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India beat West Indies by 318 runs
Ajinkya Rahane

26.5Sharma to Roach

26.5: I Sharma to Roach,OUT! CAUGHT! Top Edge and taken. Back of a length ball again as Roach goes for a pull. He slices this high in the air. Pant hares to his left to gobble this one nicely. INDIA TAKE THE FIRST GAME OF THE SERIES AS THEY WIN BY 318 RUNS.

26.4Sharma to Roach

Shortish one outside off, Roach goes for an almighty heave but misses it altogether.

26.3Sharma to Roach

SIX! Another one hammered for a maximum. Some hitting this from Roach. 100 up with that and a 50-run stand as well. Fullish ball on middle and leg, Roach clears his front leg again and lofts this over the mid on fielder.

26.2Sharma to Roach

Goes for a heave to this good length ball on off but mistimes it towards mid on.

26.1Sharma to Roach

Goes for a slower yorker. Roach works it through mid-wicket. Doesn't take a run.

25.6Shami to Cummins

Length delivery outside off, Cummins this time cuts through covers and takes two. Expensive over this.

25.5Shami to Cummins

Goes for a slower and fuller ball this time. Cummins reads it well to block.

25.4Shami to Cummins

Bumper outside off, ducked by Cummins.

25.3Shami to Cummins

SIX! Slammed over the long on fence for a six now. Good length ball on off, Cummins clears his front leg and slogs this one over the long on fence. Some blow that from Cummins. Frustration for India.

25.2Shami to Cummins

FOUR! Good length ball on off, Cummins crunches this through mid off for a boundary.

25.1Shami to Cummins

Hit on the helmet! But he says he is fine. KL Rahul and Rahane come instantly towards Cummins to check with him. This was not a shortish one to be ducked but Cummins ducks to get hit on the head gear. Jadeja also checks with Cummins whether he is fine.

24.6Jadeja to Cummins

Floated on middle and leg, Cummins plays this uppishly towards mid-wicket but gets it past him as the batters take three.

24.5Jadeja to Cummins

Fuller on middle, blocked nicely.

24.4Jadeja to Cummins

Fuller one on middle, pushed back towards mid off.

24.3Jadeja to Cummins

Fuller ball around off, Cummins goes for a drive but gets an under edge. The ball goes through the legs of Pant and to the third man fence. First runs after 57 balls for him.

24.2Jadeja to Roach

Flatter on middle again, Roach slams this flat over the bowler's head. Gets a single as Vihari from long on gets to the ball.

24.1Jadeja to Roach

Flatter one on middle, blocked by Roach.

23.6Shami to Cummins

Shami goes past the outside edge as Cummins goes for the drive off this good length ball outside off.

23.5Shami to Cummins

Bumper now! Cummins ducks under it.

23.4Shami to Cummins

Goes for a yorker this time but dishes a low full toss. Cummins does well to push towards covers.

23.3Shami to Cummins

Good length ball from round the wicket, this comes into the left-hander. Blocked nicely by Cummins.

23.2Shami to Cummins

Good length ball outside off this time, left alone.

23.1Shami to Cummins

Short ball but too high. Cummins ducks under it.

22.6Jadeja to Roach

Looks to defend this time but the ball turns away and goes past the outside edge.

22.5Jadeja to Roach

SIX! Floated on middle and leg, Roach gives this the treatment as he slogs it over mid-wicket for a maximum. Third six from the over. Roach moves to 31 in a jiffy.

22.4Jadeja to Roach

The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery.

22.3Jadeja to Roach

This time he blocks this flatter one.

22.2Jadeja to Roach

SIX! Back-to-back sixes for Holder. Flighted ball outside off, Roach slams this powerfully over the long fence for another maximum.

22.1Jadeja to Roach

SIX! Slammed straight over the head of Jadeja by Roach! Floated full and on middle, Roach just slams it straight as an arrow into the sight screen for a biggie.

21.6Shami to Cummins

Fullish length outside off, left alone.

21.5Shami to Cummins

Beaten this time. Shami lands this one on a good length area, the ball shapes away and goes past the drive of Cummins.

21.4Shami to Cummins

Another solid block from Cummins by getting right behind the line of this good length ball.

21.3Shami to Cummins

Good length ball in the outside off channel, Cummins blunts this one nicely towards the off side.

21.2Shami to Cummins

Bouncer this time. Cummins ducks under it.

21.1Shami to Cummins

Good length ball but going down the leg side. Cummins goes for a flick but misses. Pant does well to pouch that one.

20.6Sharma to Roach

Goes for a almighty heave but is beaten by the pace of the delivery.

20.5Sharma to Roach

Blocked this fuller ball nicely.

20.4Sharma to Roach

NOT OUT! Just over middle and leg stump. Good length ball on middle and leg, Roach looks to works this towards the leg side but is hit high on the pads. The Indians make a loud appeal and the umpire raises his finger. Chase opts for a review and it is a good one as Ball Tracker shows that this is going just over the stumps.

20.3Sharma to Roach

Good length around off, Roach blocks it towards off side.

20.2Sharma to Roach

SIX! Where did that come from? Back of length ball outside off, Roach hooks that cleanly over deep mid-wicket for a six.

20.1Sharma to Roach

Good length ball down the leg side, Roach goes for a flick but misses.

19.6Shami to Gabriel

OUT! CAUGHT! Another wicket for Shami and the Windies are 9 down. Length ball around the off pole, Gabriel looks to lift it over mid off but does so down the wrong line. He gets an outside edge on it and the ball carries to the keeper, Rishabh Pant. He takes the easiest of catches and the Indians rejoice. Shocking collapse this from the hosts says Mr. Gavaskar. India need just one wicket to seal the victory.

19.5Shami to Gabriel

The batsman has punched that ball through the offside.

19.4Shami to Gabriel

Gabriel misses his flick to this ball on the leg pole. It hits him on the pad, the ball rolls towards square leg.

19.3Shami to Gabriel

Bouncer by Shami, way too high for Gabriel and down the leg side. Pant jumps and saves it with his left hand.