IRE 327/5 (50.0ov)
WI 331/5 (47.5ov)

West Indies beat Ireland by 5 wickets

MOM: Sunil Ambris

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  • IRE
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  • 47.5BRankin to JCarter

    FOUR! That is it! It is all over here for Ireland! A superlative chase from the West Indies. THEY WIN BY 5 WICKETS with 13 balls to spare! Coming to the winning shot, it was not too convincing but no one cares. A length ball outside off, Carter looks to cut but gets an outside edge that goes just wide of the keeper's reach for a boundary. Celebrations in the West Indies' camp.
  • 47.4BRankin to JHolder

    OUT! Oh no, what an anti-climax. Holder goes for the grandstand finish but ends up holing out. A length ball outside off, Jason looks to clear the long off boundary with a lofted shot but fails to time the ball as well as he would have liked it. The ball ends in the hands of Porterfield. Ireland live another ball.
  • 47.3BRankin to JHolder

    FOUR! A short delivery which has been pulled away ferociously. The ball has crossed the ropes in a canter. Four runs have been signalled by the umpire. What a shot. Just 1 needed now.
  • 47.2BRankin to JHolder

    SIX! Holder seems to be in a hurry to end this game. A length ball outside off, Jason lofts it over long off. High and handsome over the boundary ropes for a maximum. The umpire raises his arms in the air to signal a six.
  • 46.5JLittle to JCarter

    FOUR! A desperate effort in the deep but the ball has gone to the boundary. A fuller slower ball on the pads, Carter sweeps this aerially through backward square leg. The ball goes to the right of O'Brien who tries to keep it in but can't do so.
  • 46.3JLittle to JCarter

    FOUR! That has just dropped the dropping shoulders of the Irish even further. A short ball on middle, Carter pulls it through square leg and finds the rope. Brilliant shot and at much-needed time.
  • 45.6GDockrell to JHolder

    WIDE! Bowls it wide outside off, Holder lets it go.
  • 44.4MAdair to JHolder

    SIX! Fuller length and it is punished! Adair looks on in despair. A half-volley outside off, Holder lifts the ball high and handsome over long off. Pressure-releasing hit!
  • 42.5JLittle to JCarter

    WIDE! Bowls it down the leg side, Carter looks to go after it but misses it.
  • 41.6BRankin to JCarter

    WIDE! Rankin bowls it down the leg side, Carter looks to go after it but misses it.

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