Sharma

Uses his feet this time and cracks his drive through covers. Rabada in the deep makes a sliding stop and the batsmen take two. On 99 now, Rohit!

40.2Shamsi to Sharma

Tossed up ball around off, Sharma defends it off his front foot to the off side. Just opened the face of his bat to do so.