KKR 232/2 (20.0ov)
MI 198/7 (20.0ov)

Kolkata Knight Riders beat Mumbai Indians by 34 runs

MOM: Andre Russell

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  • KKR
  • MI
  • 19.4PChawla to KPandya

    OUT! Chawla strikes! Tossed up delivery outside off, slower through the air, Krunal looks to go big again downtown but gets a top edge on this occasion. It balloons towards mid off where the bowler runs and takes the catch himself.
  • 19.3PChawla to KPandya

    SIX! Probably that's why. This flighted ball is right in his arc. Full on middle and off, Krunal smokes it over wide long on for a half a dozen.
  • 17.6HGurney to HPandya

    OUT! In the air... and there goes Mumbai's hopes of pulling of a miracle! End of an unbelievable innings by Hardik Pandya. Brutal hitting by the all-rounder. However, it has come to an end. He falls prey to a short ball outside off, he looks to muscle it over long on but only manages to hit it high up in the air in that region. Russell there settles under it and takes it with ease.
  • 17.4HGurney to HPandya

    FOUR! Brilliant, just brilliant! This is not a very bad delivery, it is full and on off. Hardik somehow gets it in the gap at the cover region and bags a boundary.
  • 17.3HGurney to HPandya

    SIX! This is why, all Krunal needed to do is give the strike to Hardik. Stays deep inside his crease and Gurney bowls it on the pads. Hardik whips it into the square leg stands.
  • 16.2SNarine to HPandya

    SIX! That's out of here! 10 off the first 2 ball, a terrific start to the over from Hardik. Full on middle and leg, he brings out the helicopter shot and clears the mid-wicket boundary with absolute ease.
  • 16.1SNarine to HPandya

    FOUR! Hardik continues with the onslaught. Tossed up and well outside off, the all-rounder reaches out and bangs it straight back over the bowler's head. No stopping that, it's a boundary.
  • 15.5PChawla to HPandya

    FOUR! This is a poor ball. Once again this is too far outside off and quite short in length, Hardik reaches out to it and hammers it through extra cover for a boundary.
  • 15.4PChawla to HPandya

    FOUR! Shot. Short and wide outside off, Hardik crashes it through the point region and finds the fence.
  • 15.3PChawla to HPandya

    FOUR BYES! No chance for Karthik to stop that one. Chawla fires it really quick around leg, it goes right through between bat and pad and past the keeper. It races away to the fine leg fence for a boundary.

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