WI 210 (42.0ov)
IND 279/7 (50.0ov)

India beat West Indies by 59 runs (D/L method)

MOM: Virat Kohli

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  • IND
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  • 41.6MShami to OThomas

    OUT! That is the end of the game! Shami picks the last wicket. He goes full and straight on middle, too good for the number 11. He looks to jam it out but fails to do so. The ball hits the pad. A huge shout follows, the umpire thinks and raises the finger. INDIA WIN BY 59 RUNS (DLS METHOD)!
  • 41.3MShami to SCottrell

    OUT! Another excellent catch! India have been outstanding in the field today and that will be a big factor if they win the game today. First wicket for Shami. A short one on the body, Cottrell looks to pull it over the leg side but gets a top edge as he is rushed into the shot. It goes over point. Jadeja runs back and takes a very good catch. India a wicket away now.
  • 41.2MShami to SCottrell

    FOUR! Up and over! A one bounce boundary. Fuller and outside off, Cottrell smashes it over mid off and bags a boundary.
  • 39.5KAhmed to SCottrell

    SIX! Powered away! SC is not going down without a fight. Short and on middle, Cottrell pulls it over the mid-wicket fence.
  • 37.5RJadeja to SCottrell

    FOUR! That has been dragged! Outside off and turning away. Cottrell drags it through wide long on for a boundary.
  • 36.2BKumar to KRoach

    OUT! BOWLED 'EM! The Windies are falling like a pack of cards here. This is on a length and around off, Roach looks to defend but he gets an inside edge which hits the stumps behind. 4th for Kumar. India two wickets away now.
  • 35.6RJadeja to KRoach

    NO BALL! Untidy from Jadeja. Not what India needed after a wicket. It was a loopy delivery on the middle stump and Roach defends it towards the off side. Free hit coming up.
  • 35.5RJadeja to CBrathwaite

    OUT! Another one bites the dust! West Indies have fallen apart completely. Carlos Brathwaite walks back for another low score. The bowling change once again does the trick for the visitors. This is on middle, Brathwaite looks to go against the turn as he tries to heave. The ball though turns away and an outside edge is produced which goes straight to short third man. Shami takes a dolly. India's game to lose now. 91 needed in 60 balls.
  • 34.5BKumar to RChase

    OUT! That is an absolute stunner from Bhuvneshwar Kumar! This over is probably the game changing over. What a masterstroke by Kohli to get Bhuvneshwar Kumar on. Two wickets from this one. He bowls it on a length and around off, Chase looks to work it on the leg side but closes the face of the bat early. It goes off the leading edge to the left of the bowler who sticks his hand out and the ball sticks. Two extremely good catches, one by the skipper and the other by Kumar has changed the tide in India's favor.
  • 34.2BKumar to NPooran

    OUT! CAUGHT! The bowling change has done the trick! Another set batter is out of here. India once again manage to take a timely wicket. Pooran dances down the track and Kumar bangs it short on middle. He looks to pull but does not get on top of the bounce. A top edge is induced which goes high up in the air towards mid-wicket. Kohli takes it nicely. Pooran too has thrown away a start. West Indies needed him to be in there for a longer time but that is not the case. 91 needed in 70 balls.

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