IRE 171/9 (20.0ov)
ZIM 172/2 (16.4ov)

Zimbabwe beat Ireland by 8 wickets

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  • IRE
  • ZIM
  • 16.4MAdair to CErvine

    FOUR! That's it! Zimbabwe win it. Adair bowls it on the pads, Ervine flicks it through mid-wicket and gets a boundary. ZIMBABWE WIN BY 8 WICKETS AND DRAW THE 3-MATCH T20I series 1-1.
  • 15.1CYoung to CErvine

    SIX! Ervine is taking his side home here. On the pads, Ervine flicks it over the mid-wicket fence for a maximum. The required runs under 10 now.
  • 14.1MAdair to CErvine

    Length delivery on leg, Ervine looks to flick but gets it off his pads. It goes towards the leg side. The batsmen cross ends. The umpire gives it as a leg bye.
  • 13.7GDockrell to SWilliams

    FOUR! Williams sweeps and sweeps it fine. Williams plays the sweep and nails it behind square and the ball crosses over the fence with ease.
  • 13.4GDockrell to SWilliams

    Dockrell bowls one way outsid ethe tramline on the off side and the umpire says wide.
  • 12.4SGetkate to SWilliams

    SIX! What a shot. Full on off, Williams lofts it over long off for a maximum.
  • 12.1SGetkate to SWilliams

    FOUR! Excellent shot. Length delivery outside off, Williams plays a slog sweep over square leg for a boundary.
  • 11.6GDelany to CErvine

    SIX! Going... going... gone! Tossed up on off, Ervine lofts it over the long off fence. Joshua Little in the deep thinks about it for a minute but he can just watch it sail over him for a maximum. 44 needed in 48 balls now.
  • 10.7CYoung to SWilliams

    FOUR! Williams looks in fire. Fuller on off, Williams smashes it over covers for a boundary.
  • 10.4CYoung to SWilliams

    FOUR! Pulled and pulled with power. Shorter on off, Sean pulls this over mid-wicket and gets a boundary. Zimbabwe are in a hurry to finish this.

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