IRE 242/9 (50.0ov)
ZIM 237/9 (50.0ov)

Ireland beat Zimbabwe by 5 runs

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  • IRE
  • ZIM
  • 49.5MAdair to RBurl

    OUT! Run Out! How anti climatic is this? Adair bowls it full on middle and leg, Burl lofts his flick to the left of square leg. Getkate in the deep there gets to the ball quickly. Burl was desperate to get the second but Shane releases the ball quickly. It is a bit wide of Tucker at the keeper's end. He dives to disturb the stumps and the umpire raises his finger. Burl's fight comes to an end. He cannot take his side home but what a fight he showed. Take a bow!
  • 49.3MAdair to RBurl

    FOUR! Maiden 50 for Burl but the job is not done. 8 needed off 3 now. He gets to his first ODI fifty with a flick wide of square leg. The fielder in the deep gives it a chase but fails.
  • 48.5TimMurtagh to DTiripano

    OUT! Bowled! What a sight for a fast bowler to see the stumps rattling. Murtagh bowls one on a length and on the stumps. Tiripano looks to deposit it outside the park but can only manage to miss it and connect with thin air. The ball hits the top of middle stump and the bails fly off. What a bowling performance from him to get to his maiden 5-wicket haul in ODIs. He has been sensational in this match.
  • 46.6KO'Brien to DTiripano

    46.6: K O'Brien to D Tiripano, FOUR! Tiripano is playing a great hand here. He see the width on this length ball outside off and slashes it hard and over the cover fielder towards the extra cover fence for a boundary. 22 off 18 needed.
  • 46.4KO'Brien to RBurl

    46.4: K O'Brien to R Burl, Burl looks to pull a shorter delivery on the pads but fails to get it off the bat and gets hit on the pads. The batsmen cross over and the umpire signals it as a leg bye.
  • 45.4BRankin to DTiripano

    FOUR! What a shot. Full on off, Tiripano comes down the track and lofts it over mid off for a boundary.
  • 43.3MAdair to DTiripano

    FOUR! Stand and deliver! The ball is pitched short and outside off, Tiripano frees his arms and cuts the ball through the cover region for a boundary. The chase looks to be back on!
  • 37.4MAdair to RBurl

    EDGED AND FOUR! Good length ball closer to the off pole, Burl swings his bat it but gets a thick outside edge. The ball goes through the vacant slip region for a boundary.
  • 37.3MAdair to RBurl

    Boundary! A welcome one for Zimbabwe. Length ball wide outside off, and Burl flashes at it as the ball races towards the point boundary.
  • 35.6MAdair to RBurl

    Burl looks to flick this length ball on middle and leg but misses it only to get hit high on the thigh pad. The ball rolls towards the mid-wicket region and the batsmen cross over for a run. Leg bye signaled by the umpire.

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