WI 95/9 (20.0ov)
IND 98/6 (17.2ov)

India beat West Indies by 4 wickets

MOM: Navdeep Saini

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  • 17.2KPaul to WSundar

    SIX! All over! INDIA WIN BY 4 WICKETS! A slower delivery, shorter in length around off, Sundar attacks it with all his power and dismisses it over long on for a maximum.
  • 17.1KPaul to WSundar

    Full toss outside off, Sundar taps it down to point.
  • 16.6CBrathwaite to RJadeja

    A dot to end as the ball is defended to the man at covers.
  • 16.5CBrathwaite to WSundar

    EDGY! Slower length ball close to off stump, Sundar pushes inside the line and edges it past the diving keeper to third man. Thomas makes a diving stop and the batsmen take a run.
  • 16.4CBrathwaite to WSundar

    A near yorker on off, Sundar brings down a straight bat and pushes it back to the bowler.
  • 16.3CBrathwaite to RJadeja

    Fullish and around leg, Jadeja clips it through square leg for one.
  • 16.2CBrathwaite to WSundar

    Another slower delivery, around off, Sundar is early into the flick shot and it goes off the leading edge towards point. A single taken again.
  • 16.1CBrathwaite to RJadeja

    Slower delivery on middle and leg, Jadeja nudges it to fine leg for one.
  • 15.6KPaul to KPandya

    OUT! Another wicket goes down! Paul steams in from 'round the wicket and angles in a length ball around middle and off at 128 kph. Pandya is early into his attempted flick shot and hence misses the ball completely. The ball doesn't miss the stumps though. India are 8 runs away from a win with 4 wickets left.
  • 15.5KPaul to KPandya

    Short and around leg, Krunal tries to pull but fails to connect properly. It rolls down towards short fine leg.
  • 15.4KPaul to RJadeja

    A low full toss outside off, Jadeja digs it out down to third man for a run.
  • 15.3KPaul to RJadeja

    Shortish and slower in pace, Jadeja pulls but finds mid-wicket.
  • 15.2KPaul to KPandya

    Full again and this time it's been driven through covers for one.
  • 15.1KPaul to RJadeja

    Fullish and on off, Jadeja drives it down through mid off for a run.
  • 14.6OThomas to KPandya

    Almost drags it on! Around off, Pandya tries to drive but it takes the inside edge and strikes him on the pads. It ricochets behind and misses the off stump by a whisker. 12 from the over, 11 needed more.
  • 14.5OThomas to KPandya

    FOUR! Cracking sound of the bat meeting the ball! Short in length, around middle at 123 kph, Krunal picks it early and dismisses it from his sight by pulling it to the deep square leg fence.
  • 14.4OThomas to RJadeja

    Sliding down the leg side, nudged to fine leg for one.
  • 14.3OThomas to KPandya

    Short delivery on middle, it's pulled powerfully through mid-wicket. Brathwaite gives the chase and pulls the ball back just before the rope. In fact the ball had itself stopped. The batsmen taken three.
  • 14.2OThomas to RJadeja

    Sweet timing! Misfield. Two runs taken in the end. Fullish and on off, Jadeja drives it through covers and crosses for a run. Lewis attacks the ball in the deep, overruns a bit and the ball goes through. The batsmen complete two and take one more off the misfield. The fielder has a shy at the bowler's end but misses. Carlos Brathwaite is lazy in backing up but no extra run taken.
  • 14.1OThomas to KPandya

    Width on offer outside off, Krunal throws his bat at it and it goes off the outside edge to third man. A single is taken.
  • 13.8SCottrell to RJadeja

    Back of a length delivery outside off, Jadeja steers it behind backward point for a couple of runs.
  • 13.7SCottrell to RJadeja

    Again a wide! Another one down the leg side, Ravindra tries to get some bat behind but misses.
  • 13.6SCottrell to RJadeja

    Wide! Cottrell attempts for the magic delivery first up but ends up slipping it down the leg side.
  • 13.5SCottrell to VKohli

    OUT! Here comes the salute! Virat Kohli has disappointment written all over his face. He is completely fooled here by a slower delivery bowled at 112 kph. The length is short and outside off, Virat has his weight on the back leg as he tries to fetch it and pull it on the leg side. But the ball arrives late, takes the top edge and lobs up towards mid-wicket. Kieron Pollard won't drop those. Are we in for something here? 27 still needed off 37 balls.
  • 13.4SCottrell to KPandya

    Hits the blockhole at 131 kph, Pandya digs it out towards mid on for a run.
  • 13.3SCottrell to KPandya

    Back of a length delivery on off, slower in pace at 123 kph, Pandya punches it from the crease to covers.
  • 13.2SCottrell to KPandya

    Krunal shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot
  • 13.1SCottrell to KPandya

    On and around off, Pandya is on top of the bounce as he defends it down.
  • 12.6SNarine to KPandya

    Presses forward to a full ball and drives it through mid off for a run. Narine has finished his spell, 4-0-14-2, a brilliant comeback for him personally!
  • 12.5SNarine to KPandya

    This one is on the leg stump line, Krunal tries flicking but misses and is hit on the pads.
  • 12.4SNarine to VKohli

    Tossed up ball on off, this time Kohli works it down through mid on and rotates the strike.
  • 12.3SNarine to VKohli

    Gets forward to a full ball and drives it straight to the cover fielder.
  • 12.2SNarine to VKohli

    Flatter on off, Virat moves across and punches it towards mid-wicket again.
  • 12.1SNarine to VKohli

    Too full in length on off, Kohli works it on the leg side but finds mid-wicket.
  • 11.6KPaul to VKohli

    Knocks a full ball down through mid on for a run. 30 more needed off 48 balls.
  • 11.5KPaul to KPandya

    Short in length on middle and leg, Krunal gets hurried into his pull shot and it comes off his gloves. It rolls behind square leg and they cross.
  • 11.4KPaul to MPandey

    OUT! Off stump goes cartwheeling! Manish Pandey is gone and Virat Kohli is not looking too impressed. Keemo Paul slants in a fuller length ball on off, the pace is right up there, at 135 kph, Pandey plays all over it as he tries to whip it across the line. The ball sneaks under his bat and uproots the off stump.
  • 11.3KPaul to MPandey

    Slower one outside off, Pandey slaps it through covers for a couple of runs.
  • 11.2KPaul to VKohli

    Angling into the batsman, Kohli chips it over mid on and takes a single.
  • 11.1KPaul to MPandey

    A full toss on middle, it's clipped across the line to deep mid-wicket for a run.
  • 10.6CBrathwaite to VKohli

    Full and outside off, pushed straight to cover.
  • 10.5CBrathwaite to MPandey

    Full and outside off, pushed through mid on for a single.
  • 10.4CBrathwaite to VKohli

    Close call. Kohli dabs this towards third man and sets off for a single. Pooran quickly gets across to his right and has a shy at the keeper's end but misses. Looks like Pandey would have been in.
  • 10.3CBrathwaite to MPandey

    Landed outside off, steered through point for a run.
  • 10.2CBrathwaite to VKohli

    Full on middle, pushed through mid on for a single.

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