IND 502/7, 323/4 (67.0ov)
SA 431, 191 (63.5ov)

India beat South Africa by 203 runs

MOM: Rohit Sharma

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  • 63.5MShami to KRabada

    OUT! CAUGHT! Fifth Five-fer for Shami! He has been excellent in this innings, was right on the mark since the start. Shami deserves this one every bit. Good length ball outside off, Rabada attempts to drive but gets an outside edge towards Saha who makes no mistake. With this INDIA WIN BY 203 RUNS AND GO 1-0 UP IN THE THREE TEST MATCH SERIES.
  • 62.6RJadeja to KRabada

    FOUR! Nicely played! Short ball outside off, Rabada rocks back and cuts it through the cover region for a boundary.
  • 61.3MShami to SMuthusamy

    FIVE OVERTHROWS! Rabada was a goner here! Good length delivery outside off, Muthusamy pushes it towards covers and takes off for a quick single. Jadeja runs in and has a shy at the stumps but misses. If he had hit, Rabada would have been out. The ball rolls on towards the square leg region for a boundary.
  • 61.2MShami to SMuthusamy

    EDGED AND FOUR! Another one that goes through the vacant first slip region! Length ball on off, it pitches and straightens. Muthusamy looks to defend but it goes off the outside edge through the vacant first slip region for a boundary into the third man fence.
  • 60.6RJadeja to KRabada

    SIX! Floated ball outside off, Rabada plays a lovely lofted shot over the long on fielder for a maximum. Looking to attack the spinners.
  • 60.4RJadeja to KRabada

    FOUR! Flighted ball on off, Rabada goes down on one knee and sweeps it past the mid on fielder for a boundary. He did not time it well but still had enough to reach the boundary.
  • 59.5MShami to KRabada

    Shami comes around the wicket and bowls a flighted delivery on the pads, Kagiso looks to flick but gets hit on the pads. It goes towards fine leg and take a leg bye.
  • 59.2MShami to KRabada

    EDGED AND FOUR! Lucky for Rabada! Good length delivery outside off, Rabada attempts to drive but gets an edge which towards the third man region for a boundary.
  • 59.1MShami to DPiedt

    OUT! BOWLED! YES HE DOES! Shami comes back and gets the wicket of Piedt! Good length delivery outside off, Piedt looks to drive and gets an inside edge onto the stumps. It has shattered the stump in half. An excellent innings comes to an end from Piedt. He has made a strong statement here to bat up the order probably above Philander. Shami's love affair with the second innings continues.
  • 58.4RAshwin to DPiedt

    FOUR! Beautifully played! Flighted delivery outside off, Piedt lunges forward and creams it towards the cover region for a boundary.

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