RCB 205/3 (20.0ov)
KKR 206/5 (19.1ov)

Kolkata Knight Riders beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 5 wickets

MOM: Andre Russell

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  • So that is it from Bengaluru! The home side has been given a rude shock and they remain at the bottom of the table, without posting a single win on the board till now having played 5 games. Meanwhile, Kolkata have posted their third win of this season and look really strong. Super Saturday up next, and a double-header in the offing! Chennai host Punjab in the first game of the day at 1600 local (1030 GMT) while Mumbai visit Hyderabad for the second match starting at 2000 local (1430 GMT). Join us for the coverage of the same. Till then, we bid you goodbye. Cheers and take care!
  • Andre Russell is the Man of the Match. He believes that no game is over until the last ball is bowled. He informs us that the skipper told him that he might need a few balls to get in but he was going to play only one way ever since the time he was watching the game from the sidelines. He reckons that on another day, this might not be possible and says that sometimes the players need to put their body on the line, feels that is the nature of T20 cricket. States that he has a never say die attitude. Laughs it off when asked if he considers any ground too big to clear, mentions that there are a few in Australia but now he trusts his power and strength, and backs himself to clear even those. When asked about how he deposits the low full tosses for maximums, he informs us that he uses his hand-eye coordination while also practicing the short-arm jabs. He signs off by jokingly saying that he cannot explain his shots, can only demonstrate them out in the middle.
  • Dinesh Karthik, the victorious Kolkata skipper is all smiles and says that the whole team trusts in the ability of Andre Russell. States that he just does the best for the team every single time he goes out there in the middle. Mentions that the ball was gripping a bit and assisting the spinners in the middle. He feels that the bowling has to be looked at and would like his side to restrict the opposition as it would help their batsmen during a chase. He also has praise for the way Chris Lynn batted and hopes he keeps batting well.
  • Chris Lynn is up for a little chat as well. He is all smiles and praises Andre Russell by saying that they keep putting him in difficult situations and he keeps on lifting his game. Feels that 215 was probably par on that wicket. On the luck factor, the Aussie responds that both teams got that as they also put down AB de Villiers and Virat Kohli. Terms Russell as the million dollar man for Kolkata as the West Indian keeps on doing it again and again.
  • Bangalore skipper, Virat Kohli says that they bowled very poorly in the last 4 overs and admits that they have not been playing at the level of the League. He wants his bowlers to be more clever and terms his bowling one dimensional. States that he was not happy with the timing of his dismissal as he could have got 20-25 runs more. Points out that AB de Villiers didn't get much strike towards the end. Feels that there were enough runs on the board but they didn't have enough composure. Further says that if you can't defend 75 in the last four overs then he is not sure that they can defend even 100. Mentions that they can talk as much as they can but have to perform on the field. Signs off by believing that they can turn things around.
  • well what can be said? The spin duo of Pawan Negi and Yuzvendra Chahal bowled really well. The same can be said to some extent for Navdeep Saini as well but the rest of the bowlers were ripped apart. In the end, the Men in Purple coasted to an incredible win, snatching it from the jaws of defeat. Unbelievable hitting witnessed but one has to feel for Virat Kohli and co. who certainly have nothing going their way this year so far. They did turn up with the bat today scoring over 200 but that also did not prove to be enough. Must have been gut-wrenching for them. Will be interesting to see how they show up for the upcoming games! Stay tuned for the presentation ceremony!
  • The chase started off not on the best of notes for the away side as they lost Sunil Narine early in the innings. The duo of Robin Uthappa and Chris Lynn then joined hands and had a good stand of 65 runs before they were separated. Thereafter, the Bangalore tweakers kept plugging away and picked wickets at decent intervals to keep their team in front. All this lasted only till the end of the 17th over though. Siraj was taken off post bowling a second beamer and the momentum that Kolkata garnered from there on was never lost. They ended up on the right side of the result and ensured the hosts remained winless in the 5 games played.
  • Bangalore have just been shocked here. There are no words to describe the class and the power of Andre Russell. With 53 runs needed in the last 18 balls, the hosts were certainly the favorites but Andre Russell made a scintillating 13-ball 48 which helped Kolkata win with 5 balls left. What a magnificent show of power-hitting we have witnessed!
  • 19.1PNegi to SGill

    KOLKATA WIN BY 5 WICKETS! The match is calmly finished by Shubman Gill. No heroics. He patiently turns a delivery off his pads towards short fine leg for the winning run. Hard to believe, the visitors have managed to scale the target with 5 balls to go. Brutal batting. Making impossible, possible - Andre Russell.
  • 52 runs in the last two overs and Andre Russell has made a complete mockery of Bangalore's bowling. One more needed.
  • 18.6TimSouthee to ARussell

    SIX! Is this even real? Another six! Just another day for Russell in the park!!! A full length ball outside off, Andre muscles it over long off and sends the ball sailing into the stands. 29 runs off this one, 23 off the previous over. Bangalore have been stunned! 1 run needed off 6 balls.
  • 18.5TimSouthee to ARussell

    FOUR! What a shot! A bouncer on middle, Russell waits for a bit and then ramps it over the head of the keeper. The ball is not going to be stopped. 7 off 7, Kolkata running away with the game here!
  • 18.4TimSouthee to ARussell

    SIX! This man is making a mockery of the chase! Around the wicket this time, a low full toss on middle, Russell smashes this one over wide long on. No stopping this guy. This is just striking of the greatest quality. Just 11 off 8 needed now.
  • 18.3TimSouthee to ARussell

    SIX! Another six, this time is it just over the rope at third man. A short ball wide outside off, Russell backs away and cuts it over backward point. The ball flies just over the rope. The crowd has gone silent here!
  • 18.2TimSouthee to ARussell

    SIX! Into the stands! The length ball again, this time from the Kiwi! Russell clears his front leg and hits the ball way over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. 23 off 10, Kolkata look the favourites now with the way things are going!
  • 18.1TimSouthee to SGill

    Slower ball outside off, Shubman Gill hits it in the air towards long on. The ball goes on a few bounces to the fielder. Single taken, Russell back on strike.
  • Tim Southee will bowl the penultimate over of the game. 30 off 12 is the equation!
  • 17.9MStoinis to SGill

    Slower one, on a length around middle, Gill forces it down to long on for one. 23 from the over, 30 needed off 12 balls. Going right down to the wire, this run chase.
  • 17.8MStoinis to ARussell

    Chases a short ball wide outside off and slaps it to deep point for a run.
  • 17.7MStoinis to ARussell

    Wide! Russell is smart also. It's not all about throwing his bat at the ball. This one is outside off, just outside the tramline, Russell picks it and makes a leave.
  • 17.6MStoinis to ARussell

    SIX! Over long off this time! Russell has unleashed. A fuller length ball outside off, the West Indian pounces onto it and hoists it over the fence. Into the crowd. The Aussie under immense pressure. He was not supposed to bowl this over and it seems that he isn't well warmed up. Well, shots like these will surely warm up the batsman.
  • 17.5MStoinis to ARussell

    SIX! Effortless hitting! Stoinis delivers a short ball outside off, gentle pace really, Russell shows his brute power there and spanks it over long on. Is this the momentum shift?
  • Marcus Stoinis is called on to bowl now... the ball is also a Free Hit!
  • 17.4MSiraj to ARussell

    SIX! Talk about the power this batsman possesses! A high full toss on off, Russell packs a punch and middles his shot perfectly. Sends it packing over wide long on for a biggie. Called a no ball for high full toss. Wait more drama here. We are hearing that this is the second high full toss (beamer) that Siraj has bowled and he has to be taken off.
  • 17.3MSiraj to ARussell

    Called a wide for height! A bouncer well over the head of the batsman, Andre tries his best to put his bat on ball but fails.
  • 17.2MSiraj to ARussell

    Yet another play and a miss for the big West Indian. Kolkata desperately need him to connect here.
  • 17.1MSiraj to ARussell

    Swing and a miss! A length delivery in the channel wide outside off, Russell winds up for a big shot over the off side but fails to connect.
  • Shubman Gill is the new batsman. Mohammed Siraj is back on as well.
  • 16.7NSaini to DKarthik

    OUT! Saini has the last laugh as DK holes out! The bowler is actually lucky there. A fuller length ball once more, almost similar shot played by Karthik like on the previous delivery where he got it over deep mid-wicket for a biggie. This time though he cannot get under the ball properly. The ball flies to deep mid-wicket where Chahal takes the catch comfortably near the boundary line! Kohli is pumped up and the crowd is going bonkers here. They sense a win! 53 in 18 is the equation now!
  • 16.6NSaini to DKarthik

    SIX! 10 runs off the last two balls! Saini loses the plot and bowls a half-volley on middle at 141 clicks. Karthik gets under it and hits it just over the deep mid-wicket fence. Pressure on the bowler!
  • 16.5NSaini to DKarthik

    DROPPED and FOUR! Excellent try though! A length ball outside off, Karthik smashes it wide of mid off. Kohli runs to his left and dives in an attempt to hold on but that was too well struck. The ball ricochets off the skipper's left hand and goes to the rope.
  • 16.4NSaini to ARussell

    Short of a length on top of middle, Russell makes room before hitting it hard towards cover. Fails to find the gap and the fielder at the edge of the circle makes a good stop. Single taken.
  • 16.3NSaini to ARussell

    On a length outside off, Russell looks to smash it over cover. He connects only with thin air though.
  • 16.2NSaini to ARussell

    Wide! Bouncer from Saini but it goes too high. The umpire signals it as a wide. It was well over Russell's head.
  • 16.1NSaini to DKarthik

    Short length ball on top of off, Karthik looks to pull it away but the ball gets big on him as it is really pacy. It lobs back over the bowler's head off the top half of the bat. A single is taken.
  • Navdeep Saini to bowl out.
  • 15.6YChahal to DKarthik

    Bowled flatter and quicker on the pads, Karthik misses his flick and the lobs off the pads to the leg side. A leg bye is stolen. Excellent over from Chahal, 6 runs and a wicket off it at this stage! He ends with amazing figures of 4-0-24-1.
  • 15.5YChahal to DKarthik

    NOT OUT! Just going over the off stump. What a save! Matter of inches. Cricket at its very best. A quicker delivery, a leg spinner from Chahal, landing on middle and straightening from there. Karthik tries to flick but misses and is hit on the back leg. The bowler appeals and the finger goes up after a bit of a delay. DK opts for the replay, the Ultra Edge confirms that there is no bat involved and then the Ball Tracker shows that the ball is heading over.
  • Review time... Dinesh Karthik has been adjudged LBW here to Chahal but he has gone up straightaway. If there is no edge there, he looks to be struck in front. Let's see what the replays say!
  • Andre Russell walks out to bat next with 67 runs needed off 26 balls...
  • 15.4YChahal to NRana

    OUT! Rana departs! The catch is taken in the deep this time. A flighted delivery wide outside off, again a googly, Rana advances down the track and lofts it over covers. Doesn't get the desired connection though and Klaasen (sub) makes no mistake in the deep. A well-constructed knock by Nitish Rana but his team needed him to last the distance.
  • 15.3YChahal to NRana

    DROPPED! Siraj once again is the culprit. Tossed up ball outside off, a googly, Rana slices his drive towards point where Siraj stretches to his left but puts down the catch. Two taken.
  • 15.2YChahal to NRana

    The idea was right but not the execution. Rana pre-meditates a reverse-batted shot and Chahal serves it well wide outside off. Nitish swings his blade and mistimes it over covers for a couple. A better throw from the deep would have made it interesting at the striker's end.
  • 15.1YChahal to DKarthik

    Turning away from the batsman, DK opens the face of his bat and pushes it wide of point for a run.
  • 14.6PNegi to NRana

    SIX! 101.2 clicks that one from the left-arm tweaker. Rana stays nice and deep in the crease to get under that full one outside off. He lifts it over the long on fielder's head and manages to get a maximum. 72 needed off 30 balls now.

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