IRE 191/4 (41.2ov)
ZIM 190 (46.5ov)

Ireland beat Zimbabwe by 6 wickets

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  • ZIM
  • IRE
  • 40.6RBurl to KO'Brien

    40.6: R Burl to K O'Brien, FOUR! Full ball tossed up on off. O'Brien has taken the aerial route and played that over the covers. The ball has crossed the ropes. The Irish are looking to get there in a hurry now!
  • 40.1RBurl to KO'Brien

    40.1: R Burl to K O'Brien, FOUR! O'Brien has swept that one through the leg side. The ball has crossed the ropes over square leg. Four runs signalled.
  • 39.1TChatara to KO'Brien

    39.1: T Chatara to K O'Brien, FOUR! The ball is pitched on length and it swings in sharply. The Zimbabwe team appeal for LBW but the umpire shakes his head. It clips the upper part of the pad of O'Brien and runs away down to the fine leg fence.
  • 38.1RBurl to KO'Brien

    38.1: R Burl to K O'Brien, FOUR! Bad ball on the legs of O'Brien, he just helps it around the corner and it goes to the fine leg fence for a boundary.
  • 37.2HMasakadza to KO'Brien

    37.2: H Masakadza to K O'Brien, FOUR! The ball is full and O'Brien takes full advantage of it. O'Brien lifts it over mid on and to the fence powerfully.
  • 36.4RBurl to LTucker

    FOUR! Misfield here! The ball is full outside off and he drives it to the cover fielder. Jarvis at cover allows the ball to literally pass through him and it races away for a four.
  • 36.2RBurl to WPorterfield

    OUT! Bowled! Brilliantly bowled by Burl! The ball is tossed up outside off, Porterfield tries to go for the cover drive. The ball spins in sharply after pitching and it dislodges the wickets.
  • 33.2HMasakadza to WPorterfield

    FOUR! Full and outside off, driven through mid off for a boundary!
  • 31.2SRaza to WPorterfield

    FOUR! He does it again! This is even better. Full and around middle, William sweeps it behind square leg and dissects the fielders in the deep!
  • 31.1SRaza to WPorterfield

    FOUR! Full and down the leg side, Porterfield gets down and sweeps it past the dive of Solomon Mire at square leg, to find the fence!

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