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Ireland beat Zimbabwe by 4 wickets

48.3Jarvis to Getkate

FOUR! Ireland seal the game with a boundary. Full outside off, Getkate looks to hit it through mid off but gets a thick outside edge which goes past the diving keeper. IRELAND WIN BY 4 WICKETS.

48.2Jarvis to Getkate

Full now on off, Getkate drives it to mid off.

48.1Jarvis to Getkate

Bouncer! It is on the body, Getkate leaves it alone.

47.6Tiripano to Adair

FOUR! Scores level now! Full on off, Adair drives it exquisitely through mid off for a boundary.

47.5Tiripano to Adair

Full on off, Adair taps it back to the bowler.

47.4Tiripano to Adair

FOUR! Pulled and pulled with authority. Short ball on off, Adair pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary.

47.3Tiripano to Adair

Full on off, Adair lofts it over mid off and gets a couple as the ball does not have the legs to reach the fence.

47.2Tiripano to Adair

Play and miss. Outside off, Adair swings his bat at it but misses.

47.1Tiripano to Getkate

Length ball on off, Getkate cuts it to deep point and gets a single.

46.6Jarvis to Adair

SIX! Adair has destroyed it. Short ball on off, Mark gets on his back foot and hammers his pull over the mid-wicket fence for a maximum. Just 12 needed off the last 18 balls now.

46.5Jarvis to Getkate

Direct hit and it would have been close. Fuller on off, Shane plays it towards mid off and calls for a quick single. The fielder has a shy at the bowler's end but misses.

46.4Jarvis to Adair

Edge but safe. Back of a length ball on middle, Adair looks to punch but it goes off the leading edge towards mid on for a single.

46.3Jarvis to Adair

Another play and miss. Once again it is on the 4th stump line, Adair looks to drive but misses.

46.2Jarvis to Adair

Good length ball around off, Adair looks to hit it but misses.

46.1Jarvis to Adair

Slower bouncer! Very well bowled this. Mark sways away from it.

45.6Chatara to Adair

On the body, Adair looks to flick but it goes off his thigh pad to the on side. They take a leg bye.

45.5Chatara to Adair

On the pads, Adair flicks it to the on side but finds mid-wicket.

45.4Chatara to Adair

FOUR! Cut and cut hard! Length ball outside off, Adair cuts it through point to get off the mark with a boundary.

45.3Chatara to Getkate

Getkate punches it wide of cover and gets a single.

45.2Chatara to Balbirnie

OUT! Suicidal! This might just swing the game in Zimbabwe's way. Full on middle, Balbirnie tucks it towards mid-wicket. He was hesitant for a run but Getkate wanted it. Balbirnie goes with his partner's call. Raza misfields but the ball deflects and goes towards the bowler. Chatara gets to the the ball and quickly disturbs the stumps.

45.1Chatara to Balbirnie

Balbirnie shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.

44.6Tiripano to Getkate

SIX! First six for Getkate in international cricket and what a meaty blow this is! Tiripano bowls the effort ball around the body, Getkat hooks it over the square leg fence for a big six.

44.5Tiripano to Balbirnie

Full on middle and off, Andy strokes it towards deep mid-wicket and gets to the other end.

44.4Tiripano to Getkate

This time pushes it wide of cover and gives the strike to Balbirnie.

44.3Tiripano to Getkate

Good length ball on off, Shane drives it straight to point.

44.2Tiripano to Getkate

Bouncer! Getkate pulls it but to the man at short mid-wicket.

44.1Tiripano to Balbirnie

100 for Balbirnie. This has been a scintillating knock from him. He knows the job is not done yet. Andy pushes it towards cover and takes a quick single to get to this milestone. He raises his bat in appreciation but he knows the job is not done yet.

43.6Williams to Balbirnie

Slower through the air on middle, Balbirnie flicks it to square leg and moves to 99.

43.5Williams to Getkate

On the pads, Shane flicks it to the on side and gets to the other end.

43.4Williams to Balbirnie

Shorter on off, Balbirnie punches it wide of cover and rotates the strike.

43.3Williams to Getkate

Getkate gets off the mark in his international career. Shorter on middle, Getkate punches it wide of mid on and gets a single.

43.2Williams to Getkate

Tossed up on middle, Getkate taps it back to the bowler.

43.1Williams to Balbirnie

On the pads, Balbirnie flicks it to deep square leg and gets a single. Moves to 97 with that.

42.7Jarvis to Balbirnie

Around off, Balbirnie guides it down to third man and keeps the strike.

42.6Jarvis to Tucker

OUT! Tucker holes out! Jarvis bends his back and bowls it short. Tucker looks to pull it over square leg. He does not time it well and it goes straight down the throat of Ryan Burl. Much needed wicket this for Zimbabwe. But the good thing for Ireland is, Balbirnie is still there.

42.5Jarvis to Tucker

Jarvis bowls it back of a length ball on off, cannot punch it over mid off and finds him. Nothing of the Free Hit.

42.4Jarvis to Balbirnie

NO BALL! Jarvis oversteps. He bowls it on a length on off, Andy stands tall and punches it to sweeper cover to get a single. FREE HIT to follow.

42.3Jarvis to Balbirnie

Now punches the preceding ball but this time to the man at cover.

42.2Jarvis to Balbirnie

SIX! That has sailed over the fence. Short ball on off, Balbirnie rocks onto his back foot and pulls it over deep mid-wicket. There is a man in the deep there but he just watches it sail over his head for a maximum. Balbirnie moves into his 90s with that.

42.1Jarvis to Balbirnie

Good length ball outside off, Balbirnie looks to drive but misses.

41.6Williams to Balbirnie

On the pads, Andy glances it towards mid-wicket and keeps the strike. Andy is single-handedly taking his side home.

41.5Williams to Balbirnie

FOUR! Cut and cut so late that the fielder has no chance. Short around off, Balbirnie waits for the ball and cuts it late down the third man region for a boundary.

41.4Williams to Balbirnie

This time drives it to cover.

41.3Williams to Balbirnie

FOUR! Up and over! Raza floats it on off, Balbirnie lofts his drive over covers for a boundary. Brings up the 50-run stand between the two and also brings up 200 for Ireland. Another 55 needed.

41.2Williams to Tucker

Shorter on middle, Tucker punches it towards point and takes another single.