IRE 134/1 (10.5ov)
ZIM 132/8 (13.0ov)

Ireland beat Zimbabwe by 9 wickets (D/L method)

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  • ZIM
  • IRE
  • 10.3KJarvis to PStirling

    SIX! CLUNK! This is connected well. A short ball, around off, Stirling waits and pulls it over mid-wicket for a biggie!
  • 9.5CMpofu to PStirling

    FOUR! Whoa! Off the top edge. Full and around off, Stirling gets down to paddle but the ball takes the top edge and rockets behind. Lobs high in the air and lands just inside the third man fence!
  • 8.2SRaza to PStirling

    SIX! This one has gone out of the ground. Full and outside off, Stirling gets down on a knee and slogs it over long on.
  • 8.1SRaza to PStirling

    SIX! CLUBBED! Short ball, on leg stump, Stirling pulls it behind square leg for a massive six. Poor start from Raza.
  • 7.5SWilliams to ABalbirnie

    FOUR! Lapped away! Full and around off, Balbirnie gets down and paddles it to the fine leg fence.
  • 7.3SWilliams to PStirling

    FOUR! Short and outside off, Stirling cuts it through point and finds the fence!
  • 6.7KJarvis to ABalbirnie

    FOUR! Punishment on the Free Hit. A length ball, on middle, Balbirnie whips it through mid-wicket and explores the boundary!
  • 6.6KJarvis to ABalbirnie

    NO BALL! Jarvis oversteps, resulting in a no ball. Coming to the ball, it was short, outside off, Balbirnie tries to cut it but misses the ball.
  • 6.4KJarvis to ABalbirnie

    FOUR! Up and over mid-wicket! Good length delivery, on leg stump, Balbirnie slogs it towards deep mid-wicket for a much-needed boundary for Ireland.
  • 5.5RBurl to ABalbirnie

    FOUR! Full and outside off, Balbirnie gets down and lofts it over cover for a boundary!

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