RCB 205/3 (20.0ov)
KKR 206/5 (19.1ov)

Kolkata Knight Riders beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 5 wickets

MOM: Andre Russell

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  • RCB
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  • 18.6TimSouthee to ARussell

    SIX! Is this even real? Another six! Just another day for Russell in the park!!! A full length ball outside off, Andre muscles it over long off and sends the ball sailing into the stands. 29 runs off this one, 23 off the previous over. Bangalore have been stunned! 1 run needed off 6 balls.
  • 18.5TimSouthee to ARussell

    FOUR! What a shot! A bouncer on middle, Russell waits for a bit and then ramps it over the head of the keeper. The ball is not going to be stopped. 7 off 7, Kolkata running away with the game here!
  • 18.4TimSouthee to ARussell

    SIX! This man is making a mockery of the chase! Around the wicket this time, a low full toss on middle, Russell smashes this one over wide long on. No stopping this guy. This is just striking of the greatest quality. Just 11 off 8 needed now.
  • 18.3TimSouthee to ARussell

    SIX! Another six, this time is it just over the rope at third man. A short ball wide outside off, Russell backs away and cuts it over backward point. The ball flies just over the rope. The crowd has gone silent here!
  • 18.2TimSouthee to ARussell

    SIX! Into the stands! The length ball again, this time from the Kiwi! Russell clears his front leg and hits the ball way over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. 23 off 10, Kolkata look the favourites now with the way things are going!
  • 17.7MStoinis to ARussell

    Wide! Russell is smart also. It's not all about throwing his bat at the ball. This one is outside off, just outside the tramline, Russell picks it and makes a leave.
  • 17.6MStoinis to ARussell

    SIX! Over long off this time! Russell has unleashed. A fuller length ball outside off, the West Indian pounces onto it and hoists it over the fence. Into the crowd. The Aussie under immense pressure. He was not supposed to bowl this over and it seems that he isn't well warmed up. Well, shots like these will surely warm up the batsman.
  • 17.5MStoinis to ARussell

    SIX! Effortless hitting! Stoinis delivers a short ball outside off, gentle pace really, Russell shows his brute power there and spanks it over long on. Is this the momentum shift?
  • 17.3MSiraj to ARussell

    Called a wide for height! A bouncer well over the head of the batsman, Andre tries his best to put his bat on ball but fails.
  • 16.7NSaini to DKarthik

    OUT! Saini has the last laugh as DK holes out! The bowler is actually lucky there. A fuller length ball once more, almost similar shot played by Karthik like on the previous delivery where he got it over deep mid-wicket for a biggie. This time though he cannot get under the ball properly. The ball flies to deep mid-wicket where Chahal takes the catch comfortably near the boundary line! Kohli is pumped up and the crowd is going bonkers here. They sense a win! 53 in 18 is the equation now!

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