WI 117, 210 (59.5ov)
IND 416, 168/4 (54.4ov)

India beat West Indies by 257 runs

MOM: Hanuma Vihari

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  • 59.5RJadeja to JHolder

    OUT! BOWLED 'EM! End of the Windies innings! Jadeja gets the last man. He fires it on middle, Holder looks to hoick it but misses and the stumps are shattered. All smiles in the Indian camp as THEY WIN BY 257 RUNS AND TAKE THE SERIES 2-0!
  • 59.4RJadeja to JHolder

    FOUR! Streaky! This is angled into the batter, Holder looks to go for the slog sweep but gets an inside edge past Pant and down to the fine leg fence.
  • 59.3RJadeja to JHolder

    Shorter in length and on off, Holder pushes it down to long off but no runs are taken.
  • 59.2RJadeja to JHolder

    Flatter and on off, Holder goes back and keeps it out.
  • 59.1RJadeja to JHolder

    Holder wants to have some fun! He looks to go big but it goes off the inner half towards mid on for no runs.
  • 58.6MShami to SGabriel

    Fuller and on middle, this is worked towards mid-wicket and a run is not taken.
  • 58.5MShami to KRoach

    OUT! No. 9 is out of here! One more time, it is the combination of Pant and Shami which is in play. Shami's third. It is fuller and outside off, Roach looks to drive but gets an outside edge to the keeper. India only a wicket away now.
  • 58.4MShami to KRoach

    Fuller and on off, it is driven to mid off.
  • 58.3MShami to KRoach

    Ouch! That is a stinger! It is a good length ball around off, it shoots off the surface. Roach looks to drive but then misses to get hit high on the elbow. Does not show any pain though.
  • 58.2MShami to KRoach

    On a good length and around off, Roach defends it out.
  • 58.1MShami to KRoach

    FOUR! Slashed and slashed hard! Roach joins the boundary hitting party! This is a length delivery outside off, Roach throws his bat at it, it goes off the middle and through covers for a boundary.
  • 57.6RJadeja to JHolder

    FOUR! Nice shot from Holder. It is a full delivery on middle and leg, Jason flicks this nicely towards the mid-wicket region for a boundary.
  • 57.5RJadeja to JHolder

    The batsman has played it to the point region.
  • 57.4RJadeja to JHolder

    Short delivery on middle and leg, Holder looks to flick but misses and the ball hits him high on the pads.
  • 57.3RJadeja to JHolder

    Flatter delivery on middle, Holder blocks this off the back foot.
  • 57.2RJadeja to KRoach

    Full delivery on middle, Roach flicks it to square leg and takes a single.
  • 57.1RJadeja to KRoach

    Flighted delivery on off, Roach drives this towards cover.
  • 56.6MShami to JHolder

    On middle, this is kept out. An expensive over by Shami.
  • 56.5MShami to JHolder

    FOUR! Edged, short and a boundary! This is on a length and around off, it straightens. Holder is half-forward as he tries to defend but it goes off the outside edge. It lands short of the diving first slip fielder and a boundary results.
  • 56.4MShami to JHolder

    FOUR! A full toss and it is put away! It is on the pads, Holder flicks it through square leg and it races away. Holder is scoring freely here.
  • 56.3MShami to JHolder

    Back of a length and on off, this is defended.
  • 56.2MShami to JHolder

    FOUR! Creamed! This is very full and on off, Holder leans into it and strokes it nicely through covers for a boundary.
  • 56.1MShami to JHolder

    Well bowled! This is just outside off, Holder pokes at it and gets beaten.
  • 55.6RJadeja to KRoach

    Tossed up again, Roach strokes it to covers.
  • 55.5RJadeja to KRoach

    This is pushed to mid off.
  • 55.4RJadeja to KRoach

    On the pads, Roach once again looks to defend but misses to get hit on the pads. An appeal but it is turned down.
  • 55.3RJadeja to KRoach

    On middle, Roach tries to defend but gets an inside edge onto the pads.
  • 55.2RJadeja to KRoach

    The batsman lets the ball go outside his off stump.
  • 55.1RJadeja to KRoach

    Full delivery on off, Holder pushes it to cover.
  • 54.6MShami to JHolder

    FOUR! Glorious shot from Holder. It is a pitched up ball on off, Holder plays a lovely drive through the long off region for a boundary.
  • 54.5MShami to JHolder

    Good length ball outside off, Holder leaves it alone.
  • 54.4MShami to KRoach

    That took off from nowhere! This is on a length and outside off, it pitches and moves away sharply. There is also extra bounce. The batter leaves it. Pant sticks his right hand out and makes a half-stop. A single is taken as the ball rolls towards third man. Bye signaled.
  • 54.3MShami to RCornwall

    OUT! TAKEN! Another one bites the dust! It is all happening very quickly now. From 159 for 4 West Indies have slipped to 180 for 8. This is a top catch from Pant. It is on a length and around off, it jags back in. Cornwall ends up defending outside the line, it goes off the inside edge and to the left of Pant who dives and hangs onto it. Just the two wickets away now are India.
  • 54.2MShami to JHolder

    Back of a length ball on off, Holder looks to guide it but gets an inside edge toward square leg and takes a single.
  • 54.1MShami to JHolder

    Full delivery outside off, Holder pushes it back to the bowler.
  • 53.6RJadeja to JHolder

    Holder retains strike by easing it to long on for one.
  • 53.5RJadeja to RCornwall

    Cornwall is off the mark as he pushes it through covers for one.
  • 53.4RJadeja to JHamilton

    OUT! It is a legal delivery! That was tough and go and in the end, it is ruled in the favor of the bowler. Jadeja's celebration says it all. He is a relieved man. He gets his second. Hamilton comes and Hamilton goes. This is a ripper from Jadeja. It lands on middle and then turns away sharply. There is also some extra bounce. Hamilton looks to defend but the ball kisses the glove and lobs to first slip where Rahane takes a simple catch. Hamilton who showed good resistance in the first innings, does not stay out for long this time. India are now three wickets away.
  • 53.3RJadeja to JHamilton

    Driven through the covers by the batsman.
  • 53.2RJadeja to SBrooks

    OUT! RUN-OUT! Brooks has been out in an unfortunate manner. He played a defensive push off this full delivery towards cover-point and takes off for a single but is sent back by Holder. Kohli from cover-point comes running in throws in a direct hit. The Indian players were not confident as they thought the batsmen was well in but the replays showed otherwise. The replays rolled in and it shows that Brooks was just short of the crease. 50 and out for Brooks.
  • 53.1RJadeja to SBrooks

    Flatter delivery on middle, Brooks defends this back tot the bowler.
  • 52.6MShami to JHolder

    Good length ball on middle, Holder plays this off the front foot towards cover. Maiden over by Shami.
  • 52.5MShami to JHolder

    Back of a length delivery outside off, Holder leaves it alone.
  • 52.4MShami to JHolder

    On a length again, Holder guides it to gully.
  • 52.3MShami to JHolder

    Goes wide of the crease and angles it into the off pole. Does not bring it back enough to make the batter play.

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