WI 240/7 (35.0ov)
IND 256/4 (32.3ov)

India beat West Indies by 6 wickets (D/L method)

MOM: Virat Kohli

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  • 32.3CBrathwaite to VKohli

    FOUR! Kohli finishes it off in style! A freebie by Brathwaite, it is on the pads, Kohli flicks it fine on the leg side and a boundary results. INDIA WIN BY 6 WICKETS (DLS METHOD)!
  • 32.2CBrathwaite to VKohli

    FOUR! Three needed now! Shorter and on middle, Kohli pulls it through mid-wicket and the ball races away to the fence.
  • 32.1CBrathwaite to KJadhav

    Shorter and outside off, this is slapped through point for one.
  • 31.6JHolder to KJadhav

    This is on the pads, it is worked through mid-wicket for one.
  • 31.5JHolder to KJadhav

    Runs needed in single digits now! This is fuller on the pads, Jadhav works it through square leg. Pooran in the deep runs to his left, dives and pushes it back in. Two taken.
  • 31.4JHolder to VKohli

    Shorter and on middle, Kohli guides it to point for one.
  • 31.3JHolder to KJadhav

    Very full and on off, this is hit down to long on for one.
  • 31.2JHolder to VKohli

    Shorter and on off, Kohli works it through mid-wicket for one.
  • 31.1JHolder to VKohli

    FOUR! Class, pure class! No need to run for those. Welcomes his opposite number with a boundary. Holder goes full and around off, Kohli creams it through covers and the ball races away to the fence.
  • Jason Holder is back!
  • 30.6KRoach to KJadhav

    FOUR! Jadhav is playing a gem here. He is on 14 from 8 balls. Nice touch this. It is short and outside off, Kedar waits for it, uses the pace of the bowler and guides it past point for a boundary. 14 from the over, probably the one which kills the game completely. 18 needed in 24.
  • 30.5KRoach to VKohli

    100 for Virat Kohli. Century no. 43 and two in two games in this series. Once again, the master of run chases rises to the occasion. A true leader, a brilliant batter. He works this full ball on middle towards long on to get to that milestone. Takes the helmet off and soaks in the applause. The best in this format.
  • 30.4KRoach to VKohli

    FOUR! Very nicely played! Kohli moves onto 99. This is just outside off, Kohli opens the face of the bat at the very end and guides it past short third man for a boundary.
  • 30.3KRoach to VKohli

    On off, this is pushed to covers.
  • 30.2KRoach to VKohli

    Top edge and FOUR! Short and on middle, Kohli looks to pull but does not get on top of the bounce, it goes off the top edge and to the fine leg region for a boundary.
  • 30.1KRoach to KJadhav

    On off, this is pushed through covers for one.
  • 29.6RChase to VKohli

    On middle, Kohli works it to square leg.
  • 29.5RChase to VKohli

    Floats it up on middle, Kohli hits it back to the bowler.
  • 29.4RChase to KJadhav

    Now smartly works it through mid-wicket for one.
  • 29.3RChase to KJadhav

    SIX! Well, if that single would have been stopped, this six might not have been hit. Kedar comes on strike, dances down the track and hits it with the turn over the mid-wicket fence for a biggie.
  • 29.2RChase to VKohli

    On middle, Kohli works it through square leg for an easy one. Maybe they could have had square leg in the ring and saved that single.
  • 29.1RChase to KJadhav

    Flatter and outside off, this is guided towards backward point for one.
  • 28.6KRoach to KJadhav

    Shorter and on middle, Jadhav pulls it over mid-wicket for one. Excellent over by Roach. Three runs and a wicket. 41 in 36 needed.
  • 28.5KRoach to KJadhav

    A yorker on middle, KJ jams it out on the leg side.
  • 28.4KRoach to KJadhav

    Shorter and on middle, this is worked to mid-wicket.
  • 28.3KRoach to VKohli

    Leading edge but safe! On off, Kohli looks to work it on the leg side but closes the face of the bat early. A leading edge is induced which goes over the bowler and down to long off for one.
  • 28.2KRoach to SIyer

    OUT! Iyer has thrown it away in the attempt to end it early! He though has done his job. End of a brilliant innings by the young man. Came in at a tough time but has taken India to the brink of victory along with his captain. He though will be disappointed that he is not there till the end. Roach bowls this fuller and on off, it sticks in the surface. Iyer does not time his loft and it goes straight to Holder at long off. End of a match-winning 120-run stand. West Indies have a sniff here.
  • 28.1KRoach to VKohli

    Length ball just outside off, Kohli drives it towards long on for one.
  • 27.6RChase to SIyer

    SIX! Iyer wants to end this early! That made a cracking sound of the bat. Floats it up on middle, Iyer brings the slog sweep out and it goes over the mid-wicket fence.
  • 27.5RChase to SIyer

    Fires it on the pads, Iyer swings but misses.
  • 27.4RChase to VKohli

    Flatter and on off, Kohli goes back and hits it towards deep mid-wicket for one.
  • 27.3RChase to VKohli

    Loopy ball on off, this is hit back to the bowler.
  • 27.2RChase to VKohli

    Floats it up on off, Kohli flicks it to mid-wicket.
  • 27.1RChase to VKohli

    This is on middle, Kohli works it with the turn to square leg.
  • 26.7KRoach to VKohli

    Another one on a length and around off, Kohli pushes it to covers for one.
  • 26.6KRoach to VKohli

    On off, this is defended.
  • 26.5KRoach to SIyer

    This is on the pads, Iyer works it through mid-wicket for one.
  • 26.4KRoach to VKohli

    Length ball on off pole, Kohli defends it towards the point region for one.
  • 26.3KRoach to VKohli

    Ouch! That must have stung and Kohli is in pain, in real pain. That took off from nowhere. This is on a length and around off, it takes off after pitching. Kohli looks to defend but the ball hits the glove and lobs towards short third man. Kohli immediately takes the glove off and signals the physio to rush out.
  • 26.2KRoach to VKohli

    Down the leg side, Kohli looks to flick but misses. Wided.
  • 26.1KRoach to SIyer

    Slower short ball outside off, Iyer is a touch early in his shot and hence, it goes through covers for one. 200 up for India.
  • 25.6KPaul to SIyer

    Fuller and on off, Iyer jams it out through covers and takes one. 9 from the over. 56 needed in 54.
  • 25.5KPaul to SIyer

    The batsman has pushed it to the cover region. They manage to come back for the second.
  • 25.4KPaul to VKohli

    Shorter in length and outside off, this is slapped through covers for one.
  • 25.3KPaul to VKohli

    Shorter on off, Kohli pushes it to covers.

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