KKR 203/5 (20.0ov)
RCB 213/4 (20.0ov)

Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 10 runs

MOM: Virat Kohli

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  • So that is all from here, folks! We have had an excellent game of cricket here in Kolkata. Bangalore have managed to hold on to a win by the skin of their teeth and have gone to 4 points but remain last on the table. Kolkata, on the other hand, have lost 4 on the bounce. They will look to come hard the next game which they play on Sunday but before that there is a double-header coming your way on Saturday. Rajasthan host Mumbai in the day game which will begin at 1600 local (1030 GMT) while Delhi await Punjab at the Kotla in the night game that begins at 2000 local (1430 GMT). See you for the coverage of the same. Till then, take care and cheers. Goodnight!
  • Man of the Match and Bangalore skipper, Virat Kohli says that it felt good after winning the game here in Kolkata. Laughs while saying it feels good to not give an interview right after the match as the losing skipper. He credits the way Stoinis bowled the 19th over and feels the 3 dot balls the Aussie bowled in that over were very crucial. Virat admits at one time that they were looking for 170 and never felt they could get close to 200 while batting but says that the way Moeen batted and Stoinis playing a cameo took them to the total. States that Mo communicated to him and told him that he was going after it and that changed the game completely. Mentions that being a senior player, he wanted to play deep as AB de Villiers was not there but once again showers praise on Moeen for taking the pressure off him. Reckons that death overs are always crucial in places like Eden Gardens where the outfield is very quick especially with the way Russell is hitting the ball this season. He signs off by saying that it was always going to be very crucial how they bowl in the end but getting wickets at the start was also important as it sets the way they want to play the game.
  • Marcus Stoinis in an interview agrees that Andre Russell is a brilliant player and can win games single-handedly. He mentions that the season has not been great but these kind of games have to be won and they give confidence and momentum going ahead in the tournament. He mentions that he enjoys the contest and tries to bowl to his plans, while trying not to get too predictable and to bowl the best ball one can.
  • Kolkata skipper, Dinesh Karthik says that Moeen took the game away from them a little bit with the way he batted. Feels they could have bowled well at that stage but credits the way the Englishman batted. Informs us that at the halfway stage he felt that it was 15-20 more than they should have conceded. Dinesh reckons the new ball had a bit in it as it was sticking on to the pitch and it was not easy to play strokes for the batsmen. Admits that it was hard for the spinners to bowl in this pitch and feels their spinner got taken away for too many. Also states they had a plan to attack the opposition spinners. He thinks that it is a matter of playing one or two good games and finding the winning momentum.
  • it was a decent show from the Bangalore men till the partnership between Rana and Russell. Stoinis especially bowled a terrific first three balls in the 19th over which put a huge load of pressure on the batsmen. Thus, in the end the blitzkrieg from Russell was not enough. Earlier on in the evening, a brilliant hundred from Virat Kohli and a smashing 66 from Ali and a cameo from Stoinis meant that Bangalore got a total which would be really difficult to chase even on this ground where it has become really hard to defend. Thus, the visitors also got their second win of the season. Incredible exhibition of cricket with the emotions flying high!
  • Chasing a target of 214, Kolkata did not get off to the best of starts and lost Lynn cheaply. Narine played his shots while he was out there in the middle but he too departed along with Gill inside the Powerplay. Robin Uthappa and Nitish Rana then joined hands but even as the latter kept the scoreboard ticking, Uthappa struggled and eventually fell for a very slow innings of 9 off 20 balls. In walked Russell and the game turned on its head. The ropes were being cleared at will and once again it looked like Virat Kohli's men would mess up a defense but somehow in the end, they held their nerve and the target was too much for the hosts to achieve.
  • What a humdinger we have had here in Kolkata! Bangalore won it in the end by 10 runs but the game was not over till the 4th ball of the final over when Russell missed one finally and that ensured that the score cannot be chased down. Rana and Russell had almost got their team over the line with 76 runs needed in the last 4 overs but Moeen Ali kept his calm and defended the 23 runs which were in the bag in the final over.
  • 19.6MAli to NRana

    SIX! But that won't be enough! BANGALORE WIN BY 10 RUNS! A flighted ball landing full outside off, Rana gives it the full whack of his bat and sends it flying over long off. Smiles in the Bangalore camp. They have survived the Russell onslaught this time. Spare a thought for Nitish Rana, what a knock he played! Absolutely amazing game of cricket.
  • 19.5MAli to ARussell

    OUT! Run out! Russell departs. The game was already over but there was no way that Bangalore could breathe easy when this man was out there. A low full toss on middle, Russell slaps it to deep mid-wicket and finds the fielder at long on. Russell runs slowly and Virat takes advantage of that by throwing it to Ali at the bowler's end who removes the bails. Russell knows that he is out and runs off and the replays too show the same.
  • Appeal for a run out! Andre Russell is seen walking but the umpire still wants to get it checked upstairs...
  • 19.4MAli to ARussell

    Misses! And that is the game! Well, it should be! A flighted ball outside off, Russell goes for the huge slog but misses the ball and Parthiv collects it well under pressure. Kohli is jumping up and down in excitement. Moeen needs to make sure that he does not bowl a no ball now.
  • 19.3MAli to ARussell

    SIX! Here comes the first one... He needs to hit the remaining ones over the fence too. Moeen drops it short and on off, Russell latches onto it and hoists it over the bowler's head for a maximum.
  • 19.2MAli to NRana

    Too full and on middle, hit across the line to deep mid-wicket for a run. 23 needed off 4 balls. If anyone can, it's the man on strike...
  • 19.1MAli to NRana

    Excellent ball to start off! Rana gets inside the line and looks to hit it over fine leg but misses the ball. The ball just whizzes past leg stump. Not given a wide as the batsman moved out of his position.
  • 24 needed off 6 balls. This is going right down to the wire. You can cut the tension here with a knife. Yuzvendra Chahal has one over left. But Virat Kohli has taken a punt on Moeen Ali. Big call, this.
  • 18.7MStoinis to ARussell

    SIX! Three in a row! How has this one gone for a maximum? Almost in the blockhole, Russell looks to smash this over long on but the bat turns in his hand and the ball still travels over long off. It clears the rope and Kolkata still believe due to the power of this man!
  • 18.6MStoinis to ARussell

    SIX! Huge! Two in two! Stoinis misses his mark once more. Russell smashes it over long off. The ball goes way back into the crowd. 30 needed off 7 balls now. That six also brought up the fifty for Russell. The 100-run partnership comes up as well!
  • 18.5MStoinis to ARussell

    SIX! Russell has murdered this delivery! It's hit with brute force! Stoinis delivers it short and on off, Russell is waiting for that, as soon as the ball reaches in his zone, he has pulverized it over mid-wicket.
  • 18.4MStoinis to ARussell

    What a brilliant over this has been so far. Another dot ball! Stoinis bowls the bouncer and Russell ducks under it to evade the ball at the last moment. 42 needed off 9 balls now.
  • 18.3MStoinis to ARussell

    Low full toss on middle, Russell hammers it but straight to extra cover. Ali under pressure makes an excellent stop. Dot ball again! 42 off 10 needed.
  • 18.2MStoinis to ARussell

    Wide! Stoinis tries for the same ball again but this time Russell evades it this time. Wided! 42 off 11.
  • 18.1MStoinis to ARussell

    Excellent ball under pressure! Full on the pads, Russell leaves it thinking it would be a wide but the ball takes the pad and goes fine on the leg side. Runs can't be taken as there was no shot offered. Dot ball! 43 off 11.
  • 43 needed off 12 balls. Last time against Bangalore, Kolkata needed 30 off 12 balls and Russell finished it with five balls remaining. What's the script today? Marcus Stoinis to bowl the all-important over...
  • 17.6DSteyn to NRana

    FOUR! Rana finds the fence once more. Third time in this over! A half-volley outside off, Rana lofts it over covers. This is excellent batting by this young southpaw. What an innings this has been. Will it end in a winning way though for Kolkata?
  • 17.5DSteyn to NRana

    Swing and a miss! A length ball outside off, Rana shuffled and looked to hit it over mid-wicket but failed to put bat on ball. Dot ball! 47 needed in 13 now.
  • 17.4DSteyn to NRana

    SIX! Second of the innings and Steyn is going for runs too. A half-volley on middle, Rana lifts this powerfully for a huge one over the bowler's head. Goes way behind the sightscreen.
  • 17.3DSteyn to NRana

    Goes uppishly through covers this time. A couple of runs are taken. Rana did not time that well but still manages to pick up two.
  • 17.2DSteyn to NRana

    SIX! Full outside off, Rana reaches out and smashes the ball over the head of mid off. The ball clears the rope!
  • 17.1DSteyn to NRana

    Fuller outside off, Rana drives this one but finds extra cover. Single not available. Excellent result for Bangalore, dot ball.
  • Dale Steyn to bowl the 18th over of the innings.
  • 16.8MSiraj to NRana

    NOT OUT! Easily in. Back of a length delivery on off, Rana mistimes his shot this time, towards mid off and rushes to the other end. Steyn comes up with a direct hit at the striker's end and the square leg umpire goes upstairs. The replays find Andre safely in. 15 from the over, 61 needed off 18 balls.
  • Direct hit at the striker's end! Is Andre Russell short? Massive, massive moment in this run chase...
  • 16.7MSiraj to ARussell

    A mishit from Russell, he sends it down to long on for a single.
  • 16.6MSiraj to ARussell

    Swing and a miss! Fullish and wide outside off, Russell throws all his power behind his shot but fails to make any connection. Believe me, had he connected, this would have gone out of Kolkata.
  • 16.5MSiraj to ARussell

    Wide! Siraj tries to be clever. Bowls a slower one but it's outside the tramline outside off. Russell reaches out for it but misses. Called a wide.
  • 16.4MSiraj to ARussell

    SIX! Gigantic! Russell muscle! What a power-hitter! Siraj overpitches and rest his history. Russell hangs back and launches it over wide long off for a masssssivvvvve hit. 150 up! 64 needed off 21 balls.
  • 16.3MSiraj to ARussell

    FOUR! Bang! Siraj offers width again, it's short and outside off, Russell plunders it through the line and finds the gap at point for a cracking boundary.
  • 16.2MSiraj to ARussell

    Wide! Way wide outside off, short in length, Russell smartly lets it go to the keeper.
  • 16.1MSiraj to NRana

    Direct hit would have been close! Full delivery, on middle, Rana tries to go over the bowler's head but ends up hitting it towards mid off. The fielder is inside the ring and they cross for a brisk single. Steyn has a shy but misses at the bowler's end.
  • Strategic break! Is the tide turning? Russell and Rana have just scored 37 runs in the last two overs and the pressure is back on the Bangalore bowlers solely because of the way their death bowling has been this season. There is not yet a need to come under pressure though as 75 is still in the bank with just 4 overs left to be bowled. Kolkata believe but this is still Bangalore's game to lose one would feel. Let's see how the final phase pans out. Meanwhile, it is Siraj to bowl after the break.
  • 15.6NSaini to ARussell

    Good finish to the over. A back of a length ball outside off and coming into Russell. Andre pulls out of the shot at the last moment and the ball goes to the keeper. Dot ball. 17 runs off this over, 76 needed in 24 now. Saini ends with 4-0-31-1.
  • 15.5NSaini to NRana

    Lofted over mid-wicket for a single by Rana. Siraj in the deep does well under pressure to stop that at one run.
  • 15.4NSaini to NRana

    SIX! Full toss on middle and muscled over wide long on. Rana gets the middle of the bat on this one and has enough power to go over the rope.
  • 15.3NSaini to NRana

    SIX! Fifty for Rana! His 8th in the League. A length ball on off, Rana goes back in his crease before lifting it over the head of long on. What an innings this has been so far, the job is not done yet though.
  • 15.2NSaini to NRana

    Good ball! More importantly, dot ball! A ball wide outside off, Rana looks to cut the ball but fails to put bat on it.

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