RR 139/3 (20.0ov)
KKR 140/2 (13.5ov)

Kolkata Knight Riders beat Rajasthan Royals by 8 wickets

MOM: Harry Gurney

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  • That's all from Super Sunday. We witnessed a couple of one-sided matches where Bangalore suffered yet another loss while Kolkata gave a royal thrashing to Rajasthan. On Monday, Punjab will be hosting Hyderabad at 2000 local (1430 GMT). Do join us for all the action. Cheers!
  • Man of the Match, Harry Gurney, says this was the kind of pitch which suited his cutter options, so is happy to make his debut here. Adds that he works on his variations a lot so is happy it's paying off. When asked about the knuckle ball, he says he's still working on it but is unsure if he'll use it in this season of the competition.
  • Kolkata skipper, Dinesh Karthik, says it was a clinical effort from his side. States that there are a lot of slow surfaces in India which you need to adapt to fast, but admits that his boys are doing that well. On Harry Gurney, he mentions that he's got the confidence and the skills, so isn't surprised that he's had a good debut.
  • Chris Lynn also comes up for a little chat. He is all smiles and first admits that he got a little bit of luck again tonight. Adds that they were in full control of the match after a nice Powerplay. On the incident when the bails didn't come off, Lynn replies that he thought he either got bowled or caught behind but was surprised what happened. Praises the batting of Sunil Narine and terms it unbelievable. Mentions that they just want to keep things simple. States that it's a big tournament and they just need to put up wins on the board.
  • Rajasthan skipper, Ajinkya Rahane, says that 150-160 would have been a good total. Admits that they didn't bowl according to the plan and there is a lot to learn from this match. Hopes his boys will take lessons from this outing. Rues the dropped catch and the moment when the bails didn't come off when Chris Lynn was batting. Informs that the thought behind playing two wrist spinners was that the wicket was going to be on the slower side and that's why they gave Sudhesan Midhun a game today.
  • Rajasthan just appeared listless with the ball. A complete contrast to the first innings where the batsmen struggled so much to make proper connection with the ball. Whether it be spinner or pacer, the Kolkata opening pair successfully attacked anyone they faced and put the game to bed more easily than anyone would have thought. Plenty for the home side to ponder and work on. Earlier in the evening, Rajasthan managed to post 139 on the board on the back of a fine fifty from Steven Smith, but it eventually didn't prove to be enough.
  • A thumping victory for Kolkata. Where Rajasthan struggled so much with the bat, the visitors have just battered the hosts' bowling attack like it was a flat wicket. It poses a big question as to what happened in the first innings. Lynn and Narine set the tone and more or less finished the job at hand as the duo put 91 runs between them for the opening stand, with the former scoring a fast fifty. Uthappa and Gill then came in and put the finishing touches on a comfortable chase.
  • 13.6BenStokes to SGill

    Wide! And it ends in a rather anti-climatic manner, but the victory was always going to come. KOLKATA WIN BY 8 WICKETS AND 37 BALLS REMAINING! Stokes angles this down the leg side as Gill fails to flick. The umpire signals a wide.
  • 13.5BenStokes to SGill

    Drives this full ball to the cover fielder with the full face of the bat.
  • 13.4BenStokes to RUthappa

    The batsman has flicked the ball off his pads. One run added to the total.
  • 13.3BenStokes to SGill

    Short ball into the body, pulled down towards fine leg. Gill gets off strike.
  • 13.2BenStokes to SGill

    Shubman Gill has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery.
  • 13.1BenStokes to SGill

    FOUR LEG BYES! Angling in on leg stump, Gill tries to tickle it fine down the leg side. But it goes off his pads instead as the ball finds its way to the boundary line.
  • Ben Stokes brought on to bowl.
  • 12.6SGopal to RUthappa

    Nice shape in, around off before going away as it lands on a driving length. The batter prods forward and defends it out well.
  • 12.5SGopal to RUthappa

    SIX! Straight as an arrow. Tossed right up there, in the slot, Uthappa plants his front foot forward, gets close to the pitch and smokes it back over the bowler's head. It's a flat hit and that's one more biggie for Kolkata. They're inching towards victory here.
  • 12.4SGopal to SGill

    Dragged short once again, it's pulled away into the leg side for another single.
  • 12.3SGopal to RUthappa

    Full on off, driven through to long off for a run.
  • 12.2SGopal to RUthappa

    SIX! A poor ball and it's been duly punished by Uthappa. Half-tracker in line of the stumps, Robbie goes deep inside the crease and muscles the pull over mid-wicket for a biggie.
  • 12.1SGopal to SGill

    Turning away from outside off, on a driving length, driven through covers for a single.
  • 11.6JArcher to SGill

    Full toss straying on the pads, clipped down to fine leg as the batsmen cross over.
  • 11.5JArcher to SGill

    Archer goes full and keeps the line straight, Gill can only drive it back to the bowler.
  • 11.4JArcher to RUthappa

    Full and wide outside off, the batter drives it a bit square through cover-point and jogs across to the other end.
  • 11.3JArcher to RUthappa

    Another dot. Uthappa moves inside the line and works this away in front of the short mid-wicket fielder.
  • 11.2JArcher to RUthappa

    Full once again, outside the line of off stump this time, Robin finds mid off with a drive.
  • 11.1JArcher to SGill

    Darted full, it's angling in on middle and leg, Gill flicks it neatly through square leg and gets to the other end.
  • Jofra Archer back on.
  • 10.6SGopal to SGill

    Gill works it through mid-wicket and takes a single. Kolkata require 25 runs in 54 balls.
  • Shubman Gill walks into the middle next.
  • 10.5SGopal to CLynn

    OUT! Lynn departs. He's more or less finished the job here. Gopal floats it up in line of the stumps, the Australian kneels down and brings out the slog sweep again. Is in no control of it this time as it lobs towards deep backward square leg. Midhun from the deep comes running in and takes a simple catch.
  • 10.4SGopal to RUthappa

    A short delivery which has been pulled away. The batsmen have run through for a single.
  • 10.3SGopal to CLynn

    Fifty for Chris Lynn, his 7th in the Indian T20 League. Well-deserved too. Quicker one on off, it goes off the inside edge, thuds off the pads and rolls past the keeper behind. A single is taken.
  • 10.2SGopal to CLynn

    SIX! Go fetch that, says Chris Lynn! This is right off the meat. Loopy and full outside off, Lynn moves a step across and nails the slog sweep to perfection. Sends it into the deep mid-wicket stands for a maximum.
  • 10.1SGopal to RUthappa

    Nicely leans into the tossed up ball and pushes it towards mid off for one.
  • 9.6SMidhun to RUthappa

    Uthappa pulls this short delivery towards wide long on for a single.
  • 9.5SMidhun to CLynn

    Short, flat and turning away outside off, Chris cracks it through the gap in the off side and gets to the other end.
  • 9.4SMidhun to CLynn

    Full and on off stump, eased towards mid off.
  • 9.3SMidhun to CLynn

    FOUR! A boundary this time. Tripathi can't stop it. Lynn sees it turning away from him, so he cuts it off the outer half past short third man.
  • 9.2SMidhun to RUthappa

    More runs for Kolkata. It turns away from around off, Uthappa gets an edge which goes past short third man. Tripathi chases after it and pulls it back in with a dive just inside the rope. The batsmen take three.
  • 9.1SMidhun to RUthappa

    FOUR! Shot. This is all about timing and placement. Tossed up leg break outside off, Uthappa drives it neatly through the gap in the covers and bisects the two men in the deep to find the fence.
  • 8.6SGopal to RUthappa

    Off the mark. Uthappa whips it from deep inside the crease through mid-wicket and collects a run.
  • 8.5SGopal to RUthappa

    The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.
  • 8.4SGopal to RUthappa

    Quick and flat outside off, Uthappa keeps it out on the off side.
  • Robin Uthappa walks out at number 3.
  • 8.3SGopal to SNarine

    OUT! Great reflex catch and Shreyas Gopal picks up the first wicket. Breaks this brisk 91-run stand beautifully. Fools Narine with the wrong 'un, there's some extra bounce on this one. Narine backs away to cut but gets an edge to Smith at first slip, who takes a sharp catch. A little too late? Kolkata only need 49 to win off 69 balls.

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