SA 227/9 (50.0ov)
IND 230/4 (47.3ov)

India beat South Africa by 6 wickets

MOM: Rohit Sharma

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  • SA
  • IND
  • 47.4APhehlukwayo to HPandya

    FOUR! Hardik Pandya finishes it off in style! Slightly short and outside off, he cuts it through point. No chance for Tahir this time. Customary handshakes taking place as INDIA WIN BY 6 WICKETS!
  • 47.3APhehlukwayo to HPandya

    Another bouncer! This time it is called a wide as it bounces too high. Two needed now.
  • 46.5CMorris to HPandya

    FOUR! Make that 6! Through the leg side this time. Pandya stands tall and takes on the challenge of pulling this short ball. Does it very fine and hits it through mid-wicket for a boundary. He wants to end it in a hurry.
  • 46.4CMorris to HPandya

    FOUR! Off the mark in style! Short and outside off, Hardik stands tall and slashes it past point and it races away to the fence. 10 needed now.
  • 46.1CMorris to MSDhoni

    OUT! The finisher, Dhoni, walks back before finishing the game. However, his partnership with Rohit Sharma has taken India to the brink of victory. South Africa, on the other hand, finally hang onto one catch. Morris bowls the slower one outside off, Dhoni looks to go big but is done in by the pace. He ends up hitting it high up in the air towards the bowler's end. Morris calls for it and takes. Collides with the stumps and falls over after taking the catch. Does well to keep the ball in his left hand. Something to rejoice for the South Africans.
  • 44.4ITahir to RSharma

    FOUR! Superb execution again from Rohit Sharma. Receives a full ball on middle and immediately goes down on one knee to sweep it sweetly through square leg. The umpire standing there lifts his right leg and makes way for the racing ball.
  • 43.4KRabada to RSharma

    FOUR! And Rohit just rubs it in with a boundary. Short ball outside off, Rohit sits on the back foot and ramps it over the keeper for a boundary.
  • 42.4TShamsi to RSharma

    FOUR! Brilliantly done. Rohit kneels down, fetches a full ball from wide outside off and sweeps it behind square leg. It speeds away past the fielder inside the ring and finds the fence.
  • 42.2TShamsi to MSDhoni

    FOUR! Not from the middle of the bat but there is no protection in the deep on the off side and it has trickled past the rope. Shamsi is on the shorter side and Dhoni has slapped it through the line.
  • 41.5APhehlukwayo to MSDhoni

    Short and angling down the leg side, Dhoni fails to connect with his pull shot and it goes off his thigh pad to backward square leg. They cross for a leg bye. Under 49 needed now.

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