IND 134/9 (20.0ov)
SA 140/1 (16.5ov)

South Africa beat India by 9 wickets

MOM: Beuran Hendricks

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  • IND
  • SA
  • 16.5KPandya to TBavuma

    SIX! Well, If you don't allow the single to win the game, Bavuma will seal it with a six. Shortish ball on middle, Bavuma stays back and hammers this over the long on fence for a maximum. SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 9 WICKETS AND DRAW THE SERIES 1-1.
  • 14.4KPandya to deKock

    SIX! That made a cracking sound off the bat. 5th maximum for de Kock. This is a risk free shot. With the turn, the slog sweep, it is right off the middle and into the mid-wicket stand. 10 more needed.
  • 14.1KPandya to deKock

    FOUR! De Kock scoring boundaries at will now. This is floated up outside off. De Kock goes down on one knee and lofts it over the cover fielder for a boundary.
  • 12.4HPandya to deKock

    FOUR! De Kock wants to end this early now. A boundary after the biggie. This is full and outside off. De Kock lofts it over covers and bags a boundary.
  • 12.3HPandya to deKock

    SIX! He has picked the bones out of that one. Once again this is bowled right in de Kock's zone. Short and on middle, de Kock pulls it with utmost ease over the square leg fence.
  • 12.2HPandya to deKock

    Way too short and outside off. It is left alone. Wided.
  • 11.5NSaini to TBavuma

    FOUR! Poor ball and got the treatment it deserved. This is full toss on the pads, Bavuma this time flicks it through mid-wicket and the ball races to the fence. Rohit seemed unhappy there as he pointed something to the bowler.
  • 11.4NSaini to TBavuma

    FOUR! Up and over! Good length ball around off, Bavuma shuffles towards the leg side and lifts it over the cover fieldsman for a boundary.
  • 10.6HPandya to deKock

    FOUR! Fifty for de Kock, h gets there in style. Consecutive fifties for him and it is his 4th in T20Is. He is really relishing the role of becoming a skipper with the bat. He though would want to continue and probably hit the winning runs which levels the series. He goes inside out to get to the milestone. It is full and outside off. De Kock lofts it over covers and it races away to the fence.
  • 10.5HPandya to deKock

    WIDE! Another slower one outside off, this one grips off the surface and turns away too. It goes outside the tramline and it is wided.

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