WI 222, 100 (26.5ov)
IND 297, 343/7 (112.3ov)

India beat West Indies by 318 runs

MOM: Ajinkya Rahane

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  • 112.3JHolder to HVihari

    OUT! CAUGHT! No century for Vihari then. And that is a very poor ball to get out to. This is shortish ball going down, Vihari looks to pull this one away but gets a faintest of touch of the gloves and the ball goes down the leg side for Hope to swallow. He does not make a mistake. Kohli declares with that wicket. Target for West Indies will be 419 runs.
  • 112.2JHolder to HVihari

    Bumper outside off, Vihari is not going to do anything fancy with it. Ducks under it.
  • 112.1JHolder to RJadeja

    Full ball on middle and pads, Jadeja tucks towards mid-wicket and gets Vihari on strike.
  • 111.6RChase to HVihari

    FOUR! Vihari going big now as the declaration edges closer. He uppishly plays this one towards mid-wicket by going down on one knee. The ball goes past Holder, from his left at mid-wicket and into the fence.
  • 111.5RChase to HVihari

    Floated wide outside off, Vihari drives this towards cover and takes a couple.
  • 111.4RChase to RPant

    OUT! CAUGHT! Substitute Keemo Paul takes the catch at deep fine leg and Pant's short innings comes to an end. This one was tossed up on the leg pole, Pant gets down on one knee and looks to slog sweep it for a maximum. He does not get proper contact on it as it comes off the toe end of the bat and Keemo Paul does well as he dives forward and takes a difficult catch. India 6 down now and they are looking towards the skipper for the declaration. He says no as he wants Vihari to complete his ton maybe.
  • 111.3RChase to HVihari

    Short and flatter this time by Chase, Vihari cuts it towards third man and takes a single.
  • 111.2RChase to HVihari

    Very wide outside off, VIhari tries to guide it to third man but misses.
  • 111.1RChase to RPant

    Floated on the leg pole, he nudges it towards fine leg and takes a single.
  • 110.6JHolder to HVihari

    This has been driven superbly to the covers by Vihari.
  • 110.5JHolder to HVihari

    Full toss on the middle pole and Vihari strikes it back at Holder who grabs it with one hand.
  • 110.4JHolder to HVihari

    FOUR! This time Vihari mistimes his shot. Bumper on the body, Vihari goes for the pull but top edges it high in the air towards fine leg. Hetmyer hares across to catch that but it falls shot and rolls to the fence.
  • 110.3JHolder to RPant

    Goes for a heave over mid off this time but this flies off his outside edge towards backward point. Falls short of the fielder. Pant crosses ends.
  • 110.2JHolder to RPant

    Bouncer outside off, Pant looks to upper cut this but plays it awkwardly towards slip.
  • 110.1JHolder to RPant

    Fuller one on off, Pant drills it straight to mid off. No runs taken which means he wants to go for the fours and sixes.
  • 109.6SGabriel to HVihari

    Bouncer going down leg. Vihari ducks under it.
  • 109.5SGabriel to HVihari

    Fuller one outside off, Vihari comes across the off side to block.
  • 109.4SGabriel to RPant

    Bumper on the body, Pant goes for the pull but he is not in a great position. Mistimes the shot which lobs in the air off his gloves and goes to fine leg for a single.
  • 109.3SGabriel to HVihari

    Good length ball around off, tapped towards point for a quick single.
  • 109.2SGabriel to HVihari

    Bumper this time, Vihari ducks under it nicely.
  • 109.1SGabriel to RPant

    Length ball on the middle and leg, tucked fine for a run.
  • 108.6JHolder to RPant

    Edged but dropped! Short ball on the body of Pant who hops a bit to guide it over the slip cordon but can't get the direction it wants. The ball takes outside edge and goes high towards Shai Hope. He plucks his right hand in the air to catch that but can't hold on. The ball rolls behind him and the slip fielder runs to get the ball back. They take one.
  • 108.5JHolder to RPant

    Pant is off the mark with a nice cut shot. Short and wide outside off, Pant cuts it nicely through point and takes a quick couple. The lead is 400 now. How much more Kohli and India wants?
  • 108.4JHolder to RPant

    Fuller one wide outside off, Pant throws his bat at it finds cover.
  • 108.3JHolder to HVihari

    Fuller ball on off, punched towards long off for a run.
  • 108.2JHolder to HVihari

    Vihari comes down the track but misses it completely.
  • 108.1JHolder to HVihari

    108.1: J Holder to Vihari,Vihari guides it to third man off the back foot. No runs taken
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  • 107.6SGabriel to ARahane

    OUT! CAUGHT! Signs of urgency? Good length ball on off and middle, Rahane looks to slam this one over cover but mistimes it as the bat turns in his hand and the ball goes off the toe end of his bat towards cover. Holder takes a simple catch running back. Vihari runs towards Rahane to congratulate him. The commentators on air wondered if he was going off with him but that wasn't the case. A brilliant innings by him comes to an end and he is dismissed for 102. He has done well to put India in a dominating position as they lead by 397. The 135-run stand has been broken here.
  • 107.5SGabriel to ARahane

    Bouncer around off! Rahane does well to sway away from this one.
  • 107.4SGabriel to ARahane

    The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery
  • 107.3SGabriel to ARahane

    NOT OUT! Umpires call and the review is retained by the West Indies. Now this looks very close and indeed it is. Clipping the top of leg pole. This one pitches on middle and leg, and nips back in with angle, Rahane misses his flick and is hit on the thigh pad. The Windies players put in a soft appeal but the umpire denies it. The hosts review as they think it is a close one. Replays roll in, Ultra Edge shows no edge on this one. Hawk Eye comes in and shows that the ball is clipping leg. Nothing going the Windies' way here.
  • 107.2SGabriel to ARahane

    Off the toe end of the bat this one, Rahane looks to smash this full ball outside off over the mid off fielder but does not get enough of the bat on it. Two runs taken as the fielder mops it up.
  • 107.1SGabriel to ARahane

    Length ball on middle and off, pushed towards mid on off the back foot.
  • 106.6KRoach to HVihari

    Beaten! Roach has done this number of times today but has failed to get the outside edge. Another one just outside off, Vihari looks to defend this but does so inside the line and is beaten by the away movement.
  • 106.5KRoach to HVihari

    Fuller on the pads, driven towards mid on.
  • 106.4KRoach to HVihari

    Bouncer this time, around the off pole line. Vihari does well to sway away from it.
  • 106.3KRoach to HVihari

    Another one just outside off, blocked out by Vihari.
  • 106.2KRoach to HVihari

    good length one just outside the off pole, the ball hits the splice of his bat and bounces onto the pitch.
  • 106.1KRoach to HVihari

    Down the leg side, Vihari looks to flick this one but misses as the ball kisses his pads and carries to the keeper. The Windies put in a desperate apppeal but to no avail.
  • 105.6SGabriel to ARahane

    Wide outside off, left alone.
  • 105.5SGabriel to HVihari

    Full toss but can't make the full use of it. Vihari looks to push this towards the leg side but gets a leading edge and ball goes towards cover. They take a run
  • 105.4SGabriel to HVihari

    Blocked off his front foot this time.
  • 105.3SGabriel to HVihari

    SIX! That sailed over. First six of the innings! Shortish ball outside off, too high but Vihari plays this late and helps the ball sail over the third man fence.
  • 105.2SGabriel to HVihari

    Shortish one on the hips, tucked away behind square leg for a couple.

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